Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener to Keep Your Knife Razor-Sharp

Knives get blunt, and it doesn't matter which type of knife you purchase; they all need to be sharpened in the long run. Besides, it is good to keep your kitchen knife sharp because sharp knives are safer to cut than dull ones. A dull kitchen knife can skip or drag while cutting and can increase the possibility of injury. It would be wise to buy the best kitchen knife sharpener that will keep the blades sharp.

Although hand-sharpening appears to be the best, it takes some skills. Electric sharpeners are usually easier to use than regular sharpening stones.However, the best sharpener depends not only on the types of knives you use but also on your skill. Therefore, you might decide to go for more than one sharpener if you have different types of knives.

Finding the best kitchen knife sharpener can be overwhelming as finding a decent knife since some sharpener only works on particular types of knives. Also, the resulting sharpness level normally depends on the sharpening device's quality and how much effort and time you spend on the sharpening process.

1. KitchenIQ Black 50009 Edge Grip Two-Stage Knife Sharpener

KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener, Black
  • Coarse for dull and damaged knives
  • Fine for polishing the knife and for quick touch-ups for an already sharp knife
  • Patented Edge Grip feature allows sharpening on the edge of the table or counter top- prevents the tip of larger knives from dragging over...
  • Compact for easy storage. Carbide blades (Coarse) provide quick edge setting capabilities, and the ceramic rods (Fine) are used for the...
  • Non-slip base for added stability and control.Soft grip rubber handle

If you are looking for the best kitchen knife sharpener within your tight budget, you can bet on KitchenIQ 0009 Knife Sharper. This sharpener is good for dull and damaged knives, although it won't fully revive them. It can help by polishing the knife and keeping up a better edge than usual with a few passes through it each day. Besides, you can use it for quick touch-ups for an already sharp kitchen knife.

The KitchenIQ (0009) sharpening system features two tracks (ceramic rods and carbide blades): a fine sharpener for finishing and a coarse sharpener for setting the edge. It also comes with a patented edge grip feature that allows you to sharpen on the countertop or on the edge of the table ( prevents the tip of larger kitchen knives from dragging over the counter surface).

This manual knife sharpener comes with a non-slip base for extra control and stability, plus a soft rubber handle. You can sharpen your straight-edge, household scissors and serrated knives effectively. Furthermore, it is compact for easy storage.

  • Come at an affordable price
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Easy to use blade sharpener
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Not effective as expected

2. Professional Chef'sChoice Trizor XV Electric Knife Straight & Serrated Knives

Chef’sChoice Trizor 15XV Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for...
  • CONVERT YOUR KNIVES: Ideal for converting traditional 20-degree factory edges of household knives into high performance Trizor XV 15-degree...
  • DIAMONDS: Advanced stropping stage and 100 percent diamond abrasives for sharpening straight edge and serrated blades
  • EASY TO USE: Advanced, patented flexible spring guides for automatic adjustment and accurate control of the sharpening angle and feature...
  • THREE STAGES: 3-Stage EdgeSelect sharpening system for optimum versatility in providing the perfect edge for each cutting task. Stages 1 and...
  • RAZOR SHARP: The 15 Trizor XV combines the strength and durability of the Trizor edge with the flawless, ultra-sharp 15-degree XV...

If you are looking for the best kitchen knife sharpener that is hassle-free, we recommend the Professional Chef's-Choice. The Trizor XV model comes with a three-stage electric sharpening system; two diamond abrasives for fine and coarse sharpening and a flexible abrasive for a final polish. Additionally, it is capable of reducing your 20-degree edges to 15-degrees.

After using this Professional Chef sharpener, you will feel a razor-sharp difference in how easily your kitchen knives cut. Also, the polishing and fine sharpening stages remove all the tiny chips that form over time and forming microscopic grooves on the knives, allowing them to slice smoothly through even the toughest materials. As the name suggests, the Chef's-Choice is the best knife sharpener to sharpen chef's knives.

This Professional Chef's-Choice sharpener is easy to use. It comes with happening slot guides that keep your kitchen blades at the proper angle. Since every slot grinds just one side of the edge, it requires more steps, providing this sharpener with more versatility. Furthermore, it is wise to go through the manual first for instructions on how to sharpen specific types of kitchen blades.

  • Easy to use blade sharpener
  • Versatile sharpening option
  • Features three-stage design which includes a strop
  • Produces a razor-sharpness edge
  • Comes with a high price tag

3. Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone

Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone 2 Side Grit...
  • ✅ Premium Quality: Not all sharpening stones are created equal. We only import & source premium quality material for the manufacturing of...
  • ✅ Superior Bundle: Sharp Pebble knife sharpening kit comes with double-sided (#1000/ #6000) whetstone knife sharpener, Real Handcrafted...
  • ✅ Safety: We understand the importance of safety when using sharpening stones for knives, your purchase comes with a rubber base for...
  • ✅ Easy To Use: Our sharpening Water stone kit is extremely User Friendly & easy to assemble. Sharp Pebble whetstone uses Water for...
  • ✅ Multipurpose Use: This whetstone 1000/6000 sharpener kit is highly durable & long-lasting. And it can sharpen any blade out there, be it...

If you prefer sharpening your knives on a sharpening stone, we recommend Sharp Pebble Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone. The knife sharpening stone is a combination of two Waterstones. The white part, which has a grit density of 6000, is for finer honing and finishing. The blue side, meanwhile, has a 1000 grain density for sharpening dull blades. This model is the best knife sharpener with a grit duo for beginners. Furthermore, it takes a small amount of practice to master, plus it is one of the best knife sharpening options due to the low cost.

With the 1000 grit whetstone, we recommend using it once every four months since it is quite coarse. However, you can do regularly honing with the fine side. If you have not practised sharpening with whetstones, you should try it out on your cheap knives.

The base of this manual knife sharpener is solid, with a slip-resistant layer on the underside. The upper silicone element grips the whetstone to give it additional stability. Furthermore, the silicone and the underside layer are easy to wipe clean.

  • Easy to use and comes with a simple to follow guide
  • Offers great customer service
  • Comes with duo grit
  • A great sharpener for newbies
  • The guide rod leaves marks and scratches on the knife.

4. Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener (08800)

Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener, 2 stage, Black
  • Sharpen kitchen and sport knives to a razor-sharp edge fast and economically.
  • Easy 2-stage sharpening system for professional results at home on most any non-serrated blade.
  • Sapphirite sharpening wheels grind a precisely angled edge then fine hone and polish for a razor-sharp edge.
  • Sapphirite sharpening wheels are made of the same ultra-hard material used in professional sharpening shops.
  • Precision blade guides hold knife at the perfect angle.

If you are looking for the best kitchen knife sharpener for beginner, you found one, the Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener. This sharpener comes with a two-stage sharpening system that quickly sharpens non-serrated blades for professional results in the comfort of your home. The wheels grind an angled edge into your knife, then the sharpener polishes and hones the edge. Furthermore, the Presto EveSharp Electric Sharpener uses sapphirite sharpening wheels with the same super-hard material.

This electric sharpener is easy to use:

  • Plugin the sharpener machine into a power outlet.
  • Place your blade into one of the three grooves on the first side.
  • Ensure you slide it through at least ten times for a few second.
  • Repeat on the other side to sharpen all sides of the knife.

The result for this will be a razor-sharpness in seconds. However, the sharpening machine can get a little loud.

  • Easy to use blade sharpener
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Durable sharpener
  • Effective sharpener offers razor-sharpness
  • The auto-stall function activates easily.

5. PriorityChef Knife Sharpener for Straight & Serrated Knives

PriorityChef Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives, 2-Stage...
  • The Professional Chef's Preferred Choice. Forget the other sharpeners. If you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable sharpening tool,...
  • Stylish, Ergonomic Design And Durable Construction. With its 2-stage sharpening system, you can polish your blades to razor-sharpness. This...
  • Safe, Versatile, And Easy-To-Use. This product is easy to use. Simply position the dull blade on the sharpening slot and enjoy...
  • Bring Back Dull Blades To Life. Why spend more money buying a new blade set? With this product, you can recycle your old, dull stockpile and...
  • A Sharper Look: That last thing you want are clunky looking appliances taking up counter space. That’s why we designed our knife sharpener...

If you are looking for the best kitchen knife sharpener that can handle your straight and serrated knives, count on PriorityChef Knife Sharpener. This sharpener comes with an ergonomic design and durable construction. It is equipped with a two-stage sharpening system, which allows you to polish your knives to razor-sharp blades. Furthermore, this sharpening device is designed for comfort. It has a non-slip cushion at its bottom that provides a more vibrator base and an ergonomic handle that offers a comfortable, easy grip.

This manual sharpener is versatile and easy to use. Place the dull blade on the sharpening slot, and in just seconds, your blade will be razor-sharp. The sharpener is also safe to use and works for all kinds of blades, even the "hard" steel blades. Furthermore, not only does this sharpener sharpen kitchen knives for instant sharpness, it does it in a way that the blades stay sharp for longer.

  • Versatile blade sharpener
  • Easy to use blade sharpener
  • Has a durable construction
  • Ergonomic handle offers easy grip and comfort
  • Not effective as expected

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Kitchen knife Sharpeners

1. Versatility

Look for the best kitchen knife sharpener that can handle different type of knives and sizes. Also, before buying, check which grind angle and blade type a sharpener can service. Regular blades come with 20-degree grind angles, high durability and easy to maintain with a honing rod and a whetstone.

Most electric and pull-through sharpening systems sharpen at 15-degree angles, which means that the sharpener device will regrind your kitchen knife to this angle. Although a 15-degree angle is sharp, it will need more regular sharpening and reduce the life of your blade. Furthermore, If you have serrated kitchen knives, look for a device that can specifically sharpen serrated blades. Using a regular sharpener on a serrated blade will significantly reduce the useful life of the kitchen knife.

2. Manual vs Electric knife sharpeners

Depending on if you prefer to customize your kitchen knives' grind angles and your budget, an electric knife sharpener might the best bet for your kitchen. Although electric sharpeners are pricey than most manual sharpeners, they offer fast and consistent results, making them a bit more fool-proof than a regular manual sharpening system.

3. Ease of use

When buying a kitchen knife sharpener, consider the convenience and ease of use. Inconsistent results, messy countertops and time-consuming steps might be good reasons to avoid whetstones. In that case, using a V-notch pull-through or electric sharpener would be faster and more convenient.

4. Material

This category usually relates to whetstones since they come in different materials: oil stone, water stones, and ceramic stones. Oils stones are usually much more durable. You don't need to soak them because they are already pre-filled with oil( although you can add more oil to help sharpen). Furthermore, although these stones take a bit longer to sharpen a dull blade than a water stone, they have a longer lifespan.

Conversely, as the name suggests, water stones require not less than a 5-minute soak in water to sharpen a blade. This stone is the most popular sharpening stone, and most tend to be double-sided, so they are great for touching up a virtually sharp blade or sharpening a dull blade.

When it comes to kitchen knife sharpeners, most manufacturers use a ceramic material as an abrasive. Nonetheless, if you have a ceramic kitchen knife, this will be ineffective, so you will need to buy a diamond sharpener that works well on steel knives as well.

5. Safety

When working with sharp kitchen blades, safety should be your priority. Some sharpening methods, such as countertop pull-through and electric models, are naturally safer than others, like handheld pull-through sharpeners. It is easy to make a mistake using a handheld V-notch sharpener like missing the sharpener's groove and making contact with your finger, so electric or countertop V-notch models are safer options. Furthermore, when using a whetstone sharpener, proper technique keeps the knife's edge pointed away from you, reducing the chances of an accident.

6. Size

When shopping for a new kitchen device, ensure you evaluate the size first. Check whether you have storage space. The electric knife sharpener models are normally bigger than the manual models, while the stones sharpeners are the most compact ( ensure you are storing it in a place where it won't get destroyed).

The number of grit options that an electric or manual sharpener provides will also affect the sharpener's size. However, the good thing about the size of a sharpener is that it doesn't impact what kitchen blade size it can work on. Whether you are sharpening a 10-inch chef's knife or a paring knife, any size sharpener can still be effective.

7. The grit options

Whether you have a manual, a whetstone or an electric knife sharpener, there are normally two grit options so that you can successfully shape your knife. Sharpeners have two settings, while stones are double-sided. The grit level will show how much metal is shaved off the kitchen knife's blade during sharpening. Normally, you can use a coarse grit on a severely dulled kitchen knife that might have chips, indentations and nicks. Medium grit is great to sharpen kitchen knives that are dull but not damaged. Finally, fine grit, which is similar to honing steel, is usually used for a soft touch-up to refine the edge of your knife. To effective sharpen a knife, it is important to use not less than two different grits so that the knife is at its best.