How To Crush Ice In A Blender

Right now, there is no doubt that a block of ice cannot be just dropped and then blended away in your own blender, which will damage rotors as well as engines for your machine.

If you ask us, we are certain that there are some hints to learn how to crush ice in a blender effectively, and we’re ready to share that for you.

Some Reminders Before Anything Else To Crush Ice In A Blender

Some Reminders Before Anything Else To Crush Ice In A Blender

We might not stress enough how essential it is to have a deep understanding of what the material of your own pitcher is made out of.

In case it is plastic, then it has a little risk of breaking and can give you an injury to some extent in the process. Not to mention that it could even break your blending machine down.

Therefore, it is very important that a glass pitched should be used for all of your ice-crushing needs, every time. For that reason, glass blender with pitchers are more durable and it has an ability to provide much more stability compared to others.

Together with, it’s worth using small ice cubes when starting out. In fact, the smaller ice cubes are, the easier they are in the crushing process.

Providing that you own a blender that lacks some punch, it seems to be better to break the ice off manually beforehand with a view to making smaller chunks of ice. Following these tips, the load on your blender will be lessened and not be overheated, certainly.

6 Steps To Crush Ice In A Blender

6 Steps To Crush Ice In A Blender

Crushing a block of ice into small pieces might seem to be very complicated, but it’s really not. All you need to do a greater job with your own blender are right tools together with basic knowledge on how it is performed.

Here is an obvious step-by-step guide in order to crush ice in a blender.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is take the ice out from the fridge and let it take some rest on your kitchen counter.

Leave it be in about three to five minutes.

Step 2:

When waiting, your blender’s user manual so as to check whether or not it is suitable for crushing ice.

What you do not want is to burn your motor through trying to break ice off with it when it is well designed to take all these tasks in the first place.

In case your own blender does not have enough horsepower to crush ice into pieces, it won’t be able to do anything but it can spin ice around the container.

Right now, providing that you own a blender that doesn’t necessarily advertise ice crushing tasks, make sure that its motor reaches at least 400 watts of power.

Step 3:

The next thing you need to do is place the ice in the container.

We should fill it to about one third.

Make sure that the ice should not be packed too tightly or ice cubes are put too many, which makes it much harder for them when moving down to blades.

Step 4:

The lid is closed and the pulse button on your own blender is pressed for about three to five minutes.

Personally, what we do in this case is to take this task around 10 times. Also, you could hold the pulse button for about 3 times with a view to grinding the ice.

Step 5:

When you feel satisfied and definitely that the motor might not struggle anymore, please turn the knob until medium speed and remain it with this setting for around 10 seconds.

After that, the blender is turned off, the lid is taken off, and check to see whether or not the crushed ice is good enough for your demand. If not, the process should be repeated many times.

Step 6:

Subsequent to having achieved the texture which you need, the blender is turned off and the crushed ice is put in a container.

Providing that you wish to use it later, putting it in the freezer will be an ideal selection; or else, use it right away!


All things carefully considered, crushing ice is a task that you can learn easily without having any worries.

More obviously, you can visit this following video to have much more knowledge

Once you have mastered all basics, you will be on your own way how to crush ice in a blender effortlessly. You can see our review of the best blender to better serve your needs.

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