Juniors XL is What Size in Women’s?

Find out what size Juniors XL is in Women’s clothing and how to convert it to other sizes.

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When it comes to clothes, women have it easy. A woman’s size 8 is a woman’s size 8 is a woman’s size 8, no matter what store she shops in or what designer she prefers. It’s a different story for men and, especially, for women who wear juniors sizes. With junior sizes, a small isn’t always a small. In fact, trying to figure out what size you should buy can be downright confusing.

The first thing you need to know is that there is no standard sizing for juniors clothing. Each store or designer can set their own size chart and use their own sizing guide. This means that a size 7 in one store might be very different from a size 7 in another store. Even if two stores use the same sizing guide, there can still be some variation in the fit of the clothing.

To make things even more complicated, some stores (like H&M) use European sizing while others (like Forever 21) use U.S. sizing. And then there are stores (like Zara) that sell clothes in both U.S. and European sizes. To make things even more confusing, European sizes are different from UK sizes which are different from Australian sizes which are different from New Zealand sizes!

So how do you know what size to buy? The best way is to try the clothes on before you buy them. But if that’s not possible (or if you’re shopping online), here are some general tips:

-If you’re shopping in a store that uses U.S. sizing, stick with your regular size or go one size up/down if you’re between sizes.

-If you’re shopping in a store that uses European sizing, subtract 21 from your U.S dress size to get your European dress size (for example, if you wear a U.S dress size 10, you would wear a European dress size 40).

-If you’re shopping online and the website provides both U.S and international sizes, choose the size that corresponds to your bust measurement for tops and dresses and your hip measurement for bottoms such as pants or skirts

What is Juniors XL?

Juniors XL is a women’s size, generally corresponding to a misses size 14/16.

How to Measure Your Size

To determine your size, start by taking your measurements. To measure your chest, wrap a measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest, making sure to keep the tapelevel with your back and breath normally. For sizing purposes, we also recommend measuringyour chest over a shirt.

Next, measure your waist at its narrowest point. Relax and breathe normally while you take thismeasurement.

Finally, measure your hips at their widest point. Once again, make sure to stand tall and breathe normally while you take this measurement.

Once you have all three measurements, refer to the size chart below to find the right fit. If you’re in between sizes or if you have any other questions about sizing, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!

Size Chest Waist Hip
XS 31-33” 24-26” 34-36”
S 34-35” 27-28” 37-38”
M 36-37” 29-30” 39-40”
L 38-40″ 31-33″ 41-43″
XL 41-43″ 34-35″ 44-46″

How to Convert Your Size

If you usually wear a size small in women’s, you’ll likely be a size 3 or 5 in Juniors. Most stores that sell both Juniors’ and women’s sizes will have a size chart to help you make the right choice. If you’re still unsure after looking at a size chart, try on both sizes to see which one is a better fit. When in doubt, go with the larger of the two sizes.

What is the Difference Between Women’s and Juniors Sizes?

There can be a lot of confusion around women’s and juniors sizing. Women’s sizes are generally more forgiving, while juniors sizes run smaller. To make things even more complicated, there is no standardization between different retailers. This can make it difficult to know what size to buy, especially when shopping online.

Here is a general guide to help you understand the difference between women’s and juniors sizing:

Women’s sizes are based on a misses sizing system, which is designed for women who are 5’4″ and up. This sizing system includes sizes 0-18 (or XS-XXL).

Juniors sizes are based on a adolescent/teenager sizing system, which is designed for women who are 5’3″ and under. This sizing system includes sizes 1-13 (or XS-L).

Keep in mind that this is just a general guide. There is no standardization between different retailers, so it’s always best to try on items before buying them.


As you can see, there is no definitive answer to the question of what size juniors XL is in women’s clothing. It will depend on the brand, the style of clothing, and even the specific garment. However, given the general trend for juniors sizes to run smaller than women’s sizes, it is safe to say that a juniors XL is likely to be equivalent to a women’s size small or medium. So if you’re shopping for juniors clothes and you usually wear a women’s XL, it might be worth trying a juniors XL to see if it fits.