How to Dispose of a Space Heaters

In many homes, space heaters warm up cold and drafty rooms. Even if they perform this task without any issues, they become older or get damaged. With this in mind, you will have to dump the space heater.

There isn’t much to dumping space heaters. However, some space heater models cannot be thrown into trashcans. Instead, you will have to follow some special steps to perform this task.

Do you want to dump your space heater? Well, here are ideas you can choose from.

how to dispose of space heater

How to Dispose of a Space Heater

There are different ways to deal with unused space heaters. With this article, you will learn various ways of removing these items from your property.

1. Dump the Space Heater in the Trash

Some space heaters come from wood, ceramic, or plastic. If you have these types of devices, try dropping them in the trash can. After all, they do not contain dangerous substances.

You can dump the space heater like your regular trash. Unplug the unit and place it in a garbage bag.

Look for engine oil or any hazardous materials in the device. If you can’t find any, try dumping the device in the trash. But if you notice any toxic liquids, drain the machine before that you send it to the waste disposal site.

2. Donate the Heater

Apart from throwing your heater into the trash, you can donate the space heater to charity. But instead of giving them something that can’t be repaired, offer units with minimal issues or even something that works decently.

Charities such as the Salvation Army collect these devices for low-income families. Luckily, you can find such organizations in your area.

Here are the steps for donating your space heater

  • Use an online search to find the nearest charity in your area.
  • Call them and ask if they would like to have your space heater.
  • Wait for a reply. If they want a space heater, request the address of the drop-off point.

3. Recycle Your Space Heater

Some businesses accept space heaters. But before you can offer them such devices, ensure that the space heater contains a large amount of metal. Also, such centers accept space heaters that do not use dangerous substances.

4. Sell the Space Heater

Are you looking for some quick cash? You might sell your old space heater for a fair price. To sell this device, you might put up a yard sale or use a website like Craigslist.

Here are ways that you can sell a space heater:

  • Place an ad and put few personal details.
  • Get a buyer and plan a meeting.
  • Set a meeting in a safe, public place.
  • Make the sale.

How to Dump Space Heaters that Contain Hazardous Materials

Sometimes a space heater might contain engine oil, fuel, or other toxic substances. To dump these devices, you can hand them over to your waste management company. But before going to their office, ensure that they can offer these services.

How to Dispose of Large Space Heaters

Some space heaters boast extra-large features. For this reason, they might not fit into your trash can or garbage bag. If you have this problem, you might ring up your waste management company for a pickup service.

With the pickup service, the company might pick up your large space heater from your location. But you might have to pay extra for this service.

How to Care for Your Space Heater

If you take care of your space heater, it tends to last longer. As it stays in a good condition, you will not have to worry about disposing of the space heater.

Below are some tips that can keep your space heater in tip-top shape.

  • Place the space heater on a hard, level surface.
  • Do not connect a space heater with an extension cord.
  • Purchase models with safety features like tip-over protection and overheat protection.
  • Remove any dirt with periodic dusting.
  • Inspect the unit regularly for any damage.
  • Switch off the unit if you are not using the same unit.

Wrapping Up

A space heater is used to heat small spaces. As time goes on, you might have to get rid of the device.

There are many ways that you can remove an old or damaged space heater from your home or workplace. For instance, you can donate, sell or even recycle the device. You might even hand it over to the hazardous department of your waste management company.

However, if your space heater comes from non-hazardous materials, you can dump it with your household refuse. But if it contains oil or fuel, remove these liquids before dumping them.

If you don’t want to dispose of your space heater, you will have to care for the item. Try to inspect the space heater and use it properly. Besides, go for models that come with safety features.