Top 10 Best BOSU Ball For Balance Reviews in 2023

The difference between Pilate and other courses is that the exercises are used to work the deep muscles. The Bosu is a training equipment that can be used in pilates sessions in particular, but also for other sports activities. It is useful because it allows a certain imbalance, making the deep muscles work even more like the deep abs or the postural muscles of the back, since one has to find his balance while doing the exercises. The word Bosu comes from the English “Both Sides Up” or “Both Sides Utilized”, meaning that you can use both sides or put both sides up.

There are many different models of Bosu Ball, but all of them are so similar that it is difficult to see at first glance what sets them apart. To make your choice, you will have to compare the non-slip quality of the hunchbacks, their weights, especially if you want to take it often to lessons, the quality of the materials, if the pack contains training exercises on DVD or in the instructions, the resistance, the possibility of inflation and its effectiveness, the price, the accessories…

Below you will find our selection of the best Bosu Balls available right now.

List of 7 Best BOSU Ball

1. Bosu Balance Trainer, 65cm “The Original”

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This model is considered the basic model and is offered by the Bosu company itself. It is not of the “pro-balance” model quality that you will see further on, but it definitely does the business for a home gym. It is the perfect model for training enthusiasts who only want to use this bosu ball a few times a week.

2. BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

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Definitely the high end model from Bosu and is clearly one of the best bosu balls on the market today. A little more expensive than the previous model, this ball is much more durable and offers everything that a person wanting to train thoroughly can look for.

3. RitFit Premium Balance Ball Trainer with Resistance Bands

RitFit Premium Balance Ball Trainer with Resistance Bands

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This model is extraordinary because it can easily be inflated and deflated for easy storage. A foot pump is provided so you can inflate it easily in less than a minute. This model also comes with an exercise DVD to help you get the most out of your ball. This model makes its place in the list of the best bosu ball because it can support up to 350 pounds and probably has the best ball to buy under the 80 dollar mark.

4. RitFit Premium Balance Ball Trainer with Resistance Bands

RitFit Premium Balance Ball Trainer with Resistance Bands

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We love this model because it includes 11 pieces for complete exercises. You will obviously find a bosu ball there, but also resistance ropes and handles to reach new levels of difficulty during your training. The strings offer resistance from 6 to 22 pounds.

5. WeckMethod Bosu Elite Balance Trainer

WeckMethod Bosu Elite Balance Trainer

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This model is by far the best on the market in all categories. It is not only of better quality but it is also the most durable. Coming with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty it is hard to find better. Can support up to 350 pounds and include all items needed for your training.

6. Bosu Balance Trainer and Ballast Ball Combo Kit

Bosu Balance Trainer and Ballast Ball Combo Kit

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This versatile tool will allow you to do everything the other models allow but in addition probably offer the best training DVD on the market for free. This model probably offers the best pump on the market and BBS is recognized in the world of training for these products of unique quality.

7. Bosu 3D System Balance Trainer

Bosu 3D System Balance Trainer

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This model is somewhat special as it opens the door for beginners of training and allows with support to train without getting injured. Many people do not necessarily have the balance to get started from the start on a bosu ball, so this is excellent for your first months of training. It is excellent for rehabilitation and for the elderly who want to stay in shape while it allows to work on several muscles at the same time.

Why should you buy a Bosu ball?

The Bosu ball allows you to perform physical exercises and physiotherapy while being unstable, which allows you to work on balance as well as the deep muscles. You do not need it to do pilate, yoga, or your sport, but it is an accessory that makes your session more fun, more intense, more concentrated, and that is used a lot for rehabilitation. In fact, it allows you to work on specific areas of the body such as the ankles or the wrists, and is therefore useful for repairing sprains and injuries in these areas. During a sports session, it can also be used to work the triceps, biceps, abdominal area, shoulders, elbows, cervical area or even the knees.

Using a Bosu requires more concentration than during a sports session without accessories of this type, since you have to stay alert and focused to keep your balance. A Bosu ball is also useful for performing movements which, on the ground, are not easy to execute.

Bosus are found in physiotherapists, sports coaches, in sports halls, or in individuals.

You can buy your Bosu online on dedicated sites, on Amazon-type marketplaces, or simply in sports stores.

It differs from other fitball and swiss ball in that it can also be used for the low level and beginners as well as the advanced, and yet we can make almost the same uses. If you find that your exercise with the Bosu is too simple or too complicated, try to change the rating, the difficulty is generally either increased or decreased.

Some exercises that can be done with a Bosu:

  • Pumps on the Bosu. To do push-ups with a Bosu, place yourself on one of the right sides for example, by putting your left hand on the Bosu. Keep your back straight and your abs tight. The legs are open to the width of your pelvis. The distance between the hands is wider than the shoulders. Make series of pumps on each side.
  • The board on the Bosu. Put both hands on the Bosu, spaced the width of your shoulders. Again, keep your back straight and your abs tight. The neck is long. Peel your knees off the ground and put yourself on tiptoes, the heels are well engaged and push back. Stay in cladding for 20-30 seconds.
  • Squat on Bosu. Stand on the Bosu, legs apart from the width of your pelvis. Keep your back straight and your shoulders low. The abs are engaged. Bend your knees and push your buttocks back as if you were sitting on an invisible chair. Make sure the knees are not past your toes, which you can still see. Go back up and down in squat to make your series.

How to choose a Bosu ball?

If you have just read our ranking of the best Bosu ball right now, you will understand that there are many different models. The materials used, the non-slip quality of the model, the accessories delivered with, the colors or even the price, everything is used by the manufacturers to make the difference compared to their competitors. However, it is important to focus on what is important to you in a Bosu.

Here are the criteria that will allow you to choose your Bosu well.

The types of Bosu

The Bosu brand is the original and often has better quality models than the copious brands. Bosus come in several types:

  • Bosu Home balance training. For home use at home, it is designed to be resistant for home use. The rigid part has rubber feet to avoid slipping on the floor.
  • Bosu Sport balance training – 55 cm. For small budgets, entry level.
  • Bosu Sport balance training – 45 cm. Very portable, they are used for specific positions, and you can use several at the same time.
  • Bosu Trainer Pro balance. High-end, for commercial use. Very resistant with the rubber dome, and the rigid part adheres well on floors.


If you have a dedicated room at home, and want to use your Bosu at home only, you will not have to be too careful about the weight of your Bosu. On the other hand, if you want to take it to your gym or transport it in your garden, you will have to pay attention to the weight and the ease of transport of your Bosu.
Also check how much weight the Bosu can support.


If you need to work on a particular part of the body, you may not need a normal-sized Bosu, a 45 cm Bosu for example might be enough for you. Generally at the smallest the Bosu, at the least expensive, so it is a criterion to take into consideration.

The inflation

Some models come as such, and others have to be inflated. It is practical because they are therefore easier to transport, but it adds a step to our training preparation, and if the pump is not supplied or not efficient, it will be less practical. We must also check how high the Bosu can reach once inflates, and check that it suits us.


Typically, the domed part is made of rubber, and the rigid part is made of very solid material. If the rubber is not of good quality, it will not be pleasant to the touch and may give off an unpleasant odor. The rigid part must be non-slip so that you are safe during your exercises and that you do not damage the floor.


If you want to use the Bosu every day in a gym, you will need a very resistant model. If it is only for personal use at home, you may be less looking at it. In any case, look at the guarantee if you want to make commercial use of it, so that you can exchange it if there is anything.


Some models come with not only an exercise manual, but also DVDs with proposed exercises, elastic bands, resistant bands with handles, or even with an adjustable bar to facilitate rehabilitation exercises…

I am afraid that this list is not exhaustive. But you understand the idea: there is a lot that your Bosu can bring you in terms of well-being and looking good if you want to, and if you choose it well. It’s your turn!

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