What Size Tortilla Should You Use for Your Burrito?

If you’re wondering what size tortilla to use for your burrito, read on for some tips. The size of tortilla you use can make a big difference in how your burrito turns out, so it’s worth taking a little time to decide which size is right for you.

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Flour Tortillas

6-inch tortillas

6-inch tortillas are commonly used for breakfast burritos and small tacos. They’re also a good size for children and people with smaller appetites. If you want to use a 6-inch tortilla, you’ll need about 1/2 cup of filling.

Here are some suggested fillings for a 6-inch tortilla:
-1 egg, scrambled
-1/4 cup of shredded cheese
-1/2 cup of refried beans
-2 tablespoons of salsa
-1/4 cup of diced potatoes

If you’re making burritos, you can also add:
-1 tablespoon of sour cream
-1 tablespoon of chopped cilantro

8-inch tortillas

The standard size for a flour tortilla is 8 inches, which is also the size most often used in restaurants. This size is large enough to wrap around a generous portion of filling without being too big or unwieldy to eat. It’s also small enough to fit comfortably in a standard-size toaster oven, which is handy if you want to reheat your burrito before eating.

If you’re making burritos at home, you may want to experiment with different sizes of tortillas to see what you prefer. 6-inch tortillas are a good option if you want a smaller, more manageable burrito, while 10-inch tortillas will give you plenty of room to pile on the fillings. Once you’ve decided on the perfect size for your burrito, all that’s left is to enjoy!

Corn Tortillas

Corn tortillas are the most traditional type of tortilla and are usually what is used in Mexican restaurants. They are made with maseca, which is a type of corn flour, and water. Corn tortillas are smaller and thinner than flour tortillas, and they have a slightly different flavor.

6-inch tortillas

6-inch tortillas are the most popular size for burritos. They’re large enough to fit a nice amount of filling, but small enough to eat comfortably. If you’re making a burrito for someone with a hearty appetite, you may want to use an 8-inch tortilla.

8-inch tortillas

8-inch tortillas are the standard size for burritos, and they’re also useful for other dishes like enchiladas, quesadillas, and taquitos. If you want a hearty burrito that’s packed with fillings, an 8-inch tortilla is the way to go. You can also use 8-inch tortillas for smaller dishes, like appetizers or snacks.