Best Waterproof Storage Containers for Outdoors & Indoors

The best waterproof storage containers are a need for most people living in flooded areas since they help them secure their valuables from getting wet. Not only can these storage containers stay outside without soaking your things in the water, but some can also act as an additional seat for your backyard.

Most of these containers are made from water-resistant materials such as metal or plastic. Although most storage containers with a waterproofing feature come at a premium price, you will be better off in the long run.

1. Lifetime 60186 Waterproof Storage Container

Lifetime 60186 Heavy-Duty Outdoor Storage Deck Box, 116 Gallon, Desert...
  • Rigid Dual-Wall High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Construction | Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Product dimensions | External – 50.3” L x 23.2” W x 26” H | Internal – 47” L x 22.6” W x 25.2” H | Capacity – 116 gallons...
  • Lockable Lid (Lock Not Included) | Easy Straight-Forward Assembly
  • Weather-resistant Build to Withstand the Elements | Can sit over any type of surface
  • Controlled Spring-Hinge Lid Opens Greater than 90° – Won’t Slam Shut | Can be used as a bench

Our first recommendation is based on capacity, and this Lifetime waterproof storage container takes the crown. With a large 439l capacity, it is suitable to store various garden tools and even small machinery items.

Nevertheless, since the storage box is large, you wouldn't want a design that isn't too intrusive, and this unit thought about this well. As a result, they feature an attractive design with an attractive desert sand finish and aesthetic wood paneling, which won't look out of place in your storage area.

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Lifetime container is very weather-resistant since it's made of a rigid dual-wall high-density polyethylene which is strong enough to protect your belongings even in torrential rain. We also noticed it has practical design features such as a hinged lid that doesn't open or slam shut and molded handles that allow easy carrying to your desired location.

  • Pros
  • Hydraulic lid hinges are ideal for people with limited mobility
  • Metal padlock fittings are more durable than the plastic fittings in other models
  • Strong and sturdy bin that can support two sitting people
  • Huge internal space inside and comes with an option to size up if you need large bins
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Cons
  • It is not that easy to assemble since the instructions are unclear, and you need a lot of extra tools
  • Some customers complained that some of the pre-drilled holes in the support bar don't line up with holes in the plastic, and you may need to drill new holes

2. Keter Marvel+ 270L Garden Storage Box

Keter Marvel+ 270L Garden Storage Box - Grey
  • This handy all-purpose durable, outdoor brown garden storage box is weather resistant, perfect for use all year round.
  • This box is ideal for storing garden tools, small pieces of furniture as well as garden cushions.
  • Easy to put together with a click-based system, this garden box provides a dry and ventilated storage solution, with an easy to lift lid for...
  • W 116.7cm x D 44.7cm x H57cm

Another top of the list is Keter Marvel, a spacious container with a graphite grey finish and a stunning wood panel effect. While there are many storage boxes with a basic design, it is stylish, and it doesn't clash with the rest of your garden decor.

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We loved the spacious 270L capacity, which features a simple opening mechanism that is convenient and practical. The lid lifts using an integrated handle, and it also has built-in handles on either side and can be used to transport your box.

Keter Marvel containers have wheels that help the box easily pull across the hard ground, but the storage box can be lifted on one side to move it. It is durable and versatile, giving the best value for money

It is the best storage container with weatherproof, durable, maintenance-free, and UV-resistant, meaning it will last. Lastly, it is perfect for storing blankets, cushions, and small tools which are strong enough to accommodate a lightweight adult.

  • Pros
  • It's solid once it's assembled
  • Fully waterproof
  • Spacious enough with a 270l space
  • The wooden paneled effect makes it more stylish than their plain plastic box
  • Cons
  • Although the instructions are unclear, you need to be careful
  • Although it doesn't fade in the sun, the harsh sun could weaken it over time

3. Suncast Small Deck Box

Suncast 22-Gallon Small Deck Box - Lightweight Resin Indoor/Outdoor...
  • DECK STORAGE BOX: Beautiful plastic outdoor box has a 22-gallon capacity for patio, deck, yard, porch, garage, and shed storage!
  • DURABLE: Water-resistant poly resin construction resists fading and rust to keep your box looking new for years to come
  • VERSATILE: For use indoors or outdoors to store pool toys, grill supplies, patio cushions, gardening tools, sports equipment, yard gloves,...
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Lid flips open on hinges for easy access to your items. Rain water flows off of the box to keep your belongings dry and...
  • SMALL SIZED: Storage box measures 15"L x 15"W x 20"H, the perfect size for your outdoor space

We know some shoppers are looking for a unit that can be used indoors and outdoors, and we found this Suncast storage box to be the best. It is a small waterproof storage box that holds up to 22 gallons making it the perfect container to fit in a limited space with plenty of versatility.

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We loved its functional design, which worked as an extra seat while storing things like throw blankets or holiday decorations inside. Also, its poly-resin construction is one for the books since it can resist rusting and fading, ensuring your contents are dry and safe.

Other customers praised how the storage box opens by flipping the lid upwards, making it easy to access your items while the water flows off your box and prevents your belonging from getting soaked. Lastly, the unit is durable throughout hot and cold temperatures all year round.

  • Pros
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Lightweight construction
  • Ingenious active water flow system that redirects any water
  • It comes with a sleek and stylish look5-year assurance period
  • Durable
  • Cons
  • Some customers didn't like the tight lids, which closed too tightly

4. IRIS USA 60 Quart WeatherPro Plastic Storage Bins

IRIS USA 60 Quart WEATHERPRO Plastic Storage Box with Durable Lid and...
  • WEATHERTIGHT – IRIS USA WeatherPro Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bin Tote Organizing Container with Durable Lid and Seal and Secure Latching...
  • BUCKLE UP LATCHING – The heavy duty multi-buckle box latches strongly and securely onto the durable lid, separating the inside and...
  • STACK THEM UP – Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Container Bin Tote has grooves on the lid and body to create a secure stacking experience. IRIS...
  • GREEN CIRCLE CERTIFIED and BPA FREE PLASTIC – Certified by Green Circle for environmentally friendly plastic heavy duty storage container....
  • MADE IN USA with GLOBAL MATERIALS - IRIS USA’s heavy duty plastic Buckled Lidded Storage Bin Tote is a perfect storage organizer that can...

We also considered the people who are shopping for see-through bins, which are among the market's best options. Although it's made of polypropylene, it still has great features and is an excellent choice to keep moisture out of your contents.

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Unlike other units in this list, we loved how this can stack well and work well with combination sets of different sizes. It is also a great solution if you open and seals your container often, but the extra latches might be annoying.

Another aspect we loved about this container is the latching storage tote that is easy to open and close than the tight-fitting lids. Instead of pulling on the lid's edges and stretching it until it comes off, these latches easily release since you can lift your lid off the tub.

  • Pros
  • See-through design helps to ensure you maintain organization
  • The foam gasket box can keep bugs and moisture out
  • Ideal for stacking
  • Versatile enough to organize your pantry and also to store clothes
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Cons
  • It comes with many latches, which are more than you need
  • The polypropylene material can be brittle, especially in extremely cold temperatures

5. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Brute Tote Storage Container with Lid

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Brute Tote Storage Container With Lid,...
  • Heavy duty: Storage bin is a heavy duty storage container used for storing and transporting items
  • Ergonomic handles: User friendly grip handles decrease potential for back injury and finger strain
  • Handle drains: Holes in handle allow water to drain, reducing risk of bacteria build up
  • Secure lid: Lid snaps tight, keeping contents secure within
  • Ribbed construction: Reinforced ribbed bottom allows bin to be dragged without damage

A Rubbermaid storage container is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a more rugged option, but we found them to be overkill for storing on shelves. So instead, it is made of tough polyethylene material, which can withstand even cold temperatures.

We recommend Rubbermaid containers for anyone looking for a container to store food for their large animals since the plastic used in this bin is thicker and denser.


Other customers loved the temperature range of this Rubbermaid high-density polyethylene which is higher than polypropylene, meaning it won't sag during the hot season or break in the cold.

However, we didn't like that the Rubbermaid container didn't have a lock, but you can solve this by drilling a hole through your handle without compromising your water-tight seal.

  • Pros
  • Heavy duty container for storing and transporting items
  • Ergonomic handle that minimizes the risk for finger strain and back injury
  • A secure lid that snaps tight to keep your contents secure
  • High strength resin
  • Stackable storage box
  • Ribbed construction on the bottom meaning it can be dragged without getting damaged
  • Water-tight seal
  • Cons
  • No holes for locking

Which are the Best Between Opaque and Transparent Storage Containers?

Some people prefer transparent storage containers for their needs, which is an excellent solution. They help to secure all of your belongings in your house or backyard and prevent them from getting wet.

Also, with see-through bins, you don't need to lift the lid to know the contents of your container. Transparent options are suitable for storing clothes or dry goods and hence can make perfect closet storage boxes.

However, their biggest disadvantage is that they use polypropylene-based plastics, which sometimes crack in cold storage areas. On the other hand, most opaque containers are more resilient and heavy-duty, even in freezing temperatures.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Waterproof Storage Container

With the market full of many storage containers, you will need to know what to look out for when shopping:

1. Material

According to the materials these storage bins are made of, there are different types in the market.

a). Plastic Waterproof Storage Containers

Plastic bins are made from various plastic like PVC or polyethylene. They can be stored in an area with a risk of water leaks, damage, or moisture since they are durable and resistant to water.

b). Wooden Waterproof Storage Containers

Wooden storage boxes are usually made from waterproof wood like cedar, and although they can store your bulky items from water damage, they are not better than the plastic options.

c). Metal Waterproof Storage Containers

Metal storage boxes are made of aluminum or stainless steel, and they are perfect options for long-term storage with a fire risk since they are not flammable.

d. Polyethylene Storage Containers

This type is made from high-density polyethylene plastic, designed to be long-lasting and durable. In addition, most bins of polyethylene material are transparent, making it easy to see what is inside without opening the lid.

e). PVC Storage Containers

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A PVC storage container is made from durable plastic and is resistant to most weather elements. Most are opaque, making it difficult to see what is inside, and hence can be great for storing things like medical supplies that you want away from everyone's eyes.

f). Steel Storage Containers

Steel containers are made with strong metal material and can withstand weather elements. To resist corrosion and rust, they are often powder-coated or painted.

g). Aluminum Storage Containers

These types are made from a lightweight metal resistant to weather elements and can often be used to store heavy items such as garage or garden tools and pool toys.

Although some people prefer wooden storage bins in the market, we recommend you opt for plastic bins. They perform better from an all-around perspective and are affordable, easy to maintain, and rot-resistant.

Nevertheless, ensure the polypropylene bin you choose can withstand weather changes and sun damage, meaning it has to be UV-resistant.

2. Durability

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Most of the best storage containers are made of plastic, ensuring they prevent rotting and rusting. When choosing, go for a storage unit that is durable enough to last you for years, even when used outdoors.

Also, your choice of storage container should be able to tolerate damage, pressure, and wear. Since it's built to last, it should also feature a sleek design that can go with anything and be used with construction workers or busy mothers.

3. Assembly

Most of these containers are ready to use, but some models need some assembly. If the best storage container for you has some assembly requirements, choose the one that takes the least time to assemble.

4. Size

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Bigger containers can be more beneficial in the future than small boxes, and since you will get more items to store as time passes, they make the best options for you.

Large bins are suitable for big backyards, storage spaces, or gardens and for storing long items such as garden tools. If you opt for a large storage box, choose a model that can also be used as a seating to utilize your garden space better.

On the other hand, we recommend the small storage boxes if you want one that will fit inside your storage space or in a small or medium garden without looking obtrusive. These are suitable for storing small items such as children's blankets, toys, or cushions.

5. Enhanced Security

Since the main reason for getting a storage box is to store your belongings safely, we advise you to choose one with a lockable deck box. Some storage bins have a latch mechanism to keep the storage lid closed, while others feature a loop system to secure your contents using a regular padlock.

On the other hand, flip-up lids and close your bin even when overstuffed making it handy for items such as puffy blankets and bulky sweaters. However, if you strain the latches too much, they are prone to get out of the mounting holes, and these holes could also be an entry point for insects and moisture.

Storage boxes with extra security features are especially important to keep belongings you don't want dogs, children, or other creatures to access while in storage.

Conclusion on the Best Waterproof Storage Containers

So, did you find the best waterproof storage bin for your needs on our list? We hope you did. Many homeowners are investing in durable storage bins for different reasons, thanks to many people attesting to the many benefits of storage bins.

Although we didn't list many options, the choices above are the best ones we found on the market. Ensure you read through all the details before you make your purchase.

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