Top 10 Best Skateboards Trucks Reviews in 2023

If it comes to your board, then there are lots of factors to make sure that you have the ride quality that you require, and the capabilities you want. The deck design, width and length are crucial concerns. The wheels really are significant, too. But, among the very crucial element to obtaining the customized ride you want is the pick in trucks. Trucks do over simply anchor the wheels into the bottom of the deck. They are a vital part of overall performance and ride quality. Unsure which ones are worth your time? We have compiled a list of the best skateboard trucks also followed that up with an overview of each version that will assist you to make your choice.

The Best Skateboards Trucks

1. INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm Silver Raw STAGE 11 7.75 in PAIR (2 trucks)


Durable, high performance truck for all kinds of skateboarding. 356 T6 Aluminum hanger and baseplate, strong Chromoly steel axle, grade 8 kingpin, Supercush cushions with cylinder underside. Featuring exceptional turn and stability, better grind clearance, enhanced no hang-up yoke for grind tricks, and not as much wheel bite. They last longer and are more powerful on impact than any other truck on the industry. Independent trucks are Made In The USA — Accept No Substitutes. 55mm height, recommended wheel dimensions with no riser–56mm and beneath. Recommended deck size 7.4″ – 8″.

2. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks


Havoc Trucks is a wonderful option for skaters of all ability levels. Launched in both skateboard and longboard molds, along with a variety of colors, you are going to get a pair that is fantastic for you! Powerful, durable, and lightweight, and these trucks will always be the perfect option!

Havoc Trucks is created out of an aluminum alloy, that makes for a robust and a light truck. Employing exactly the identical aluminum alloy as a number of the higher-priced manufacturers, Havoc will get the job done only a great in a fraction of the cost!

3. Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)


Paris Trucks is the golden grade of longboarding trucks. Designed and designed to offer the smoothest, predictable carve and turn, the Paris V2 180mm 50° trucks would be an ideal truck for any installation.

Designed to Split — The open, unrestrictive bushing seat and convinced hanger rake supply a full-tilt, playful turn that is great for easy carving and pumping. The 50° baseplate provides a responsive and lively truck permitting to get a fluid, easy ride.

Sized Correct — The 180mm hanger is the best go-to size for many longboard decks and compliments each of riding styles. Able to deal with everything and anything you can throw at them, the Paris V2 180mm trucks will be your all round”go everywhere, do everything” trucks.

4. Thunder Trucks Polished Team High Skateboard Trucks 

Thunder Trucks Polished Team High Skateboard Trucks


These Polished Thunder Trucks trucks also have a 5.75″ hanger along with a 8.5″ axle. Thunder Trucks skateboard trucks are famous for being among those lightest-weight trucks available on the marketplace. Thunder Trucks 149mm Polished Team Polished Skateboard Trucks High guarantees

5. BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks

BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks


We have redesigned and revamped the Bear Grizzly 8.52 to concentrate on strength, flexibility and weight reduction. Even the 5th gen truck includes a more powerful heat treaded axel, revised and much less restrictive bushing seat in addition to a laser engraved logo. The baseplate currently offers an 8-hole mounting platform to accommodate both new and old school drill patterns. This pattern may also be employed to correct wheelbases by a inch. We have also decreased baseplate weight by eliminating unnecessary substance. Strength engineered and tested to perfection, the 5th gen Grizzly 852 is an improvement in a market standard.

6. LiteZpeed Skateboard Trucks 5.25 (8.0″ Axle) Black Black Pair with Free Hardware

LiteZpeed Skateboard Trucks 5.25 (8.0" Axle) Black Black Pair with Free Hardware


LiteZpeed trucks would be the best size to meet your skateboard. Using a 5.25″ hangar along with 8.0″ axle, these trucks can match a huge array of popular plank dimensions from 7.5″ to 8.5″. Adding thick yet lightweight aluminum, you can depend on those trucks being both light and powerful. Urethane bushings guarantee these trucks can turn on a dime. You won’t need to think about bending an axle or snapping a kingpin using those trucks since they’re constructed from the best quality components. And that wishes to install brand new trucks using ratty stripped and old hardware? We include a free set of 1″ hardware to mount your trucks!

7. Sure-Grip Vintage Skateboard Trucks

Sure-Grip Vintage Skateboard Trucks


Sure Grip Vintage Skateboard trucks also produced in the United States in the original mold since the 1960’s. This set of trucks and base plates is created in the USA from pure caste aluminum. The trucks also have 5/16″ (8mm) heat treated steel axles, urethane bushings, 9/16″ hex headed king pins, aluminum bushing cups. The OG base plates come with an hourglass shape as well as little than ordinary mounting holes (that you might need to drill them out to place in normal skateboard mounting hardware). Sold as a set of 2 full trucks and are created from exactly the same mould as 40 plus years ago. Axle length 4 1/2 inches Truck casting length 1 7/8 inches Axles dimensions 5/16″ (utilizes 8mm bearings) Baseplate length 2 11/16 In.

8. Krown Skateboard Trucks 5.0″ Black

Krown Skateboard Trucks 5.0" Black


This list is for some 5.0″ Krown Skateboard trucks. This dimension is the typical skateboard truck size. Ideal for somebody who’s seeking to bring back the life for their own Krown skateboard. This set comprises an allen key to loosen or tighten the Kingpin Bolt. Whether you’re replacing older trucks or swapping them out to get a color that fits with your board, these trucks will probably provide your board that Krown appear.

9. Thunder Polished Team Skateboard Trucks

Thunder Polished Team Skateboard Trucks


Thunder Truck is you regular team edition skateboard truck. All these trucks are durable and supply high performance, finish with rapid turn reaction. Search for no additional truck and grab the Thunder polish. It’s but one of the best rated trucks on the market and always provides quality! Built to last with strong chromoly axles and kingpins, using a raw polished layout that’ll meet all of your skateboarding requirements. Thunder Truck is ensured against infrequent manufacturer defects for the life!




Venture is a pioneer in the skate truck layout. Constructed with the highest grade materials, such as USA produced bushings and cook cups, and Venture trucks really are a pioneer in smooth clean and riding grinding.

In the many famous brands in skateboarding come this wheel and truck and wheel package. Serve your deck up something ferocious with Venture 5.0 trucks, 52mm Spitfire wheels, along with Abec 9 Bearings (additionally contains 1″ hardware and risers). Independent trucks really are a durable, higher performance truck for all sorts of skateboarding.


Purchasing the lightest skateboard trucks isn’t a brainier actually. With these hints which you’ve observed, we all know you have to have made your mind up about what to proceed. Well, that is pretty cool as each one of those trucks is really a top-rated choice.

You might even share these tips with your loved ones so that you can have the very best truck beneath your skateboarding decks once you eventually hit the street. It will give rise to thrilling ride downhill, prevent any types of accidents, and leave everyone feeling happy in the close of the day.

Choose the best skateboard trucks also have a personal adventure of a life on your next skateboarding spree!

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