Cariloha Retreat & Gel Pillow Review

Bamboo is a stunning material that is used for many purposes. One of them is producing high-quality bedding. Its hypoallergenic, cooling, and moisture wicking properties make bamboo one of the most popular cover materials for pillows.

However, there are many brands nowadays that offer low-quality goods and even scams to their customers. That is why we have compiled this review to help you make the correct choice.

We are going to look deeper into the main characteristic features and qualities of a Cariloha bamboo pillow and represent some universal products from this brand for your best enjoyment.

Product Reviews and Their Pros and Cons

We have chosen the two pillows that, as we think, are worth your attention. You can order them from or look for them in your local household and bedding stores.

Cariloha Retreat Pillow

This pillow has three soft-plush layers for the most comfort. The quilted cover is removable and washable. The pillow’s unique construction allows for great use with its jacquard striping, which looks very elegant, and a layer of batting made of bamboo viscose.

The bamboo charcoal memory foam is breathable, hypoallergenic, and it features the air-flow perforation.

The pillow is of medium firmness. The Cariloha pillow case is made of 100%bamboo viscose while the cover filling consists of 80% microfiber and 20% bamboo viscose. The middle filling represents the 100% bamboo charcoal memory foam that feels very natural and convenient.

Cariloha Gel Pillow

The Cariloha gel pillow features a brand-new gel-top layer that provides exceptional cooling properties. The bamboo charcoal memory foam is quite breathable, organic, and hypoallergenic.

The cover is removable and washable. The bamboo viscose helps wick moisture and repel unpleasant odors.

The filling features 100% bamboo charcoal memory foam mixed with cooling gel. The cover and middle layers have 70% bamboo viscose and 30% polyester in them.

These beautifully lookin and fully organic items have a lot of benefits. As for any other products, they may also have some drawbacks. All of them are distinctly seen in the customers’ reviews. Now, let’s complement the Cariloha pillow review with just some of them.

The Pros

The pros of a unique Cariloha pillow always outweigh its minuses. So, let’s mention the following:

The cover is made of bamboo viscose rayon. This material is high-quality. It is very soft and is capable of wicking away any moisture from sweat and heat. It is washable.

The product is very durable and provided with a lifetime guarantee. It means that if your Cariloha pillow ever sags or fails, the company will readily replace it for free.

Charcoal memory foam is also made of bamboo. It is quite efficient in keeping the body cool, reducing odor, and regulating temperatures and moisture levels.

The pillow is eco-friendly and sustainable. Every Cariloha bamboo pillow does not contain any animal-based components or chemicals. The production process is kept ethical and sustainable.

The product is resistant to dust mites and bacteria. Many health problems are caused by dust mites living in beddings. Cheap pillows featuring low-quality fillings cannot resist them. The Cariloha pillow with its blend of memory foam and removable Care Cariloha pillow case can keep mites and bacteria away, preventing skin irritations and respiratory problems.

The cover is removable and easy to wash. Common pillows are usually dry-cleaned with the use of many chemicals. Or they are just thrown away. A Cariloha bamboo pillow can be washed in the machine. You need to follow the instructions on the labels to make its lifespan longer.


Though there is really nothing too bad to say about this item, there are some drawbacks pointed out in the customers’ reviews.

Pricing could be a bit lower. Of course, these pillows are a bit more expensive than traditional ones which can be found on the market. However, you will get great value for money and it should also be considered.

The size variety of these pillows is a bit limited. The choice is actually narrowed down to the standard option which may be inconvenient for those people who prefer larger pillows.

Main Features

We have tried to distinguish the main characteristic features of these two types of pillows. They are the following ones:

  • The filling is made with the help of bamboo charcoal foam technology.
  • The lifetime guarantee is provided.
  • Air-flow perforation is used in the design.
  • The items are eco-friendly with no chemicals and toxins.
  • The design represents the comfort of three layers of high-quality fabric.
  • The cover is made of 300 thread-count bamboo viscose.
  • The 30-day satisfaction guarantee is provided.
  • This list shows that the features discussed in this Cariloha pillow review are absolutely overwhelming. Let us have a closer look at some of them right now.

    The Cover Made of 300 Thread Count

    The cover is really comfortable. You may use a Cariloha pillow case or you may just skip it. The cover is removable and washable. The ultra-soft viscose rayon yarn made with the special technology of the stunningly fine count of 300 threads provides all these incredibly attractive qualities.

    The cover is even more comfortable than that made of 100% silk material. The ultra-fine threading and softening helps much. Such viscose bamboo fabric can also resist any deformations and wick away moisture from your head. You will be sleeping more healthily and won’t suffer from overheating.

    The Technology of Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam

    In fact, Cariloha is one of the first companies to introduce this technology into its pillow manufacturing process. It is not a traditional memory foam but it has all the properties of charcoal. If these properties are combined with the bamboo viscose ones, the result is amazing. Charcoal eliminates all odors and adds much to regulating temperatures and absorbing excess moisture.

    This technology also ensures durability to your pillow. Even after five years of use, it can look like a brand-new item.

    Airflow Perforation

    When the pillow foam consists of the solid core, it provides poor airflow and retains heat. The Cariloha bamboo pillow features the holes perforated on the memory foam surface. They ensure freshness and good airflow while you are sleeping.


    The price of such pillows is always a bit higher than that of traditional ones and it can become a matter of concern for some customers. However, higher prices account for better quality and you cannot ignore it.

    The Cariloha gel pillow and retreat pillow provide the highest degree of confidence in their quality that is backed up by a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and the lifetime guarantee for replacement. THis all means that the company is quite sure about the quality of its products and can offer money-back or replacement guarantees without any big losses and additional expenses because you may never use them.

    Who Are These Pillows For?

    A Cariloha pillow can be the first and best choice for allergic people or those who suffer from asthma or any skin problems. It provides efficient cooling, moisture wicking, and it is resistant to dust mites and bacteria.

    The item is also for those who are looking for high-quality bedding things that could ensure convenient and pleasant use for many years.

    Of course, if you are looking for something cheaper and not durable that can be replaced any time, this product is not for you.

    The last thing to say here is that such pillows are great for ‘green’ people who are worried about the environmental pollution and want to reduce it. The product is fully sustainable and eco-friendly making up the best choice for them. It is also cruelty-free and made without the use of any animal components. So, it is a great choice for vegans and animal lovers.

    Where to Buy Cariloha Pillows?

    It is strongly recommended to buy Cariloha products including pillows and other bedding items on their official website. You can also use or other reputable online retailers. Avoid cheap and new websites and their vague offers because you may face a bad-quality product, counterfeit, or just a scam. If you have a reliable offline household store, you can also look there for these pillows.


    Are bamboo pillows good for you?

    Sure. These pillows make a great choice for hot sleepers, people who suffer from allergies, skin irritations, and bad sleeping problems. They are suitable for an eco-friendly and vegetarian lifestyle. Their unique dust-mite and bacteria resistant properties work perfectly. Moreover, they feel soft and very comfortable.

    Which bamboo pillow is the best?

    The items offered by the Cariloha manufacturing and retailing company are considered to be the best ones on the market. Due to the innovative technologies and state-of-the-art solutions, they make up the best choice for people who want their sleep to become healthier and more comfortable. Opt for Cariloha Retreat or Gel pillows and you will never be frustrated.

    Are bamboo pillows good for your neck?

    Certainly, they are. Their size and configuration provide the most comfortable position to your neck giving it the chance to completely relax. Those, who suffer from different neck problems, can completely benefit from it since the shape of the pillow can be easily adjusted but never lost.

    Are bamboo pillows good for side sleepers?

    If you are a side sleeper, you need to opt for a standard-size bamboo pillow from Cariloha and you will never be disturbed with any inconveniences. The shape and quality of such pillows will match perfectly the shape of your head and the cover will feel extremely soft and pleasant for your face.


    Now, you have learned much about the best choice of pillows from this Cariloha pillow review. Try to consider all the positive properties of such products, their price, and great quality. Feel free to choose the item that can truly improve your night sleep, make it more sound, pleasant, and comfortable.

    We hope that our attempt to compile as much useful information as possible about Cariloha pillow variations will help you not get lost among the variety of options and make the best choice that will work perfectly for your individual needs.

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