What Size is a 72cm Waist?

Find out what size is a 72cm waist and learn how to take your own measurements in this helpful blog post.

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UK Size 8

A UK size 8 is a waist size of 72cm.

US Size 4

A US size 4 is a women’s clothing size. It corresponds to a 72 cm waist, which is about 28 inches.

Europe Size 36

In Europe, 36 is the smallest women’s size. A 36 size is the equivalent of a U.S. size 4 or small. It may also be equivalent to a U.K. size 10 or 12, but this can vary depending on the brand. A European size 36 measures 23 inches around the waist, 35 inches around the hips, and 14 inches from shoulder to waist.

Australia Size 10

Australia uses the metric system, so a size 10 waist in Australia is actually 72cm. In general, Australian sizes are pretty similar to US sizes, but there are some slight differences. For example, a size 6 in the US is equivalent to a size 10 in Australia.