How to Make a Smoothie Without Yogurt

If you are looking to figure out how to make a smoothie at home without yogurt, then you are in the right place. Smoothies are creamy beverages made using the pulp of fruits and vegetables and can be consumed in any weather, especially during hot days while full of ice cubes. Smoothies were named after the English word smooth, which means silky, gentle, or creamy as the thick and creamy smoothies.

Smoothie recipes without yogurt have become popular as they are simple to make, and they are also healthy and fresh drinks that you can consume in place of fruits. In addition, they have major health benefits containing plenty of fibers, vitamins, and healthy minerals, as most smoothie delicious recipes are vegetables and fruits.

Notably, some smoothies are made using yogurts or juice and ice as their base to make them creamy. However, the juice will unnecessarily spike up the sugar content, so it's advisable to stay away from smoothies with a juice base. On the other hand, yogurt bases are great since yogurt is a good source of protein but might not be the best if you want a dairy-free smoothie or are lactose intolerant.

Other smoothies usually don't have yogurt in them, like the recipes we will list below. The smoothie without yogurt recipes uses different fruits and sometimes a combination of fruits. The most popular smoothies you can make without yogurt include:

1. Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry smoothies are among the most popular smoothies today because they have high vitamin quantities in them, and also the strawberry flavor is a favorite for many people. If it's strawberry season, it means it's time to enjoy your strawberry fruits in the form of a strawberry smoothie.

Sweet strawberries are beneficial as they are sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, and make a good source of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

To make a strawberry banana smoothie, you will need two frozen bananas, one cup of fresh strawberries, half a cup of coconut milk or almond milk, and assorted frozen berries for garnishing purposes.

However, if you lack frozen bananas, peel and freeze them for a minimum of four hours and ensure you wrap them in parchment paper to avoid them sticking to each other. If you are using fresh strawberries and not frozen strawberries, ensure you use any other frozen fruit, as this will help the smoothie have a thicker consistency.

Wash and hull the strawberries, then add all the ingredients to the blender and blend until they are smooth. Decorate with the frozen berries on top and enjoy your sugar-free strawberry banana smoothie. This simple dairy-free recipe is suitable for kids, vegan, and gluten-free individuals and is one way to enjoy a healthy strawberry smoothie.

2. Banana Smoothie

Banana and milk are calcium-rich sources, and smoothies made using the two ingredients can provide you will the daily calcium needs for your body. In addition, you can use only three ingredients for a simple recipe, making it suitable for kids as it avoids ice cubes.

For one serving, you will need one large frozen banana, two teaspoons of honey, one cup of regular milk or dairy-free milk, and a cardamom powder pinch which is optional. Chop your fruit into big pieces, and then add your favorite milk and all the other ingredients to the blender jar.

Blend until smooth and ensure there are no fruit chunks, then pour it in your glass and garnish with a banana wheel on the glass rim and enjoy your banana smoothie. You can add some peanut butter, protein powder, or chia seeds to your banana smoothie for additional flavor and protein.

3. Mango Smoothie

The mango flavor is a different flavor from the usual banana and strawberry smoothie, and it is delicious and pulpy. The tropical fruit, which is readily available at any grocery store, is a refreshing beverage, especially for hot days. If you don't add ice, it can be a good breakfast solution.

You will need a powerful blender, two cups of frozen mangoes, crushed ice, honey, or sugar depending on your taste, mint leaves, and replace the yogurt with coconut water or milk. If you don't want a sweet smoothie recipe, you can remove the added sugar or honey.

Blend all the ingredients, then serve in a glass of your choice and enjoy your fruit sugar smoothie drink.

This recipe will give a rich flavor of coconut and mango, and you can garnish with some flax seeds or more fruit. If the smoothie recipe is for kids, you can avoid adding ice.

4. Pineapple Smoothie

You can love fruits, but pineapples can be hard to eat, but the pineapple smoothie comes through as a great solution for a smoothie with a pineapple flavor.

If you want to learn how to make a smoothie without yogurt in the pineapple flavor, you will need one cup of canned or fresh pineapple slices, sugar for taste, ice cubes, and a half cup of your choice of milk, either light coconut milk, unsweetened almond milk, or regular milk. You can also add orange juice to this smoothie recipe to boost the flavor.

Put all the smoothie ingredients in your food processor and blend until smooth and serve instantly with a garnish of chia seeds and a slice of pineapple on the glass rim.

5. Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon Smoothie is a new smoothie flavor; even though watermelons are not usually commonly used in smoothies, they have a delicious taste. Follow the instruction below to learn how to make a smoothie without yogurt.

You will need a ripe and sweet watermelon, half of a small watermelon, a quarter of a big one, mint leaves, and lime juice. You will not need to add water or any ice since watermelons already contain a lot of water in them.

Add the ingredients into your blender jar, blend until smooth, and then serve hemp seeds as garnish. You can add strawberries or frozen strawberries to your smoothie recipe to boost the flavor.

6. Cocktail Smoothie

Instead of making individual smoothies without yogurt, you can choose all your favorite fruits and combine them to make a healthy and sweet combination of flavors.

You can also add two fruits at a go, like the strawberry banana smoothie, instead of having a one ingredient smoothie like the healthy strawberry smoothie recipe.

Also, if you love vegetables, you can add them to your smoothie recipes to boost benefits and flavors. However, ensure you mix the right fruits to avoid a weird taste.

Additional Tips on How to Make a Smoothie Without Yogurt

a). When you want a sweeter smoothie, and your fruits are not exactly the sweetest, instead of using dairy milk, plant-based milk, or unsweetened almond milk, use sweetened almond milk or add honey or maple syrup.

b). Always try to use two tablespoons of flax seeds and chia seeds to prevent the smoothie from separating, and also, it doesn't change the taste while it adds to the nutrition.

c). You can use vegetables like frozen spinach to add some iron, magnesium, and potassium and a cup of whole grains like oats or wheat bran, and this can fill you as much as real food.