Top 10 Best Cucumber Lotions of 2023

Cucumber lotion is really a cool, calming botanical lotion that may soothe and heal the skin. The cucumber has a possible Hydrogen (pH) level quite close to the pH of the skin and also has a higher percentage of water.

Both of these factors make it an outstanding selection for skincare. Cucumber lotion is advocated as a moisturizer, in addition to a remedy for sunburn and other irritated skin ailments. It may be commercially prepared or produced at home using a few straightforward ingredients.

List of 10 Best Cucumber Lotions

1. Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion

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Ideal for greasy, troubled skin, our Special Cucumber Lotion provides improved cleansing that is 1 step up out of our Cucumber Cleansing Lotion.

This highly effective formulation is infused with calming Cucumber Extract to refresh and clarify while controlling T-zone glow.

Pore-clogging impurities have been swept out to assist problem skin reach a more clearer-looking complexion.

Twice every day after cleansing, apply to the skin using a cotton pad or ball. Wipe in sweeping, outward motions till the cotton comes up fresh. Keep away from eye area. If product gets into eyes, rinse well with water.

2. Renpure plant-based Beauty Cucumber & Aloe Soothing + Refreshing Body Lotion

Renpure plant-based Beauty Cucumber & Aloe Soothing + Refreshing Body Lotion

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Intense hydrating cream: enhance your skin with a gentle odor & Consistent moisture. Cucumber’s high-water content retains skin intensely hydrated daily, while Aloe helps cure redness.

Refreshing odor: This collection has been formulated with green Apple, cucumber & Jasmine petals. Additionally, it has the curative power of aloe, which includes antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A & C.

The Renpure set: Try using our entire assortment of sourced & ethically Made products for mild cleaning from head to toe, by sterile conditioners to wash shampoos to entire body washes.

3. The Cottage Greenhouse Cucumber & Honey Shea Butter Handcreme

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Thick, rich and Totally addictive, Avocado Oil & Shea Butter satisfy organic emollients of Jojoba & Beet Oils to produce an irresistible hand lotion that absorbs fast, soothing the most demanding dry skin.

Cucumber is nature’s emollient, a sparkling tonic used for soothe and soften stressed skin. Cool as a cucumber, it offers you the quenching increase your skin should look its healthy best.

4. Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Triple Moisture Body Cream 3 Pack

Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Triple Moisture Body Cream 3 Pack

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Savor the freshness & absolute confidence of a summer morning at the countryside using all our vintage Cucumber Melon fragrance.

With fluffy shea & cocoa butters & soothing aloe, this non-greasy formulation is clinically tested to give 24 hours of moisture, leaving skin feeling smooth & soft.

5. CND Cucumber Heel Therapy

CND Cucumber Heel Therapy

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An intensive moisturizing complex that assists in treating dry, cracked skin.

Deeply moisturizes and helps accelerate recovery with allantoin and urea.

Helps calm irritation with cucumber extract, rosemary and chamomile.

Helps improve elasticity together with panthenol. Relieves the consequences of severe dryness on heels as well as different areas of the human body. Daily usage offers noticeable improvement within a brief time.

Concentrated formula may be used sparingly (cheap ).

6. Yes To Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer

Yes To Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer

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Gentle and fast absorbing hydration. Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Daily Calming Moisturizer delights your skin with an Additional dose of nutrients that will help hydrate your complexion while making it smooth, soft and moisturized

Feed your sensitive skin with moisture. You’ll be turning others green with envy from that healthy looking glow emanating out of the skin. Our facial moisturizer is good for those who have sensitive skin. Filled with 95% organic ingredients.

Daily calming facial moisturizer. Cucumbers are cool and operate great for soothing rattled skin. Sweet almond oil and aloe support include a pleasant, wholesome glow to your gorgeous face.

7. Cucumber Melon Lotion Shikai 1 oz Lotion

Cucumber Melon Lotion Shikai 1 oz Lotion

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Hand and Body Lotion, Cucumber and Melon is formulated to help your skin extra moisturizing. We blend aloe vera, wheat germ & Vitamin E into a rich base of organic moisturizers.

They absorb quickly with no leaving that slippery after-feel. Your skin will feel smooth and soft… try a little extra on dry or chafed areas and feel the difference.

Plus they smell so great (you may too) Hand and Body Lotion, Cucumber and Melon Rich in natural ingredients. All natural. Moisturizing formula. Elegant moisturizing formula leaves your skin feeling sensuously smooth and soft while soothing relief and providing nourishment to dry or chaffed areas.

The key that a higher concentration of pure aloe vera gel and vitamin E blended into a luxuriously rich base of organic moisturizers.

Organic vegetable oils (particularly apricot) absorb quickly without leaving a greasy after feel.

This enables the super rich moisturizers like wheat germ and cocoa butter to offer your skin with an elegant, long-lasting softness that helps keep it younger and supple looking.

8. Queen Helene Professional Massage Cream, Cucumber

Queen Helene Professional Massage Cream, Cucumber

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Made for specialist use in salons and spas, Queen Helene Professional Cucumber Massage Cream tantalizes the senses with its refreshing cucumber odor and luxury, silky texture.

When you massage the lotion onto skin, a mix of mineral oil, paraffin and beeswax quenches dry skin with nourishing comfort.

This aromatic massage lotion is made to work with on the entire body, face and neck, and any extra wipes off easily with a warm moist washcloth.

9. eos Essential Hand Lotion – Cucumber

eos Essential Hand Lotion - Cucumber

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Eos Cucumber hand cream is your regular essential for smooth, soft hands.

A superbly nourishing all-natural hand cream, together with hydrating shea butter, aloe vera and a refreshing fragrance for superbly smooth, soft skin.

10. Sisley Botanical Moisturizer with Cucumber

Sisley Botanical Moisturizer with Cucumber

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This daily moisturizing cream is full of amino acids and mineral salts. Helps improve hydration levels within half an hour.

Gives you a uniquely fresh and comfortable feeling. Skin feels absolute softer, supple and seems more luminous.

To use: Apply gently to clean. Dry skin in morning or night.


The lemon is pH balanced into your skin and filled with water, it produces an excellent remedy for skin that is irritated. Painful, sunburned skin particularly can gain from cooling cucumber lotion.

In addition, it improves irritation brought on by rashes, windburn, insect bites, and some other situation in which your skin is aggravated or chafed.

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