What Size Is 39 In Women’s Shoes?

If you’re a woman shopping for shoes, you’ve probably asked yourself at some point, “What size is 39 in women’s shoes?” Here’s a quick guide to help you find the right fit.

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Shoe Sizes

Figuring out your shoe size can be tricky. In the United States, women’s shoe sizes are represented by a number from 3-13, with half sizes represented by “.5”. For example, a size 7 is equivalent to a size 39 in European sizing.

U.S. Shoe Size

The standard shoe size used in the United States is based on the last measurement, which is the length of your foot in inches, multiplied by 3. This is then followed by a number to indicate the width of your foot. For example, if you have a foot that measures 8.9 inches long and is 3.5 inches wide, your U.S. shoe size would be 8.9 x 3 = 39.

Widths range from 2A (the narrowest) to EE (the widest). In between these widths, there are three other widths: D, E, and EE. D is considered a medium width, while E and EE are considered wide widths.

U.K. Shoe Size

In the United Kingdom, shoe sizes are equal to the last length, measured in inches, plus a half size of one Barrett per inch. For example, a shoe size of 8.5 U.K. would be 9 U.S. In the United States and Canada, shoe sizes are based on the last length plus a width of one barrette per every two inches

European Shoe Size

European shoe sizes are measured in centimeters, and correspond to the length of your foot. To find your European shoe size, simply measure the length of your foot in centimeters and match it up with the size chart below.
If you don’t have a ruler or tape measure handy, you can also use our handy printable tool to measure your feet and find your European shoe size.

EU Size Foot Length (cm)
34 21.6 cm
35 22.5 cm
36 23 cm
37 23.5 cm
38 24 cm
39 24.5 cm

Japanese Shoe Size

The Japanese shoe size system is based on the length of your foot in centimeters, so you may need a ruler or a tape measure to accurately determine your size. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Place a piece of paper flat on the ground.
2. Stand on the paper with your heel against the wall.
3. Make a mark level with the end of your longest toe.
4. Measure the distance from that mark to the end of the paper.
5. Use the following chart to determine your Japanese shoe size. Remember that this is only a guide, as sizes vary from brand to brand and model to model!

Women’s Japanese Shoe Size Chart
22 cm 4 (US Women’s 6)
22.5 cm 4.5 (US Women’s 6)
23 cm 5 (US Women’s 7)
23.5 cm 5.5 (US Women’s 8)
24 cm 6 (US Women’s 8)
24 cm 6 (US Women’s 9) 25 cm 7 (US Women’s 10)

Shoe Size Conversions

Women’s shoe sizes can be a bit confusing. In the United States, women’s shoe sizes are typically given in terms of inches. However, in many other parts of the world, women’s shoe sizes are given in terms of centimeters. So, what size is 39 in women’s shoes? Let’s take a look.

U.S. to U.K.

women’s shoe size 4 in the U.S. is equivalent to a U.K. size 2. In the U.K., shoe sizes run a little smaller than they do in the United States, so you might need to order a size up from what you’re used to wearing.

U.K. to U.S.

One of the biggest factors in online shopping is making sure you’re ordering the right size. When it comes to shoes, sizing can be even trickier since there is no standardization across brands. If you’re looking to buy shoes online from a U.K. site, use this helpful conversion guide to make sure you’re getting the right size.

U.K. shoe sizes are actually quite similar to U.S. sizes, but there are a few key differences to keep in mind. For one thing, U.K. sizes run slightly smaller than U.S. sizes, so you may need to order a size up when shopping from a U.K.-based site. In addition, widths can vary significantly between brands, so it’s always best to consult the size chart before placing your order.

With these things in mind, use the following conversion guide to help you find your U.K.-size equivalent when shopping for shoes online:

U.S Size_______UK Size

U.S. to European

U.S. shoe size 6 to European shoe size 39 is a women’s shoe size conversion. In the United States, shoe size generally corresponds with age, whereas in Europe, it generally corresponds with height. U.S. to European conversions for men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes sizes can be found on many online retailers as well as travel sites.

European to U.S.

32 4
33 4.5
34 5.5
35 6
36 6.5
37 7.5
38 8
39 8.5
40 9

U.S. to Japanese

Size conversions can be really tricky, especially when it comes to shoes. It can be difficult to know whether you should buy a size 8 or a size 9, or what a size 39 translates to in U.S. women’s shoe sizes.

Here is a helpful chart that shows conversions for U.S., Japanese, and European shoe sizes:

U.S. | Japanese | European
4 | 22.5 | 35
4.5 | 23 | 36
5 | 23.5 | 36.5
5.5 | 24 | 37
6 | 24

Japanese to U.S.

7.5 9.0625
8 9.3125
8.5 9.5625
9 9.8125
9.5 10.0625
10 10.3125
10.5 10.5625
11 10.8125