How to Pronounce “Faux”

Faux is a French word meaning “false.” It is commonly used in English to refer to something that is not what it seems.

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The word “faux” is a French word meaning “false.” It is often used in English to describe something that is not real or genuine, such as a “faux pas” or a “faux fur coat.” Pronouncing “faux” is not difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

The French Connection

“Faux” is a French word that means “false” or “fake.” In the world of fashion, it is often used to describe clothing or accessories that are made to look like designer labels but are not actually from those designers. “Faux fur” is one example.

The word “faux” is pronounced like the English word “foe.” The stress is on the first syllable, and the vowel sound is like the “o” in “go.” The final “x” is silent.

Here are some other French words that are often used in English:
-château (pronounced sha-TOE)
-coupon (pronounced coo-PON)
-dragées (pronounced drah-ZHAY)
-enchilada (pronounced ahn-chee-LAH-dah)
-naïve (pronounced NEEV)

The American Connection

French “Faux” commonly written in English as “foh” refers to something that is false, counterfeit or not genuine. The word entered the English language in the late 1800s and was quickly assimilated. While it is now considered a perfectly fine Americanism, some people still prefer the original French pronunciation.

The British Connection

The word “faux” is of French origin, and it was originally spelled “fauce.” The word entered the English language in the 1600s, and at that time, it was pronounced more or less the same as it is today. However, in the 1800s, the British began to use the word “faux” to describe something that was not real or genuine. As a result, the British began to pronounce “faux” as if it were spelled “fox.” This pronunciation eventually made its way back to France, where it is now considered to be the standard pronunciation.


The proper way to say “faux” is “foh,” with a long “o” sound. While the exact origin of the word is unknown, it is believed to come from the Old French word faus, meaning “false.”