How to Pronounce Facetious

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce facetious? Well, wonder no more! This blog post will teach you how to say facetious correctly.

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What is the definition of facetious?

Facetious \FAs-tish-uhs\ , adjective;
1. not serious in content or approach; flippant: a facetious remark.
2. inclined to levity or mockery; playful.

The word facetious first popped up in English in the late 1600s, derived from the Latin word facetiae, meaning “Amusing things.” As with many words that come from Latin, there are a number of ways you can pronounce it—FACE-tee-uhs and fa-SEE-shuhs are two relatively common pronunciations. But the most common pronunciation by far is fuh-SEE-shuhs.

How is facetious pronounced?

The word facetious is pronounced with a long A sound, like the word “ace.” The stress is on the first syllable.

What are some examples of facetious words or phrases?

A few examples of facetious words or phrases might be “I’m just kidding,” “Don’t take me too seriously,” or “I was only joking.” Facetiousness is often used as a way to lighten the mood or to diffuse tension, and it can be helpful in certain situations. However, it’s important to be aware that facetiousness can also come across as insincere or Flippant, so it’s generally best used in moderation.