Benefits of Bamboo Essential Oil

Bamboo is an amazing plant that is famous for its multiple uses. Apart from making furniture, bedwear, clothing, and ornamental designs, it is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. A quite unique product can be extracted from it. It is essential bamboo oil that also has a lot of uses. Being known in the ancient times, it was completely forgotten and renovated only nowadays. It is characterized by a pleasant and unusual scent and a lot of properties.

We have compiled the main characteristics and benefits of this oil in the following review. Here, you can get a lot of information about this outstanding product and start using it armed with your knowledge.

What Is Bamboo Oil?

The essential bamboo oil is made from bamboo stems and leaves by crushing them. The substance then is mixed with other oils as carriers to transfer the active components and apply them easily according to the indicated needs. One of such components is silica that is widely used in medicine. The final substance received from bamboo is not greasy at all. It is lightweight and easy to apply. The oil has a pleasant fresh scent.

The essential oil is good for moisturizing and nourishing different parts of the body because it is rich in nutrients.

Another product that is also used for medicinal purposes is bamboo powder extract. However, the oil contains more useful compounds because different parts of a bamboo plant, such as leaves, inner sap, bark, and stems, are used for making it.

Since bamboo essential oil is rich in silica, it is great for skin and hair as well as for ageing process prevention and reduction. The extract contains about 70% silica allowing the oil to be used in skin care products, medicinal solutions, and creams.

The product also supports glycosaminoglycan synthesis. It helps retain moisture and prevent drying out of skin and hair. The skin after the bamboo oil application looks refreshed, smooth, and firm. It also has anti-irritant properties that are especially useful for treating eczema and psoriasis. That is due to phenols and flavonoids found in bamboo leaves.

The oil also has antibacterial properties so it is used as an anti-acne product.

Bamboo Oil Benefits

It is difficult to enumerate all the positive features and essential bamboo oil benefits meaning its highly beneficial effects on skin and the overall health. There are some other advantages you may not have thought of but they make this product unique and valuable. So, let us regard just some of them.

Skin Nourishing

The application of bamboo oil helps prevent skin drying and irritation. You can apply just some small amounts and the result will be obvious very soon.

Hair Nourishing

If your hair is loveless, brittle, or too dry, you can use bamboo essential oil to regain its beauty. Its natural moisturizing properties are well-known and widely exploited.

Ageing Prevention and Reduction

Bamboo plants are rich in antioxidants. It means they can fight ageing processes quite efficiently. You can apply the oil to your face to reduce wrinkles and renovate the contour of it. If you use it regularly, your ageing signs will almost completely disappear. Smoothing wrinkles, the oil makes the skin look fresher and healthier.

Deodorizing Effects

Bamboo oils are mostly scented. They can serve as efficient deodorizing diffusers in your home. The green bamboo scent in oils can fight unpleasant odors all around the house. You can use them easily and efficiently because, when applied, they do not leave stains on the surfaces. You can also mix some scents together to receive an amazing result.

How to Use Bamboo Oil?

The uses of essential bamboo oil are quite versatile. You can apply it practically everywhere you need improvement and additional comfort. There are the most important and popular ways of using bamboo oil for different purposes. Let us indicate some of them here.

Food Uses

You can add some kind of bamboo oil to your food. It is very nutritious, being a great source of silica. This mineral affects your skin, nails, and hair in the most advantageous way. You can use only food-grade oils. When you try to utilize oils designed for topical application, you may get bad stomach issues.

Topical Application

The bamboo oil can be used as a solution for the topical application to hair and skin. The silica helps moisturize and protect your skin and your hair will feel healthy and lively. One of the great benefits of this oil is that it is not greasy at all so you will not feel any discomfort.

Deodorizing Purposes

If you smell some bad odors within your house, this product is right for you. What does bamboo smell like? It smells like fresh grass or wood. Use a diffuser and add just some drops of scented oil to it. The scent is pleasant and refreshing. Some drops can help get rid of malodors in the entire living room.


This is a common use of bamboo oil. You can add some drops into your bath or just diffuse the oil in the bathroom. The scent will help you get a peaceful mood, feel relaxed and refreshed.

Use in Soaps and Candles

You can make it as your DIY project. If you are good at doing household things on your own, try making bamboo oil candles or soaps. Or you can just add some oil to your existing soap or candle and get a silica-rich bath or scented romantic lighting.

These candles or soaps can be a pleasant gift to your beloved ones.

How to Choose Bamboo Oil?

You can encounter the essential bamboo oil on the present-day market from different manufacturers and of different quality. Consider these simple tips to understand what exactly you need and what to look for.


Check twice what kind of application the oil you want to buy is meant for. Most oils are designed for topical use only. They are good for hair and skin. Others are aromatherapy products that can be utilized in soaps or candles. So, decide what you exactly need not to make a useless purchase.

Toxin-Free Substance

Sometimes, bamboo oils are manufactured with some chemical additions, such as phthalates or other toxic ingredients. You need to avoid such products, of course. You may also give preference to cruelty-free products, those that are gluten-free or just fully vegan. Remember that toxin-containing oils always cost less but this option is not the best variant of saving money.


This is a distinctive feature that should always be taken into account. Choosing the oil with a definite scent is your matter of preference. You may opt for some woody fragrance or a more floral one.


Consider a bottle. If it does not have a dropper, using such oil can turn into a complete mess. So, try to choose the one that is equipped with it.


These should be fully organic and pure. You do not need any synthetic chemicals in your oil, do you? Very often, this oil is mixed with some carrier oil. Make sure that the latter is also fully natural.


Think about your budget before buying the oil. If you want a premium product, get prepared that it will cost a bit more. Though, you will get a good quality. Do not opt for very cheap products - they may be full of chemicals or just be of a very poor quality, indeed. Keeping the right balance between the price and quality is always reasonable.

Where to Buy Bamboo Oil?

You are strongly recommended to buy essential bamboo oil from reputable retailers. They can be the following:

the official website or or online shop of the manufacturer;

some reliable online stores, such as;

a respected brick-and-mortar store that sells good-quality cosmetics and drugs.

Never rely on the unchecked or new providers, or else you can face counterfeits.


What is bamboo oil good for?

Bamboo is a great plant that is good for skin, nails, and hair. That is why it is widely used in cosmetology. It can also be utilized for other nurishment purposes since it is rich in silica, and different mineral components. It can sure some skin diseases, such as dermatitis, acne, or psoriasis.

Is bamboo oil good for your skin?

Bamboo is rich in silica and that is great for your skin. The oil application can keep your skin healthy, moisturized, free from irritations, and smooth. It also has antioxidant properties.

How is bamboo oil made?

Bamboo oil is made from leaves and stems of bamboo plants by crushing them and mixing the received substance with other oils that are considered carriers. Sunflower oil is often used for that. After the active components are transferred, the mixture is filtered to clear out all the plant material.

What does green bamboo smell like?

Most green bamboo parts have a slight wood-like or leafy smell reminding that of the grass. When in nature, such smells are very mild. That is why bamboo oils are often mixed with other types of oil to enhance the smell.


The bamboo essential oil has a lot of benefits and a variety of applications. You need to know how to choose it correctly among the diversity of the products that are available on the market today. Your choice will also depend on the way you are going to apply it and the purpose you need it for.

You can use your bamboo oil daily. That is why we have believed that our task is to give you as much important information about this stunning product as we can. Our review will help you to choose the product that suits your needs properly. So make the right choice and enjoy.

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