Best 2 Slice Toaster For Chrispy And Tasty Toast

We are always on a quest to get smaller kitchen appliances that will help us save up more kitchen space and still get the best out of them. The best 2 slice toaster is one of the appliances that will do this and still give you a crispy and tasty toast.

What are the Benefits of a 2-Slice Toaster?

A two-slice toaster is a simple kitchen appliance used to slightly cook or browning bread, English muffins, bagels, and other toast recipes. They make the bread crispy, darker and taster. Mostly the 2 slice toasters are used by people who require to toast a couple of slices at the same time.

The toasters are beneficial since they are easy to use and handle. In addition, these appliances are lightweight and will nearly use up your kitchen space. They are also easy to clean because they come with an easy remove tray made of non-stick material.

Moreover, the best 2 slice toaster usually has wide slots, making it easier to position thicker bagels inside the lever. Now that you know the benefits of purchasing a two-slice toaster, we have analyzed the five best 2 slice toasters that will make your breakfast tastier.

1. KRUPS KH732D50 2-Slice Toaster

KRUPS KH732D50 2-Slice Toaster, Stainless Steel Toaster, 5 Functions...
  • 2 slice toaster: Toast up to 2 slices of bread to crispy perfection; extra large, self centering slots ensure even browning and accommodate...
  • 6 browning settings: Choose preferred level of browning thanks to the shade setting dial, ranging from 1 (lightest) to 6 (darkest)
  • High lift lever: Raises smaller pieces of bread up and out of toaster for safe, easy retrieval
  • 4 push button functions: Defrost toasts frozen bread longer to ensure consistent results; Reheat allows for reheating toast so it warms...
  • User friendly modern design: Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning; brushed and chrome stainless steel with blue led indicators for sleek...

The KRUPS KH732D50 is another best 2 slice toaster with a chrome body and brushed stainless steel, making it durable. This toaster will meet all your toasting needs by making you a great breakfast every morning.

These two-slice toasters come in an outstanding design that will make your kitchen counter look stylish and classy because they blend perfectly with most kitchen decor. Additionally, it features blue LED lights at the edges and easy-to-use controls. The toaster oven has five toasting functions, cancel button, bagel, and reheat functions.

Additionally, they are long slot toasters that will fit a long slice of bread without cutting it in half. Moreso, cleaning the toaster oven is easier due to the crumb tray with stainless steel finish that can be wiped with a damp cloth.

  • Easy to use
  • It is a lightweight yet durable model
  • Has a crumb tray that slides with ease for easy cleaning
  • Has easy to read and use controls
  • Provides uneven toasting now and then

2. Hamilton Beach Keep Warm Toaster

Hamilton Beach Keep Warm 2 Slice Toaster, Silver with Black (22811)
  • Your toast stays warm without over toasting
  • Keep warm setting with ready tone and 3 minute auto shutoff
  • Cool-wall, stainless steel sides
  • Toast Boost lifts food higher for easy removal
  • Easy-push buttons illuminate for easy view

Hamilton Beach is the best 2 slice toaster that is relatively affordable and with amazing features. It is has a chrome body with a plastic trim that is classic and stylish. This roaster is a reliable model that has easy to use mechanism.

Hamilton Beach Keep Warm 2 Slice Toaster will meet your toasting need with the great performance feature it comes with. You will only need to slide in the bread in the toaster slots and press the toasting levels you want. The good thing is that this toaster will give you consistently toasted food in not more than two minutes.

The Hamilton Beach Keep Warm Toaster features nine easy-to-use rotary dial settings. The best thing is that this best stainless steel toaster will Automatically shut off after use which makes it even more convenient.

  • Provides Consistent browning
  • Has extra-wide slots that easily holds large bagels and thick slices
  • Can effortlessly grasp smaller English muffins with more lift lever
  • Designed with cord storage
  • It is not as durable

3. Cuisinart CPT-160P1 Metal Classic Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-160 Metal Classic 2-Slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless
  • FUNCTIONAL: This compact toaster is able to fit comfortably on your countertops while toasting bagels, toast and a preheat, defrost and...
  • CAPACITY: Has 2 1.5-inch wide toasting slots for a wide variety of sizes
  • CUSTOM CONTROL: The 6-setting shade dials, reheat, defrost and bagel buttons with LED indicators
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Has an extra-lift carriage lever with slide-out crumb also comes with convenient cord wrap and instructional booklet
  • LIMITED 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Refer to user manual for troubleshooting steps and questions surrounding warranty policies – this product is BPA...

The CPT 160 Metal Classic toaster is another good toaster that will not only meet your toasting needs but will make your kitchen appear classy. With this toaster, you are guaranteed perfect performance. The amazing thing is that it will only take a few minutes to get your breakfast or snacks ready.

This metal toaster is easy to use and only requires pressing a button and getting evenly toasted bread. They have led lights that will turn on whenever you touch any button. This toaster provided high-quality bagel toasting compared to a traditional toaster and other options in the market.

  • Easy to use
  • Has a classy look that enhances your kitchen appearance
  • Lifts toast automatically
  • Short toasting time
  • Low defrosting performance

4. Breville BTA720XL Bit More Toaster

Breville BTA720XL Bit More 2-Slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • The Breville Bit More is a compact 2-slice toaster with an LED indicator that allows you to monitor your progress; Use innovative features...
  • INNOVATIVE FEATURES: 'Lift & Look' and 'A Bit More' allow you to check on your toast or add a little extra time without interrupting the...
  • COMPACT 2 SLICE CAPACITY: The toaster features a 2 slice capacity and has wider slots to meet the demands of larger artisanal bread, thick...
  • VARIABLE BROWNING CONTROL: The Breville Bit More 2-slice lets you toast to your ideal brownness and monitor progress with the LED indicator...
  • MANUAL LIFT & LOOK: Classic control with manual lifting and lowering lever to monitor your toast's progress at any time without interrupting...

The Breville is a sturdy toaster that will toast evenly and consistently and still leave your kitchen counter looking amazing. These toaster ovens are constructed with die-cast brushed aluminium which makes them super strong and durable.

Breville BTA820XL Bite More Toaster is easy to use and requires you to slide your bread inside and push the start button. However, the toaster will produce paler toast than other toasters, requiring you to leave your bread a little longer in the slots.

  • Easy to use and read digital controls
  • Toast pops up high enough to grasp it easily
  • The Crumb tray is removable makes cleaning easy
  • Contains oversized slices and a thick bagel
  • Slow at toasting

5. BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

The BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Toaster is the perfect kitchen appliance that makes breakfast and snack preparation easy. This toaster has seven different toasting levels and will easily toast frozen items and even toast bagels.

These BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Toasters feature extra-wide slots that will easily accommodate thicker slices and thick bagels. In addition, the BLACK+DECKER Toaster has a cancel button, bagel setting, and crumb tray, which make this two-slice toaster a perfect choice for you.

The advantage is that you can make perfect toast and get outstanding performance for the affordable price you paid with this toaster. Additionally, these kitchen appliances will fit frozen waffles, English muffins, thick bread slices. Moreover, it fits in a small kitchen counter and will leave your kitchen looking sharp.

  • Extra-wide toasting slots make it easy to use, even with English muffins and thick bread
  • Great value for money
  • Has crumb tray is removable, which makes cleaning easy
  • Provides consistently toasting
  • Limited color options

What Do You Consider When Buying the Best 2 Slice Toaster

1. Size

Before even purchasing the best 2 slice toaster, you will have to consider the amount of counter space available in your kitchen or dining area. Luckily, a toaster will require only a small room, and all the 2 slice toasters will come in a comparable size. However, you can find that the sizes will have slight variations due to the different features the toasters have.

The size of the slot of a toaster is another great factor you should consider. The toasters will have different slots width depending on the brand. For example, normally, you could get a toaster with a 1.5-inch slot if you use the general store bread. However, you could get a toaster with wide slots if you use bagel, homemade bread, or croissants.

2. Material

Toasters are made from different materials like plastic, glass, and stainless steel. Stainless steel is usually the commonly used material because they are durable, rust, fire, and heat resistant compared to glass and plastic. However, stainless steel is primarily made of carbon and durable iron, which makes stainless steel more expensive than the rest.

Plastic is another commonly used material that is mainly made using polypropylene. Plastic toasters tend to be heat resistant because of the retardant flames and smoke suppressants that will prevent the plastic from melting. In addition, these plastic toasters are fairly priced and will also do a good job.

Glass is another material that has been in use for a few years now. These toasters have an attractive design and style and will have different amazing features. The toasters are on the higher side and more expensive; however, the toasters are more fragile and need more care than plastic or metal toasters.

3. Ease of Cleaning

When looking for the best toaster, you will have to ensure that they are easy to clean and maintain. Remember that a clean toaster will have more consistent browning than the dirty and unmaintained ones.

Cleaning the toasters is a simple task since most of them come with a removable crumb tray. The trays will slide out easily, and some are even machine washable, which makes your work even easier. While picking a toaster, ensure that you get a crumb tray made of non-stick material, making cleaning easier.

Important things you should note is that you should always unplug the toaster while cleaning. Additionally, you could use a soft dry brush to loosen the crumbs inside the toaster before removing the tray.

4. Toasting Settings

Toasters usually have different shade settings, and they have rotating buttons, dials, or digital controls to help change the settings. It would be best to get a toaster with comfortable buttons or dials to make your work easier.

Most toasters have six preset modes, but you can find some with either more or less. The modes will usually indicate how long toasting bread will take, just like a microwave indicated the second your food takes to heat up.

Some of the toasters will have additional settings like bagel settings for toasting bagels, defrost for frozen bread, reheat for warming the bread without browning it, and cancel that will suspend the toasting process and pop out the bread slices.

How to Use a Toaster

Every toaster has different features and characteristics, but they all use a general procedure to make toast. While using the best 2 slice toaster, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Place the slice of bread into the slot in the toaster. Now that you are using a 2 slice toaster, you can place two slices at a go. The direction n which you place the slice will not really matter.
  2. Set your preferred toasting level. The toaster will normally have different settings, and you can set a higher level if you want to get a dark brown toast, and if you need a lighter colour, you can choose lower settings. In addition, you will find that the toasters will have other additional settings like the bagels setting, wafers setting and many more.
  3. Start the tasting process by pressing the start button ot lever. Ensure that you give your toast enough time to toast, depending on how dark you want. Some toasters will automatically shut off when the toast is read, and others will require to be turned off. However, it would help if you did not leave the toasters unattended.
  4. Remove the toast once the toast pops up. Remember, the toaster is heated up, and you do not want to get burned. You need to carefully use your hand to take the toast out of the toaster. You could also use wooden tongs to remove them.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best 2 Slice Toaster

1. How do you defrost bread without destroying it?

The first step of ensuring that you don't destroy your bread is not to freeze it for more than three months. When you have removed your bread from the fridge, ensure that you leave it out for a few hours before heating it in the oven for a few minutes. Additionally, you could use the best toasters that come with defrost setting features to help keep your bread intact.

2. Do all toasters have a removable crumb tray?

Most of the best 2 slice toasters will come with a removable crumb tray at the lower side to pick up the crumbs. However, you will find 5that some will not have the removable tray, and they will require you to gently turn your 2 slice toaster upside down and shake it slightly to remove the crumbs.

3. What was the difference between stainless steel and brushed stainless steel?

Brushed stainless steel is usually used to finish the steel, while stainless steel is the metal used to make the steel. Normally the brushed stainless steel application comes after all the components are put together. Additionally, you could choose to use the steel finish on the stainless steel item too.

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