How to Pronounce Aoife

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce Aoife? Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to say Aoife correctly.

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Aoife is a feminine given name of Irish origin. It is the Irish form of the name Eve, which is derived from Hebrew חַוָּה (Chawwah), which was the name given to the first woman in the Genesis creation narrative. The meaning of Aoife is “life”.

Aoife is commonly pronounced EE-fa in English. However, in Ireland it is usually pronounced EE-fah or AY-fah.

If you’re looking for a more traditional Irish name for your baby girl, Aoife might be the perfect choice!

The correct way to pronounce Aoife

The correct way to pronounce Aoife is EE-fa.

The history of the name Aoife

Aoife is a feminine Irish name. It is pronounced EE-fa or AY-fa. The name has been in use in Ireland since the Middle Ages. Aoife was the name of a warrior woman in Irish mythology. In Scottish Gaelic, the name is spelled Aonghas, and is pronounced EN-nis.

The meaning of the name Aoife

The name Aoife is of Irish origin. It means beautiful, radiant or joyful. It is pronounced “EE-fa”.