Antique Bamboo Fishing Pole To Try Out

Are you a bamboo collector or looking for a nice antique bamboo fishing pole to buy? Either way, you are on the right page; in this article, we have compiled a collection of contemporary rods plus their worth and how to choose the best of them.

Quick Overview

Here you will learn everything you need to know about collectible fishing rods: starting from the value of most fishing rods, why the fishing rods are considered valuable, and where you can buy your antique bamboo rods. So if you are ready to buy or sell your bamboo rods, let's dig in.

Factors To Consider While Choosing An Antique Fishing Pole

There are a lot of factors in play that attributes to the value of a specific fishing rod. If you understand these factors, it will be easier for you to navigate in choosing the value of vintage fly rods. The following are just breakdowns of what makes a bamboo fishing rod more valuable than the rest.

Maker's Reputation

Most collectors prefer the work of respected bamboo rod makers. For instance, the most valuable bamboo rods would be rods made by Everett Garrison; he was known to have worked between 1930- 1960 and produced the finest rods in terms of structure. His work had surpassed the integrity of any rod makers known within that period. Garrison rods are highly valued depending on the market timing and the model you want.

Apart from Everett rods, Jim Payne ods still stand out as the most collected vintage rods. Jim's rods prove valuable as they can shop them for more than $8 500. In addition, the rods are highly collectible since they have heady levels of cosmetics and high performance.

Everett Garrison and Harrold Gillum rods garner the highest prices in the market depending on the models you are looking for, plus other factors. However, if you are looking for a fly rod that is consistently valued at the highest level, you have to go with Payne's rods. These rods were made about 70 years ago without a hiatus, and after the death of Jim Payne, they have stood out as the best bamboo fishing rods.

Rod Type, Size and Composition

Fishing rods are made for different types of fishing and are made using different types of materials. There are different types of rods like bamboo rods, graphite rods and fiberglass rods. Few fiberglass rods are collectible, and fewer graphite rods are also collectible. Many bamboo collectors consider saltwater rods to be more decorative and have less value. For that reason, bamboo fly rods remain the most collectible category.

The bamboo fly rod has been enamored with the casting feel of bamboo making it different from a graphite rod but closer to a fiberglass rod. The actual cost of a rod is determined by the cost of raw materials and the manufacturing methods of each material type. For example, resin-treated fiberglass's cost is quite lower than the cost of the resin-treated graphite fiber cloth, but the manufacturing process is almost identical. Surprisingly, graphite can cost twice as much as fiberglass costs based on material cost differences.

Surprisingly, the raw materials you need to build a bamboo rod are quite high compared to the cost of a graphite rod, but what makes a bamboo rod costly is that it requires more time to construct than graphite or glass.

Therefore, smaller and lighter pieces are generally better for bamboo rod collection. The general hypothesis in the bamboo fly rod model is that all things being equal, the smaller the rod and the lighter the line size, the greater the value.

Dating Your Fishing Rod

Do you want to know how old your fishing rod is? Dating a fishing rod is simple as looking for a serial number. You can also get involved in knowing how different makers employed different building practices.

If you are used to handling bamboo fly rods, everything from the style of the ferrules to the bamboo color can help you identify the age of fishing rods. However, if you don't have experience, it can be difficult to determine the age of your fishing rod. Thus you need to seek help from an expert.

If your rod has a serial number, you can:

  • But, first: search for the number on online forums.
  • Check online databases for the serial number.
  • Contact the manufacturers via e-mail or calls.
  • Post the number and request help from forums.
  • On the other hand, if your rod does not have a serial number, you can:
  • Post photos on online forums and hope for someone to know when it was made.

You can also ask a knowledgeable dealer or appraiser if they can know the age of the bamboo fishing rod at a glance. Here are some nice bamboo fishing poles to look for.

1. BambooMN Bamboo Vintage Cane Fishing Pole

BambooMN 12.5 Feet Natural Bamboo Vintage Cane Fishing Pole with...
  • 3 PIECE CONSTRUCTION This bamboo fishing pole comes in a two piece that measures approx 12.5 feet fully assembled, This 1 set includes a 3...
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS From kids to adults, this set makes it easy to learn the ins and outs of fishing, It's a great stepping stone before...
  • PONDS, CREEKS AND RIVERS This is a great way to fish in small bodies of water that you might not need a large pole for
  • KIDS WILL LOVE IT Nothing easier than giving your kid a stick with some line to go drop off the dock, No need for tangled line and...
  • SIMPLE YET STURDY Fish the old fashioned way with this vintage set, Bamboo is considerably stronger than wood and should have no problem...

The bamboo fishing pole is a 3 piece construction that comes in a two-piece measuring approximately 12.5 feet when assembled. The one set includes a 3 part bamboo pole, 1 bobber, 1 hook, a fishing line with a winder and one sinker. The fishing pole is great for beginners and can be used by kids to adults—it acts as a great stepping stone to moving to a more complex pole. In addition, you can use it for fishing in ponds and rivers.

The fishing pole proves to be a simple yet sturdy fish pole as it allows you to fish the old-fashioned way with a vintage set. Moreover, since bamboo is considerably stronger than other materials, you will not experience any problems in hauling the big fish.


  • It is portable and easy to use.
  • It is great for small fish.
  • It is made from high-quality bamboo, making it strong and sturdy.


  • Some customers complained of the make as poorly constructed.

2. New Bamboo Fly Rod 7'6" for 5 Line

New Bamboo Fly Rod 7'6" for #5 Line Wt,2 Piece with 2 Tips.
  • bamboo fly rod
  • split cane flyfishing rod
  • bamboo fly rod with 2 piece 2 tips
  • fly rod 7'6" #5
  • Split bamboo fly fishing rod

This bamboo fly rod has silk red and silk black on its windings. It has nice nickel silver ferrules that fit together to make a pop sound when you pull them apart. The reel seat has a beautiful wood insert, and the rod is fitted in the western style cork grip.

The Zhus rods are known for their ultimate performance; they have a high-quality finish made of spur vanish. The rods are made of high-quality bamboo in the traditional American 6 strip style, which is attributed to and developed by HL Leonard, who is known to be legendary in rod building in the past and present.

Each cane of this bamboo is specifically inspected and handcrafted so that only the strongest qualities are used in making the Zhus. Every Zhus rod is made with optimal standards with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Strong and sturdy pole.
  • The pole is beautifully handcrafted.
  • It's a bargain for its price.


  • It's a bit heavy

3. Victory Series Bamboo Fly Rod

Victory Series Bamboo Fly Rod
  • Slightly Darkened Bamboo
  • Three Piece, Two Tips
  • Hand Split and Hand Planed
  • Built of Genuine Tonkin Bamboo

The victory series bamboo is in excellent condition, wrapped in thick brown canvas. It has a hand carry strap that aids its transportation. It is a solid tube with a small diameter. The tube keeps the rod from wandering around in the tube during transportation. The rod is fitted inside a thick quality bag with a tie inside the tube, which has a nice touch.

The fishing rod has a nice finish on every rod section, plus it has a guide's reel seat on the butt section. The cane is slightly flamed and appears well sealed with a low gloss finish. The guide wraps are well done with an epoxy finish, making the edges look flawless like 3 thousand dollar builder rods.


  • It has a sleek design that makes fishing easy.
  • The rod has a nice finish that makes it look beautiful.
  • It is nicely wrapped for easy transportation.


  • It is quite costly

4. Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series II Fly Fishing Rod

Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series II Fly Fishing Rod with Carrying...
  • High Quality Construction - Performance, higher modulus carbon fiber makes it much lighter than the Drifter I with excellent swing weight in...
  • Extra Tip Included - Each Drifter II comes with two rod tip sections, so you'll always have a replacement handy. Breaking your tip in a car...
  • Its in the Details - SiC strippping guides, metallic copper accents and alignment dots, light wire single foot guides, AAA grade cork, and...
  • Easy to Travel - Each rod comes with a 5 compartment embroidered cordura tube
  • Built for the Elements – We understand your fly fishing adventures can present obstacles that can leave you dead in the water. When you...

The moonshine fishing rod is constructed from high-quality materials that offer optimal performance during fishing. It is made of carbon fiber, making it lighter with an excellent swing weight to give you moderate fast action, a beautiful burl reel seat, and an anti-glare finish.

It has an extra tip included, and each drifter comes with two-rod tip sections to have your replacements in hand.

The package includes SiC stripping guides, metallic copper accents and alignment dots. It also includes single foot guides, AAA grade cork, uplocking rings, and derlin bushings. It is easy to travel with this fishing pole since each rod comes with a 5 compartment embroidered Cordura tube. The fishing rod is built for elements as it has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty that is industry competitive; thus, you will be up and running n no time.


  • It is lightweight so you can travel with it anywhere.
  • It is a quality fly rod with a reasonable price.


  • Some users complained of it being weak.

5. Goture Fly Fishing Rod

Goture Fly Fishing Rod - 9ft 4 Piece Fly Rod with Carrying Case for...
  • ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY and Life Time Repairing Warranty - As a professional fishing tackle supplier, we offer 100%“No HASSLE” GUARANTEE for...
  • High Balancing Performance - Customized burl wood insert in reel seat provide high balancing performance rather than aluminum insert like...
  • Super Light and Sturdy - 30+36T Carbon fiber blank construction makes the rod at least 20% increase in strength and at least 20% lighter in...
  • Widely Used in Freshwater or Saltwater - 4wt slow action suitable for small trout & sunfish in small streams; 5wt medium action suitable for...
  • Travel Friendly - Super compact, all in 4 pieces, very easy to safe storage with a durable PVC rod tube (only 31.5” in length).

The Goture fishing pole is a perfect gift for any beginner or professional angler in fishing. It has a one-year warranty and a lifetime repairing warranty in case of any damages. If you buy the Goture fishing pole, you are guaranteed a 100% fishing tackle.

If you don't like the fishing line after the delivery, you can return it and get a refund, so you don't have anything to lose upon your purchase. It offers you high balanced performance with a customized burl wood insert in the reel seat.

The fishing pole is super light and sturdy, with a high-grade AA cork grip to offer you a more comfortable grip that helps you in casting. You can also use the fishing pole in both salt and fresh water. The fishing pole is also travel-friendly as the four pieces are super contact, easy and safe to use. In addition, the pole set comes with a storage unit that has a durable PVC rod tube to keep the contents safe.


  • It is a great fly rod with a great price.
  • Perfect size for travels.
  • It gives you a magnificent cast.


  • Some customers complained of it as it is weak at the joints.

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