What Is the Size of a Vinyl Record Cover?

The size of a vinyl record cover may vary depending on the manufacturer, but the standard size is 12 inches by 12 inches.

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Vinyl records are making a comeback in a big way. If you’re thinking of getting into the vinyl game, you might be wondering what size record cover you need. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common sizes of vinyl record covers.

7-inch single: The most common size for 45 RPM singles, 7-inch covers are usually square or rectangular, with dimensions of about 5-3/4 inches by 5-3/4 inches.

10-inch single: A less common format, 10-inch singles were usually released at 33 RPM and had covers that were either square or slightly taller than they were wide, with dimensions of about 5 inches by 7 inches.

12-inch LP: The standard format for full-length albums, 12-inch LPs have covers that are generally square or rectangular, with dimensions of about 12 inches by 12 inches. Some covers may be slightly larger or smaller than this, but 12 inches is the most common size.

The Standard Sizes of a Vinyl Record Cover

Vinyl Record Covers come in a variety of sizes. The two most popular sizes are the 12-inch and the 7-inch. The 12-inch records are the most common and can be found in most stores. The 7-inch records are less common and are usually found in specialty stores.

The 12-inch Record Cover

The standard size for a vinyl record is 12 inches in diameter. The 12-inch record cover is also the standard size for album covers. Album covers were originally produced in the 10-inch format, but the 12-inch format quickly became the industry standard.

The 12-inch record cover has a spine that is 1 inch wide. The cover is generally square, with dimensions of 12 inches by 12 inches. The cover art is usually printed on the front of the cover, with the track listing and other information printed on the back.

The standard thickness of a vinyl record is 1/16 of an inch. The thickness of a 12-inch record cover is generally 1/8 of an inch. This allows for two records to be packaged together in one cover.

The term “LP” stands for “long playing,” and refers to the fact that vinyl records can play for a long time without needing to be replaced. LPs are generally played at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute (rpm).

The 10-inch Record Cover

The 10-inch record cover was the original size for 78 RPM releases. Ten-inch record covers were also used for early extended play (EP) 45 RPM releases and some 33-1/3 RPM LP records. The 10-inch LP record cover was eventually replaced by the 12-inch LP record cover.

Standard 10-Inch Record Cover Dimensions
The standard dimensions for a 10-inch record cover are 10-1/4 inches wide x 10-1/4 inches tall. The spine is 1/2 inch wide.

The 7-inch Record Cover

The 7-inch record cover is the standard size for singles. The average dimensions for a 7-inch vinyl record cover are 10.5 inches wide and 7 inches tall. This size covers are also common for promotional records and EPs. Most covers for these records are square shaped, but there are some that may be rectangular or have odd shapes.

Custom Sizes

Vinyl record covers come in all sorts of sizes. The most common are the standard 7, 10, and 12-inch sizes. However, you can also find covers that are 8.5 inches, 11 inches, and even larger. If you want your cover to be a certain size, you can order custom sizes from some manufacturers.

Custom 12-inch Record Covers

Custom 12-inch record covers are slightly larger than a standard LP cover, measuring 12.75 inches wide by 12.75 inches tall. They are designed to fit vinyl records that are pressed on 12-inch discs, which is the most common size for LPs. Most major labels use this size for their LP releases, so you’ll likely need a custom cover if you’re pressing vinyl records yourself.

These covers have a few different die-cut options, including a square spine or a rounded spindle hole. You can also choose to have no holes cut out of the cover, which is useful if you plan on storing your records in plastic sleeves. The standard finish for these covers is gloss, but you can also choose from matte or gloss lamination.

Custom 10-inch Record Covers

10-inch record covers are one of the most popular sizes for collectors and Audiophiles. They offer a nice balance between the portability of a 7-inch record and the storage capacity of a 12-inch record.

Custom 10-inch record covers are available in a variety of styles, including:
-Single pocket
-Double pocket

Each style offers its own advantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. For example, gatefold covers are great for storing large collections of records, but they can be more expensive and less portable than single pocket covers.

When choosing a custom 10-inch record cover, be sure to consider:
-The size of your collection: You’ll need to make sure that the cover you choose is big enough to hold all of your records.
-Your budget: Custom covers can be expensive, so be sure to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase.
-Your style preferences: Do you prefer a simple design or something more elaborate? Consider your personal style when choosing a cover.

Custom 7-inch Record Covers

Custom 7-inch record covers are a great way to protect your records and add a personal touch to your collection. These covers are made to fit standard 7-inch vinyl records, and they come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. You can find covers made of polypropylene, which is a durable and stiff plastic that is impact resistant and moisture resistant. Covers made of polyethylene are also durable and moisture resistant, but they are not as stiff as polypropylene covers. PVC covers are another option, and they offer good durability and protection against moisture.


It is generally agreed that the standard size for a vinyl record cover is 12 inches by 12 inches. However, there are a number of different sizes that are commonly used for different types of records. For example, 7-inch singles and EPs are usually released in covers that measure 7 inches by 7 inches, while 10-inch records are usually released in covers that measure 10 inches by 10 inches.