Quiz: What Size Tampon Should I Use?

If you’re unsure about what size tampon to use, take our quiz to find the answer that best fits your needs!

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Tampon Sizes

If you’re new to tampons or just want to make sure you’re using the right size, this quiz is for you! There are a few factors to consider when choosing a tampon size. The size of your flow, the heaviness of your flow, and your personal preference. This quiz will help you determine what size tampon is right for you.


If you have a medium menstrual flow and are using tampons for the first time, start with a regular size. Regular tampons hold about 5 to 6 grams of fluid and are generally appropriate for flows that last 3 to 4 days.


Super tampons are ideal for heavy flows or when you need longer-lasting protection. They absorb between 9 and 12 grams of blood and are typically used for 6 to 8 hours.

Super Plus

Super Plus tampons are for women with a heavy flow. They hold 9-12 grams of fluid and are the largest size tampon available.

How to Choose the Right Size Tampon

Choosing the right size tampon is important for both your comfort and your health. Tampons that are too small can cause discomfort and may not provide enough absorbency, while tampons that are too large can be painful to insert and may cause leaks. So how do you know what size tampon to use?

Consider your flow

Your tampon size needs will vary throughout your period. On light days, you may be able to get away with a smaller size. Conversely, on heavy days, you’ll need a bigger tampon to avoid leaks.

To figure out what size is right for you, it’s helpful to know how much fluid you produce each day. For most people, that’s about 2-3 tablespoons or 30-45mL.

Here’s a handy guide to help you estimate your daily fluid output:
-Light flow: up to 9g or 0.3oz
-Moderate flow: 9-18g or 0.3-0.6oz
-Heavy flow: 18-27g or 0.6-0.9oz

Once you have an idea of your daily fluid output, you can choose a tampon size that will accommodate your needs. Check out the chart below to see what size tampon is right for you:

Tampon SizeFlow TypeLight Moderate Heavy
MiniLess than 9g / 0.3oz9-12g / 0.3-0.4ozN/A
Regular9-18g / 0.3-0.6oz12-18g / 0.4-0.6ozN/A
Super18-27g / 0.6-0.9ozN/A18-24g / 0.6 – 0 .8 oz

As a general rule of thumb, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and go for a bigger size rather than a smaller one — especially on heavy days!

Consider your comfort

Your comfort should be your number one priority when choosing a tampon. If a tampon is too big, it will be uncomfortable. If it’s too small, it won’t absorb as much and you’ll have to change it more often. The right size should feel comfortable and not cause any discomfort or pain.

To figure out what size is right for you, start with the lowest absorbency and work your way up until you find a tampon that meets your needs without being too uncomfortable. For example, if you have a light flow, start with a regular absorbency tampon. If that’s too uncomfortable or doesn’t provide enough absorption, try a super absorbent tampon.

If you’re still not sure what size to use, take our quiz to find out!

Consider your activities

Your tampon size choice should take into account your regular activities. If you mainly sit during the day, a smaller tampon will probably suffice.But if you have an active job—say, you’re a waitress or you work in construction—you’ll want to use a larger size, so it doesn’t leak or fall out.


This quiz will help you figure out what size tampon you should use. Just answer a few questions and we’ll give you the results. Let’s get started!

Question #1

What is the primary purpose of a tampon?

A) To absorb menstrual blood
B) To absorb vaginal secretions
C) To prevent pregnancy
D) To provide support for the vagina during sexual intercourse

The correct answer is A.

Question #2

What is the diameter of your tampon applicator?

a)Less than .5 inches
b)Between .5 and .75 inches
c)Between .75 and 1 inch
d)More than 1 inch

Question #3

What is your flow like?

A) Heavy – need to change tampon every 1-2 hours
B) Medium – need to change tampon every 3-4 hours
C) Light – need to change tampon every 5-6 hours