What is 3 as a Fraction?

3 can be written as a fraction in many ways. The most common way to write 3 as a fraction is 3/1. However, 3/2, 3/3, 1/3, and 2/3 are also ways to write 3 as a fraction.

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We often use fractions to represent part of a whole number, such as when we cut a cake or pizza into pieces. The top number in a fraction (the numerator) represents the number of parts we have, while the bottom number (the denominator) represents the total number of parts the whole can be divided into. So, if we have 3 pieces of cake, and the cake is cut into 8 equal pieces in total, then our fraction would be 3⁄8.

When we want to work out what a fraction means without having to cut anything up, we can use equivalent fractions. An equivalent fraction is one that represents the same amount as another fraction, even though the numbers in the fraction may be different. So, 3⁄8 is equivalent to 6⁄16 (or 9⁄24, or 12⁄32…), because each of these fractions represents 3 parts out of 8 equal parts.

To find an equivalent fraction for 3⁄8, we can multiply or divide both the top number and bottom number by the same value. When we do this, it doesn’t change the value of the fraction (as long as we don’t end up dividing by 0!). So, if we multiply both top and bottom by 2, we get 6⁄16; multiply by 3 and we get 9⁄24; and so on. We could also divide both top and bottom numbers by 2 to get 1⁄4; divide by 3 to get 1⁄6; and so on. These are all examples of equivalent fractions for 3⁄8.

What is 3 as a Fraction?

To understand what 3 as a fraction is, we need to break it down into its component parts. The number 3 can be represented as a fraction in several different ways. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common ways to represent 3 as a fraction.

Three as an improper fraction

When written as a fraction, 3 can be either an improper fraction or a mixed number. Three as an improper fraction would be written as 3/1, meaning that there are three wholes. Three as a mixed number would be written as 1 3/4, meaning that there is one whole and three fourths.

Three as a mixed number

To write 3 as a mixed number, we first need to write it as an improper fraction. Remember, an improper fraction is one where the numerator (top number) is greater than the denominator (bottom number). In this case, 3 goes into 1 once with a remainder of 0. So our improper fraction would be 3/1. To change this to a mixed number, we simply put the whole number first (1) and then put the fractional part (3/1) after it separated by a space. So our answer is 1 3/1 or more commonly written as 1 3/1.


3 as a fraction is equal to 3/1, which is a terminating decimal. You can also simplify it to 1/3, which is a repeating decimal.