Can You Paint Cherry Cabinets?

If you have cherry cabinets and are wondering if you can paint them, the answer is yes! Follow these steps to achieve a beautiful, new look for your kitchen.

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Cherry cabinets are often a beautiful addition to any kitchen, but over time they can start to look dated or even become scratched and chipped. If you’re thinking about giving your cherry cabinets a new lease on life, you might be wondering if it’s possible to paint them.

Yes, you can paint cherry cabinets, but it’s important to take the proper steps to ensure that your paint job will look its best and last for years to come. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about painting cherry cabinets, from preparing the wood to choosing the right paint.

The Best Type of Paint for Cherry Cabinets

There are a few things to consider when choosing paint for cherry cabinets, such as the type of paint, the color, and the finish.

Type of paint: The best type of paint to use on cherry cabinets is either latex or oil-based paint. Latex paint is easier to work with and clean up, but it doesn’t hold up as well over time as oil-based paint. Oil-based paint takes longer to dry and can be harder to work with, but it’s more durable and will last longer.

Color: When it comes to choosing a color for cherry cabinets, you have a few options. You can go with a classic white or cream, or you can choose a bolder color like black or red. If you want something in between, you can always choose a neutral like gray or brown.

Finish: The type of finish you choose will also affect the look of your cherry cabinets. A high-gloss finish will give the cabinets a shiny look, while a matte finish will give them a more natural look. You can also choose from a variety of finishes in between, such as semi-gloss or eggshell.

The Right Way to Paint Cherry Cabinets

As with any cabinets, preparation is key. If your cherry cabinets are lacquered, you’ll need to use a primer that’s compatible with a lacquer finish. For stained cherry cabinets, you’ll want to use a wood conditioner before applying primer and paint to help the new finish adhere evenly. Use painter’s tape along the edges of countertops, backsplashes, and any other surfaces you don’t want painted, then remove all cabinet doors and hardware. Clean the surface of your cabinets thoroughly with TSP or a similar cleaner designed to remove grease and grime.

Once your cabinets are prepped and ready to go, start by painting the inside surfaces and spaces first—it’s easier to cut in along trim when there’s no hardware in the way. For the best results, use a brush designed for painting latex paint on smooth surfaces like cabinet doors and drawers. Paint the cabinet frames with a brush or roller meant for semi-gloss or high-gloss paint—this will give you a durable finish that can withstand cleaning. If your cabinets are particularly intricate, consider using a small foam roller to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Once everything is dry, reattach your cabinet doors and hardware. Be sure to caulk any gaps along countertops or backsplashes to prevent water damage. And voilà! You now have beautiful cherry cabinets that look like they were professionally painted.

How to Get a Professional Finish on Cherry Cabinets

You can paint cherry cabinets, but it’s important to sand and prime them first to get a professional-looking finish.

If you have cherry cabinets that are starting to show their age, a fresh coat of paint can help them look new again. But painting cherry cabinets is not as simple as just applying a new coat of paint; you need to sand and prime them first to get a professional-looking finish. Here’s how to do it:

1. Sand the cabinet doors with fine-grit sandpaper to rough up the surface and help the primer and paint adhere better.

2. Wipe down the doors with a damp cloth to remove any dust from sanding.

3. Apply a coat of primer, making sure to evenly cover all sides of the door. Let the primer dry completely before moving on to painting.

4. Once the primer is dry, paint the doors with two coats of high-quality latex paint, letting each coat dry completely before adding the next. If you want, you can also add a layer of polyurethane after the final coat of paint for extra protection.


To paint or not to paint, that is the question… when it comes to cherry cabinets. If you’re thinking about painting your cherry cabinets, we say go for it! Painting cherry cabinets is a great way to give them a whole new look without breaking the bank. Just make sure you use a high-quality paint and take the time to prep and prime your cabinets beforehand. With a little elbow grease (and maybe some help from a professional painter), you’ll be able to transform your cherry cabinets into something truly unique.