How to Cut Lexan

Lexan is a brand name for polycarbonate, a durable, clear plastic. It is often used in bullet-proofing, and is also clear like glass. You can cut Lexan with a saw, but it will create a lot of dust.

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Lexan polycarbonate is a versatile, tough plastic used in a variety of applications, from bulletproof windows to cell phone cases. You can cut it with regular woodworking tools, but you need to take special precautions to avoid cracking and chipping the material. With the right tools and techniques, you can make clean, straight cuts in Lexan polycarbonate.

What is Lexan?

Lexan is a type of polycarbonate plastic. It is extremely strong and durable, making it ideal for many different uses. However, its strength also makes it difficult to cut. If you need to cut Lexan, there are a few different ways to do it.

Tools Needed

In order to cut Lexan, you will need the following tools:
-A straight edge
-A sharp knife
-A cutting board

Cutting Lexan

Cutting Lexan can be done with a few different types of saws, but the best type of saw to use is a circular saw. lexan is a very strong and durable material, but it can be cut with a saw if you use the right type of blade. When cutting Lexan, you need to use a carbide-tipped blade that is designed for cutting plastic. This type of blade will stay sharp longer and will not create as much dust as other types of blades.

To cut Lexan with a circular saw, first make sure that the blade is the correct size for your saw. The blade should be slightly smaller than the thickness of the Lexan so that it can make a clean cut. Next, clamp the Lexan to a work surface so that it will not move while you are cutting it. Finally, use a guide to help you make straight cuts and follow the line that you have drawn on the Lexan.

Drilling Holes in Lexan

Polycarbonate is a very strong, durable plastic that is used in everything from bulletproof windows to CDs and DVDs. Lexan is one brand of polycarbonate that is well-known for its strength and clarity. Cutting Lexan can be tricky, because it is prone to shattering if it’s not done properly. However, with the right tools and techniques, it can be cut relatively easily. Here’s how to do it:

1. Score the piece of Lexan that you want to cut with a glass cutter or carbide scoring tool. Score the Lexan along the line that you want to cut, making sure to apply even pressure so that the line is as straight as possible.

2. Place the scored piece of Lexan on a cutting board or other flat surface, and hold it down so that it doesn’t move.

3. Apply pressure to the scored line with your thumb or fingers, and run a sharp knife along the line to deepen the score and start cutting through the Lexan.

4. Continue applying pressure and running the knife along the score line until you’ve cut through the entire piece of Lexan. If theLexan starts to crack or shatter, stop immediately and start over from step one.

5. Sand down any rough edges on the cut piece of Lexan using fine-grit sandpaper until they’re smooth.

Finishing Up

Assuming you have already cut your Lexan sheet according to your desired dimensions, there are only a few more steps to take in order to finish the job. Once you have cut the Lexan, you will need to smooth out the edges using a file or sander. This is important because sharp edges on Lexan can be extremely dangerous.

After the edges are smoothed, you will need to apply edge trim. Edge trim is a thin strip of material that is applied to the edges of the Lexan in order to protect them and give them a finished look. Edge trim can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Once the edge trim is applied, your Lexan sheet is ready to be installed.