7 Health Bamboo Extract Benefits You Didn’t Know

Health Bamboo Extract Benefits You Didn’t Know

Bamboo is a plant that grows in Asia. It is used for many purposes, such as making furniture, household items, and clothing. The shoots of bamboo are used in cooking in a lot of countries. Bamboo is also one of the most sustainable plants globally, and it is widely used for reforestation.

Bamboo extract is rich in nutrients, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates but contains very low fat amounts. In this article, we will talk about the bamboo extract gaining popularity in the West as an essential part of the nutrients’ market. It has many benefits for the body, skin, nails, brain, and hair. There are many reasons you should include this supplement into your diet, and we are going to discuss the seven most important ones in this article.

What Is Bamboo Extract?

Most supplements made from bamboo come in the form of bamboo extract that is also called bamboo silica. The supplement is manufactured in capsules or powder, and you can buy it in most drug stores.

The production of this supplement includes extracting the juice from plants and manufacturing bamboo sil on its base. The received substance is widely used as a natural supplement that improves the health of your skin, hair, and nails. It can also be used as a complex treatment for other diseases, such as asthma, dementia, or gallbladder problems, as some research has shown.

The bamboo extract silica can be used both as a self-contained product and component of many bio-supplements and medical products.

Who Should Take Bamboo Extract?

If you feel that your hair is getting dull, your nails are brittle, and your skin is not elastic enough, it’s time to consider adding the bamboo extract to your diet.

This supplement also helps fight aging problems and immensely reduces wrinkles. It can also be used for treating and preventing some internal health problems, such as bone issues, gastroenteric problems, or even psychological and mental disorders. You should talk to your physician before taking this supplement because there can be some bamboo extract side effects and allergies you do not know about. It is especially important if you take any other medicine or have underlying health conditions.

Health Benefits of Bamboo Extract

If you consider all the factors and use bamboo extract correctly, you will benefit from many advantages that this unique substance can provide. If your doctor says that you can add it to your diet, there will be many potential bamboo extract benefits. We are going to discuss seven of them below.

1. Memory Improvement

Even if it is more common to speak about the bamboo sil in the cosmetic industry, it is a perfect substance for your brain and mind. It is quite powerful in toughening up the brain tissues. So, neurotransmitter function is enhanced, and the cognitive processes are boosted.

Certain studies have shown great results in treating patients who suffer from dementia. However, the research should be continued.

2. Energy Increase

People who always feel exhausted can benefit from the bamboo supplement very much. It helps rejuvenate the body and provide it with additional energy. You will get the extra alertness and concentration ability to help your efficient studies or increase your work productivity.

Due to bamboo’s brain empowering effects, you will feel enthusiastic and energized the whole day. The provided enhanced ability for concentration will help you cope with the most difficult tasks.

3. Bone Strengthening

The bamboo silica is quite helpful in calcium absorption. Thus, you will develop more flexible joints and stronger bones. It is especially important for athletes and physically active people who are always on the move. However, make sure that the supplement does not interact with other nutritional additions and medicines you consume.

4. Healing Properties

Bamboo is rich in poultice. This substance is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. You can also try an external use of the bamboo extract powder to treat open wounds. The wound will heal faster and be protected against infections.

5. Hair Condition Improvement

When hair gets dull and lifeless, it means lacking nutrients and biotin. You may try using hair masks and conditioners while washing it but taking the bamboo extract silica will add much to your hair’s strength and shine.

The hair strands will become stronger and thicker if you take the supplement regularly. The bamboo extract will also provide the efficient removal of dead cells from your head’s skin, and your hair will grow better and faster.

6. Strengthening of Fingernails

You can encounter problems with your fingernails at any time under the influence of unfavorable external factors or lack of vitamins. The nails become dull, brittle, and difficult to take care of.

The bamboo supplement’s ability to boost calcium absorption and maintain glucosamine and vitamin D levels in the body will help you receive stronger fingernails.

7. Healthier Skin

Among the benefits of bamboo extract, anti-aging and fighting wrinkles are the most widely known ones. This supplement’s mineral-rich content enhances collagen production, so your skin will look brighter, cleaner, and healthier.

The substance is also effective in hormonal acne reduction and prevention of various skin diseases.

How to Choose the Right Bamboo Extract

The bamboo extract benefits will be fully activated if you choose the right supplement. Various manufacturers nowadays produce supplements of different quality and content, so it is vitally important to know how not to get lost among such various options on the market. Here are some tips on how to choose the best product for your personal needs.

Different Forms of the Supplement

The forms of this bio-supplement differ. You can come across the bamboo extract powder or capsules. What form is it better to choose? Both of them have their advantages.

Capsules match better those who are quite active, always on the move, and in a hurry. The no-fuss way of consuming the bamboo extract works better for such people. Each dose is capsulated, so no additional measurements are needed. It is great if you have a busy schedule.

If you prefer powder, its intake is more versatile. You can add the substance to your snacks or meals, smoothies, or shakes. However, this way can be inconvenient for those who do not spend much time on food preparation.

Check If the Supplement Is Organic

Before purchasing the bamboo extract, do some research on whether the plants were organically grown and the substance is 100% natural. It is especially essential for people with allergies and irritations caused by chemical substances.

Check the Sugar Levels

People with high sugar levels in their blood should be very careful about the sugar and sweeteners’ content in the supplement product they are going to buy.

Other Ingredients Used in the Supplement

Very often, manufacturers of bamboo supplements use holding agents of different origins. The content of such ingredients should be limited in each capsule for the best value of the product. Moreover, by knowing such agents, you will help your physician to detect the cause of a sudden allergic reaction, if any.

Levels of Protein

Amino acids in your supplement matter much for your health improvement. That is why you need to check the amount of protein in the extract before buying it. Small amounts of protein will reduce the efficiency of the supplement.

Registration by the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the most respectful authority to ensure any medicinal product’s best quality and safety. Thus, always check whether your chosen bamboo silica has been reviewed and registered by the FDA.

Price Matters

These organic supplements should not be too expensive, of course. They need to be quite affordable but not too cheap. Keep the balance between the price and value, or you will receive a counterfeit with no bamboo substance at all if you opt for a too cheap product.

The Best Bamboo Extract Recommended by Us

We have monitored and analyzed different extracts made from bamboo and about 15 brands that produce them and are available on the market today. Our pick is Swanson Bamboo Extract for Hair and Nails. It has 70% silica that is ten times more than in other products of such kinds. The supplement is quite helpful in reducing calcium loss, boosting its absorption, and improving the condition of your nails, bones, skin, and hair. The product has a perfect formula, is quite efficient, and it is a great value for your money.

Remember to take one capsule per day. There are 60 such capsules in the pack made of magnesium silicate, bamboo stems, and rice flour. The product is natural, organic, safe, and hypoallergenic.


How much bamboo extract should I take per day?

Since this product is just a supplement but not a medicine, regulatory agencies do not provide any strict recommendations on its daily consumption. Research shows that 30 mg of the substance per day works great to boost your health condition. The slight increase that is quite reasonable will not lead to any negative effects, though.

How long do I need to take the bamboo supplement to notice the start of its effect on my body?

You will need to take the silica for at least 2-4 weeks to see its effect. The substance is a fat-soluble mineral, so if you experience minimal deficiency and its symptoms, this time will be enough for improvement.

Can I get enough bamboo silica from my food?

The main component of the substance, silica, is rather hard to find in everyday food in the amounts necessary for your skin, hair, and nail health. No average diet can supply you with a lot of silica, indeed. So, the intake of this organic supplement will be quite helpful.

Can I experience any allergy to bamboo?

Human bodies can react to the same substance in a different way individually. However, allergies to bamboo’s components are quite rare. If you opt for a certain bamboo supplement, check all additional components to exclude any irritation or allergy caused by them.

Is it safe for me to take bamboo silica?

This natural and fully organic substance is quite safe to intake. However, be careful if you take some medications prescribed by your doctor or have some underlying allergies. It is always better to consult your healthcare professional before taking any supplements.


As you can see, bamboo extract is a great product that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, but low in calories. Considering all the bamboo extract’s benefits and positive characteristics, we can conclude that this nutrient-rich plant is perfect for overall wellness. The bamboo vitamins and silica support collagen production, health of bones, heart, mind, boost immunity, and enhance the growth and strength of nails and hair. They also protect the skin against unfavorable inner and outer factors preventing aging and skin problems.

Among the benefits of bamboo extract, the most attractive one is that the product is fully natural, meaning it is safe and effective for all consumers. Before purchasing the extract, make sure that you have made the correct choice by using our tips.

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