Best Small Food Processor for Fast Meal Prepping

Time is money, and sometimes you need to prepare a healthy meal faster. A food processor helps you chop, grind or blend vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, and cheeses without having to chop or get your hands greasy. The best small food processor should make your work more enjoyable and efficient. Any space in your kitchen is real estate, and other appliances have to be fit in the kitchen. Therefore, you ought to make good use of any space within your kitchen.

Best Mini Food Processors

1. Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing,...
  • Bowl scraper attachment: Special attachment scrapes the sides of the bowl to keep ingredients close to the blades for more even results and...
  • 10 cup capacity: The generous 10 cup bowl can handle large volumes of foods without having to stop to empty it
  • Large feed chute: Can fit large foods like a whole block of cheese for quick, easy processing and less prep time
  • Versatility of a food processor, food chopper and vegetable chopper: Reversible stainless steel disc slices and shreds, while the stainless...
  • 2 speeds plus pulse and 450 watts of power: Food processor's low and high speeds plus pulse gives you the control you need for a variety of...

Hamilton beach saves you the time you would use chopping vegetables and cutting all your ingredients to prepare them for use in a food processor because it can accommodate both large and small ingredients. You will, therefore, not need to precut any ingredients before putting them in your mini processor. Hamilton Beach has a bowl scrapper attachment that scrapes the insides of the bowl, keeping all the foodstuff close by for even chopping. The food processor will keep ingredients close to the blades, saving you the time you would use to take off the lid and use a spatula when chopping or pureeing.

The mini food processor has a 10 cup capacity bowl that can handle large volumes of food without stopping to empty the bowl each time. The food processor is versatile as it has reversible stainless steel, sharp blade, and disc for slicing, shredding, mixing, and pureeing. You can fit a whole block of cheese to add more time to do other things.

The small food processor has two speeds plus pulse, which gives you the control you need when preparing different recipes. You can achieve a slow and fast speed for your convenience. The processor uses 450 Watts of power to drive the S-blades for even and efficient results. The food processor is BPA-free and therefore safe for use in your kitchen. There won't need to worry about washing the processor as it is dishwasher safe. The small and beautifully compact design will save you space on your countertop, leaving space for other appliances.

  • Hamilton beach food processors can accommodate small and large food, saving you the time you would use to pre-chop your ingredients.
  • Hamilton has over 100 years of cooking innovation and is credible enough to guarantee safety and efficiency in their products.
  • The mini food processor has a bowl scraper that pushes food close to the blades, saving you the time to open the lid and use a spatula to shift the ingredients.
  • Hamilton is a 10 cup food processor and can take a large volume of foodstuff.
  • The mini food processor is very versatile because of the reversible blade feature, which ensures the food in the work bowl is well-tended.
  • The food processor is BPA-free and safe for use without any health concerns.
  • The food processor design has a very small footprint which will save you space on your kitchen counter.
  • You can use the mini food processor to chop, puree, slice, mix, and shred.
  • Hamilton mini food processors can only take a sizeable amount of food.
  • You have to plug in the food processor to an electrical power source, limiting the places you can place the processor.
  • You need to clean the processor every time after use.
  • Using liquids on the processor may cause leakage, which might cause a mess on your counter.

2. Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus 24-Ounce Food-Processors, 3 Cup,...
  • SUPERIOR FUNCTION: The Cuisinart 250-watt mini prep plus food processor quickly chops and grinds with a patented reversible stainless-steel...
  • CONTROL: Push-button control panel with durable yet lightweight plastic body - Auto-reversing SmartPower blade for two powerful processing...
  • EASY CLEAN UP: Dishwasher-safe bowl and lid for easy clean up, wipe the motor base clean with a damp sponge or cloth
  • INCLUDED: Comes with a 24-ounce work bowl with handle, Stainless steel blade with sharp blunt edges, spatula and instruction/recipe book
  • LIMITED 18-MONTH WARRANTY: Refer to user manual for troubleshooting steps and questions surrounding warranty policies – this product is...

Cuisinart prep plus helps you grind the hardest cheese to save you time with the special auto-reverse smart blade. The food processor has removable parts which are dishwasher safe and easy to clean and reassemble, making it safe for fresh daily healthy meals. The processor packs a 24-ounce work bowl with a 3 cup capacity and a 250 Watt food processor.

Cuisinart has both a sharp blade and blunt blade sides made of stainless steel suitable for different ingredients and recipes. The mini food processor has touchpad controls that are easy to use and clean. The processor has a lightweight, durable plastic body with a small footprint to save space on the kitchen counter. Cuisinart mini food processors have smart auto reversible blades making the processor versatile and suitable for soft and hard foods.

  • The mini food processor is plastic-built and lightweight.
  • Cuisinart food processors have removable parts which are dishwasher safe and can be reassembled very easily.
  • The mini food processors have a work bowl that can 24 ounces of both soft and hard foods.
  • The processor has touch controls which make preparing food take less than average time.
  • The mini food processors have smart auto-reverse blades, which are versatile and efficient.
  • The food processor has to be carefully cleaned, especially on the blades, which can have food particles stuck on the rotating parts.
  • Cuisinart has a bowl capacity of only 3 cups.
  • The mini food processors need an electric power source to operate.
  • The Cuisinart 3 cup food processor is not recommended for grinding beans as it chops and might not be suitable for making nut butter.

3. Kitchen Aid 3.5 Cup Food Chopper

KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper, medium, Matte Black
  • Convenient 3.5 cup work bowl features a locking blade, handle and pour spout for easy serving,and dishwasher-safe for quick clean up
  • With its small, countertop friendly footprint and simple cord wrap, its easy to store, neatly tucking away when you're finished prepping
  • 2 speeds and pulse for coarse or fine results for anything from chunky pico de gallo and salsa, to a creamy hummus, smooth sauce or tasty...
  • Easily incorporate liquid ingredients for sauces and dressings while processing with the drizzle basin
  • Precisely chop or puree with the stainless steel multi-purpose blade that locks in place for convenient pouring.

Kitchenaid is a kind kitchen appliance as they solve the problem that most food processors have; liquid ingredients. The processor has a drizzle basin that collects sauces and dressings, ensuring no food is wasted, and the counter stays neat and presentable. The mini food processors are lightweight and have pulse operations for fine or coarse results.

You can puree, chop, and mix every day using the mini food processor because of its stainless steel locking blade with two speeds and pulse operation. The mini food processor has a 3.5 cup capacity work bowl that is easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly. Kitchenaid has a handle and pours spout, which makes serving the food easy and mess-free. The food processor has a simple cord wrap and a small footprint which saves you some counter space. Kitchenaid has a compact design that will not crowd your storage space.

  • Unlike most models, KitchenAid can handle liquid ingredients, making it one of the best mini food processors.
  • The mini food processors have a drizzle basin that can collect dressing and sauces without creating a mess on your workstation.
  • The food processor has a pour spout which makes serving food easier and neater.
  • The processor is made of lightweight plastic with a compact body that takes up small counter space and little storage space.
  • Kitchenaid has a cord wrap which makes it safe for use on the countertop when connected to the power source.
  • The food processor has a removable lid and blade, dishwasher-friendly for neat and safe food prep.
  • The 3.5 cup processor has a work bowl that is very easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly.
  • Kitchenaid has two-speed blades, which can work on different recipes.
  • The 3.5 cup food processor cannot take large amounts of food.
  • The 240-watt motor needs a power source to operate.
  • The processor needs to be cleaned after every use to remove food particles from hidden parts.
  • Kitchen-Aid processing kitchen appliances need to be stored and take up space in the kitchen or storeroom.

4. Ninja Food Chopper Express Food Processor

Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop with 200-Watt, 16-Ounce Bowl for...
  • 200 watt power pod.
  • Effortlessly mince, chop, grind and blend a variety of ingredients for easy meal preparation or final touches
  • Perfect for garlic, onion, zest, spices, herbs, cheese, bacon crumbles, nut chopping, chocolate, dressings, sauces and spreads
  • Capacity: 16 ounces
  • Ergonomic designed power head is easy to handle

Ninja food is a 200-watt power pod that will chop and grinds your ingredients to an even consistency. The food processor bowl is well suited to grind garlic, spices, zest, onions, bacon crumbles, chocolates, dressings, sauces, and nut chopping. The mini food processor has ergonomically designed powerheads that drive sharp blades to chop food ingredients evenly for your use.

Ninja has a 4-blade set with large chrome pulsing button for consistent results and ultimate control. The food chopper is dishwasher friendly and can be used on a day-to-day basis. The mini food processor can perform many tasks, including mincing, dicing, chopping, slicing, blending, and pureeing. A no-slip base makes the unit safe to work with on any countertop build material. The mini food processor has a splash guard, preventing spillage during food prep, keeping your counter spaces neat and dry. The mini food processor has a storage bowl lid to keep your food fresh and safe for use a good while after preparing, making it very useful for making food for a kid who might be away or asleep while you prepare food.

  • The food processing kitchen appliance can perform many tasks for its size.
  • Ninja food processing machine has a bowl lid with a splash guard, unlike most food processors, making the appliance suitable for working with liquids.
  • The Ninja food processor model has a 2 cup chopper bowl that fits its size.
  • The processor has a non-slip base which makes it safe for use on a wet surface, making it one of the best food processors.
  • The mini food processors have removable parts which are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.
  • The 200 Watt Ninja model features a large chrome pulse button for the ultimate control and even results.
  • The mini food processor has a patented blade technology.
  • The processor uses very little electricity.
  • The mini food processor is very small and has a 2 cup capacity, making very little food at any given time.
  • The machine needs thorough cleaning after every use.

5. Proctor Silex Vegetable Chopper

Proctor Silex Durable Electric Vegetable Chopper & Mini Food Processor...
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR EVERYDAY USE: The small 1.5 cup capacity of this food chopper makes it the perfect choice for everyday tasks. Use it to...
  • EFFICIENTLY CHOP, PUREE & EMULSIFY: This little machine is ideal as a vegetable chopper but does much more. The stainless steel blades...
  • CUSTOMIZE FOOD TEXTURE: Whether you want a smooth vegetable puree or chunky bits of onion and peppers for your salsa, you can easily...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The bowl, lid and removable blades are all dishwasher safe
  • SAVES SPACE IN THE KITCHEN: The food chopper is small enough to leave out on the countertop or easily stow in the cabinet. No need to bring...

Proctor Silex has the perfect size for everyday use with a 1.5 cup capacity perfect for everyday taxes. Food texture is easy to customize using the machine as it can let you get small even vegetable chops or chunky onion bits. The simple pulse control speed lets you control the results you want to achieve at the end of every food prep.

The lid, bowl, and removable blades are easy to clean and are all dishwasher safe. Proctor will save you space in the kitchen with its small footprint, ensuring you have room on your counter to work on other appliances. The blades are made of stainless steel, which can cut through any ingredients, including carrots and nuts.

  • The mini food processor is small enough that you can leave it on the countertop without worrying about space.
  • Proctor vegetable chopper is cheap and pocket-friendly.
  • The lid and bowl are removable and easy to clean.
  • The blades made of stainless steel can cut through most hard ingredients like carrots and nuts.
  • The mini food processor has pulse speed control which prepares food to your preferred texture.
  • The mini food processor is quite small and has a bowl capacity that does not fit 2 cups.
  • You have to clean the processor every time after use to keep it clean and fresh.
  • It would be best to have a power supply to operate the machine, unlike manual food processors.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Food Processor

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Food Processor

a) Bowl Capacity

It would be best if you bought a food processor that will fit the needs of everyone in your house. If you have a family, you can get a 5 cup capacity processor, and if you are alone, 3 cups and below should be okay to buy.

b) Power

Food processor is a kitchen appliance that you may end up using daily in the long run. The best mini food processor will use Wattage ranging between 200 and 700. The kitchen appliances, however, do not consume too much power when running.

c) Blades

A food processor has different functions. Different blades will come in handy to ensure that all types of ingredients are catered for and processed with ease. The best food processor should have reversible blades with both sharp and blunt sides for different functions.

d) Warranties and Reviews

Before buying any product, check out the online reviews and see what users have to say about the product. A good product will have good press and vice versa. Look out for food processors that leak to avoid making a mess every time you prepare food. Good products have warranties that prove their credibility.

e) Removable Parts

The best mini food processor will have removable cups, feed tubes, lid, bowl, and blades. The parts need to come off for washing and cleaning and should be dishwasher friendly.

f) Build Quality

The machine needs to be strong and have a compact body for safe storage and durability. Blades that are made using stainless steel are durable and will cut through the hardest of foods in a short period and with high efficiency. The food processing machine needs to occupy a very small amount of area on the countertop. Since you will be working with natural foods, keep in mind that the countertop might end up being wet. Look for a processor with a base that will not slide, creating a mess.

g) Controls

You need to control the speed of the blade and the type of consistency you need on your food. Make sure you go through the user manual for safe handling of the machine.