What Size Cooler Do I Need for My Next Event?

If you’re planning on hosting a large event, you’ll need a quality cooler that can accommodate all of your food and drinks. But what size cooler do you need? Read on to find out!

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Decide the number of guests

It’s important to decide how many guests you will be serving before you purchase a cooler. You don’t want to end up with a cooler that’s too small or too large for the number of guests you have. Use this guide to help you decide what size cooler you need for your next event.

will there be children?

deciding how much food and drink to have on hand, figure out how many children will be at the party. Assume that each child will eat and drink about half as much as an adult.

will there be adults?

It’s always good to have a little extra space in your cooler, so if you’re not sure, overestimate the number of guests. In general, you can expect each adult to drink about 2 cans of soda, so a 24-pack should be enough for 12 adults. If you’re planning on serving beer, plan for about 1 bottle per person.

Decide the type of food and drinks

Before you can choose the right size cooler for your next event, you need to decide what type of food and drinks you’ll be serving. Will you be serving hot food? Will you be serving alcoholic beverages? These are important factors to consider because you’ll need to make sure your cooler can accommodate your needs.

will you be serving hot food?

If you’ll be serving hot food, you’ll need a cooler that can keep food hot for hours. A good rule of thumb is to choose a cooler that can hold twice as much food as you think you’ll need. That way, you’ll have plenty of space for food and drinks, and you won’t have to worry about running out of space.

Some coolers come with special features that make them ideal for hot foods, such as insulated compartments and warming racks. If you’re not sure which type of cooler to choose, ask a sales associate for help.

will you be serving cold food?

This is an important question when deciding what size cooler you need. If you plan on serving any type of cold food, you will need a larger cooler that can accommodate ice. Ice not only keeps food cold, but it also keeps it fresh. If you do not need to keep food cold, then a smaller cooler will suffice.

will you be serving alcoholic beverages?

If you will be serving alcoholic beverages, you will need at least one cooler for them. A regular size cooler should hold about 48 cans of beer or 30 bottles of wine. If you are having a party where beer will be the only alcoholic beverage served, you might want two coolers, so that people can get their drinks faster.

Decide the length of the event

If you are having a party that will last more than a few hours, you will need a bigger cooler. If you are having a party that will last all day or into the night, you will need an extra-large cooler.

will the event be short (1-2 hours)?

A smaller, 14-quart cooler should suffice. If you have a lot of people coming, you might want to get two coolers so that you have plenty of space for drinks and snacks. If the event is going to be outside, make sure to get a cooler that can accommodate ice packs.

will the event be medium (3-4 hours)?

You’ll need a medium size cooler that can hold about 28 cans of soda or beer, or enough food for a day hike for four people. A good option is an insulated combo bag that has both a hard-shell cooler section for drinks and a removable, zippered soft-sided cooler bag for food.

will the event be long (5+ hours)?

If you’re looking for a party cooler that will keep drinks cold for five hours or more, you have several size options. A small personal cooler can hold about six cans, while a mid-sized option can hold around 24 cans. For a large group, you might need a rolling cooler that can hold up to 100 cans. If you’re not sure how much space you need, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and choose a larger size.

Use the chart to find the right size cooler for your event

To ensure your food and drinks stay fresh and cool, you’ll need to choose the right size cooler for your event. The chart below will help you select the appropriate cooler based on the number of people you’re expecting.

Number of people: Up to 10
Size of cooler: Medium (20-quart) or large (30-quart)

Number of people: 10-20
Size of cooler: Large (30-quart) or extra-large (50-quart)

Number of people: 20-30
Size of cooler: Extra-large (50-quart) or jumbo (70-quart)

Tips for using your cooler

When planning your next event, one of the first things you need to do is determine what size cooler you need. It is important to choose the right size so that you have enough space to keep all of your food and drinks cold. There are a few things to consider when choosing the right size cooler for your event.

-The number of people you are expecting
-The amount of food and drinks you will need
-The length of time you need to keep things cold
-The type of food and drinks you will be serving
-The temperature outside

Once you have considered all of these factors, you can begin to look at coolers. There are many different types and sizes of coolers on the market, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase. You can find coolers ranging in size from small personal ones that can hold a few cans of soda to large industrial ones that can hold hundreds of pounds of ice.

If you are having a small event with only a few people, a small cooler should be sufficient. If you are expecting a lot of people or serving hot foods, you will need a larger cooler. It is always better to err on the side of caution and get a larger cooler than you think you need. You can always fill it with ice or extra food if necessary. If you are not sure what size cooler would be best for your event, there are many online calculators that can help you determine the right size based on the information you provide.