How to Cut Parsley Like a Pro

Parsley is a bright green, biennial herb that is used as a garnish, spice, and breath freshener. It is a member of the Apiaceae family, which includes carrots, celery, fennel, and dill.

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Parsley is a popular herb that is used in many different dishes, both cooked and raw. It has a fresh, slightly peppery flavor that can brighten up any dish. While it is easy to find pre-cut parsley at the store, it is very inexpensive to buy a bunch of parsley and cut it yourself. Additionally, cutting your own parsley gives you the opportunity to make it exactly the way you want it.

There are two main types of parsley – curly parsley and Italian (or flat-leaf) parsley. Curly parsley is more common in the United States, while Italian parsley is more common in Europe. For this guide, we will be using curly parsley, but the techniques can be applied to either type.

What You Need

All you need to cut parsley like a pro is a sharp knife and a cutting board If you have a mezzaluna, that’s great, but not required.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Start with a bunch of parsley that has been washed and dried. Trim off the bottom of the stem, about an inch or so up from the base.
2. Give the parsley a rough chop to create smaller pieces.
3. Lay out a few of the larger pieces flat on your cutting board
4. Using a sharp knife make long, thin slices through the parsley, going against the grain. Be sure to keep your fingers out of the way!
5. Once you’ve sliced all the larger pieces, gather up the smaller ones and give them another chop if needed.
6. That’s it! You’re now ready to use your finely chopped parsley in any dish you like. Enjoy!

The Technique

Parsley is one of those herbs that most people think they can just throw into a dish without giving it much thought. But if you take the time to properly chop parsley, you’ll be rewarded with a more flavorful dish. Here’s how to do it like a pro.

First, gather your parsley and trim off any rough stems. Then, take a large handful of parsley and stack the leaves on top of each other. Roll the parsley up tightly, then use a sharp knife to cut the leaves into thin strips. Finally, turn the pile of strips on its side and chop them into small pieces.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can use your freshly chopped parsley to garnish soups, salads, and so much more.


Parsley is a versatile herb that can be used in many dishes,
both cooked and raw. There are two types of parsley, flat-leaf (or Italian) and curly-leaf,
but they can be used interchangeably in most recipes. Here are some tips on how to
select, store and chop parsley like a pro.

When purchasing parsley, look for leaves that are deep green in color and have a
crisp texture. Avoid leaves that are yellow or wilted.

Parsley can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week. To prevent the leaves from
wilting, wrap them in a damp paper towel before placing them in a plastic bag.

One of the best ways to chop parsley is to use a mezzaluna, which is a half-moon shaped knife with a curved blade. This type of knife allows you to rock it back and forth across the herbs, resulting in evenly chopped leaves. If you don’t have a mezzaluna, you can use a chef’s knife to chop the parsley by following these steps:


Parsley is a great garnish for any dish, but it can be tricky to cut. With a few simple tips you can cut parsley like a pro. First, start by cutting off the bottom of the stem. Then, hold the parsley in one hand and use the other hand to chop it into pieces. Be sure to chop quickly and evenly for the best results.