Can You Paint Wood Cabinets White?

Whether you’re looking to give your kitchen a fresh look or you’re simply tired of your current cabinets, painting them white is a great way to brighten up the space. But can you paint wood cabinets white? Here’s what you need to know.

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painting wood cabinets white is a popular way to update a kitchen or bathroom. But is it a good idea? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of painting wood cabinets white.

-White cabinets can brighten up a dark room.
-They can give a small space the illusion of being bigger.
-White cabinets can make a room feel more modern and updated.

-White cabinets may require more upkeep than other colors because they show dirt and grime more easily.
-They may also yellow over time if not properly sealed.

The Pros and Cons of Painting Wood Cabinets White

Painting wood cabinets white can brighten up your kitchen and make it feel more open and airy. White cabinets can also go well with almost any color scheme. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to paint your wood cabinets white.

The Pros

There are many reasons why homeowners might choose to paint wood cabinets white. One popular reason is that white cabinets can brighten up a kitchen or bathroom, making it feel more spacious and airy. White cabinets can also give a clean and fresh look to any room. Plus, painting cabinets is a relatively inexpensive way to update your home’s décor.

Another advantage of painting wood cabinets white is that it can help hide any imperfections in the wood. If your cabinets are made of less expensive wood or if they are starting to show signs of wear and tear, painting them white can help cover up these imperfections.

Finally, painting cabinets white can be a good way to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom without doing a complete renovation. If you’re wanting to give your home a new look but don’t have the budget for a complete makeover, painting your cabinets white is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to do so.

Increased brightness

One of the primary reasons to paint wood cabinets white is to increase the brightness of your kitchen. If you have a dark kitchen, painting your cabinets white can help brighten it up. This can be especially beneficial if your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

In addition to making your kitchen appear brighter, painting your cabinets white can also make it appear more spacious. This is because white is a light color that reflects light, rather than absorbing it like darker colors do. If you have a small kitchen, painting your cabinets white can give the illusion of more space.

Enhanced beauty

There’s no denying that paint can significantly change the look of cabinetry. If your wood cabinets are currently a finish that you’re not thrilled about, painting them white can totally transform their look. This is especially true if your cabinets are older and the wood is starting to show its age. A fresh coat of white paint can give them new life and make your kitchen look brighter and more modern.

Greater durability

One of the main advantages of painting wood cabinets white is that it can increase their durability. White paint provides a barrier against moisture and dirt, helping to protect the wood from damage. In addition, white paint can help to hide any scratches or dents that may occur over time.

The Cons

Now that you know the pros of painting your wood cabinets white, let’s discuss the cons.

There are a few potential cons when it comes to painting wood cabinets white, the first being that it’s a bit of a messy process. If you’re not careful, paint can easily get everywhere, including on your counters, floors, and walls. This is why it’s important to take proper precautions before starting to paint, such as covering your surfaces with drop cloths or old sheets.

Another potential con is that painting wood cabinets white can be time-consuming. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the number of cabinets you have, it can take several days (or even weeks) to complete the project. If you’re short on time, painting cabinets may not be the best option for you.

Finally, there’s always the possibility that you may not like the end result. While this is rare, it does happen from time to time. If you decide to paint your wood cabinets white and don’t like how they look, simply repaint them their original color (or try another color altogether).

Requires more upkeep

One of the most common questions we get here at Refresh is can you paint wood cabinets white? And the answer is…yes, you can, but there are a few things to consider before making this decision. Below we’ll explain the pros and cons of painting wood cabinets white so that you can make an informed decision about what will work best for your home.

painting wood cabinets white will require more upkeep than leaving them natural or staining them a dark color. White cabinets will show dirt and grease more easily than darker colors, so you’ll need to be prepared to clean them more often. If you have young children or pets, this may not be the ideal solution for you.

May show wear and tear more easily

Painted wood cabinets can show wear and tear more easily than natural wood cabinets. If you’re considering painting wood cabinets white, be aware that you’ll need to touch up the paint more often than you would with natural wood cabinets. Also, white cabinets can show dirt and stains more easily than other colors, so you’ll need to clean them more often.

How to Paint Wood Cabinets White

You can paint wood cabinets white, but it’s important to sand and prime them first. This will help the paint to adhere better and give you a more professional finish. Make sure to use a high-quality paintbrush and paint designed for cabinets. If you’re not sure how to do it, there are plenty of online tutorials that can help you.

Choose the right type of paint

If you want your cabinets to look their best, you need to choose the right type of paint. High-quality latex paint is a good choice for most cabinets, but you may want to use oil-based paint if your cabinets are particularly old or damaged. You can also use a paint and primer in one to save time on your project.

Prepare the surface

Preparation is key when painting wood cabinets white. The surface must be completely free of grease, dirt, and dust before any primer or paint can be applied. Start by thoroughly cleaning all cabinet surfaces with a TSP solution. This will degrease and prepare the wood for painting. Once the cabinets are clean, sand them lightly with a fine-grit sandpaper to create a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to. Wipe away any dust particles with a damp cloth before proceeding to the next step.

Paint the cabinets

Whenever you paint any piece of wood furniture white, you need to make sure that it is sanded first. Once it’s sanded, you need to prime the wood with a bonding primer. Once the primer is dry, you can then paint over it with a high-quality white paint.


In conclusion, you can paint wood cabinets white, but there are a few things to consider first. The type of paint you use is important, as is the type of wood. You also need to make sure that your cabinets are properly prepared before painting. With a little bit of prep work and the right paint, you can achieve a beautiful white finish on your wood cabinets.