Is Hair Flammable? The Answer Might Surprise You!

We all know that hair is made of protein. But did you know that hair is also flammable? In this blog post, we’ll explore the science behind this phenomenon.

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Is hair flammable? The answer might surprise you! Many people believe that hair is highly flammable but the truth is that it is actually quite difficult to set hair on fire. In fact, hair is often used as an extinguisher for small fires because it smothers the flames.

So why do people believe that hair is flammable? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, hair does contain a small amount of oil, which can be combustible. However, the oil content of hair is very low, and it would take a lot of heat to ignite it. Additionally, the proteins in hair are not very flammable.

Another reason people believe that hair is flammable is because they have seen it catch fire in movies or on television. However, these instances are usually staged with special effects and are not realistic. In real life, it is very difficult to set hair on fire.

If you do find yourself in a situation where your hair is on fire, the best thing to do is to stop, drop, and roll. This will help to smother the flames and avoid further injury.

What is hair?

Hair is a thread-like filament that grows from follicles in the skin. Hair is composed of keratin, a protein produced by the body. The average person has about 100,000 hair follicles, each of which produces 20 hairs during a person’s lifetime.

The science behind hair

When it comes to hair, the jury is still out on whether or not it is actually flammable. What we do know is that hair is made up of a protein called keratin. This protein is also found in nails and skin. When exposed to high heat, keratin can change shape and this is what causes the hair to curl.

Some people believe that hair is flammable because it is often used in wigmaking. Wigs are made by taking strands of human hair and attaching them to a mesh or base. The hair is then sewn or glued into place. Wigs are usually made from synthetic materials, but real human hair can be used as well.

When it comes to wigs, the jury is definitely out on whether or not they are flammable. Wigs made from real human hair have been known to catch fire, but wigs made from synthetic materials are much more resistant to fire. If you are concerned about your wig catching fire, you can always try spraying it with a fire retardant before wearing it.

Is hair flammable?

Hair is made of keratin, a protein that is also found in nails and horns. Keratin is not very flammable, but it can burn if it comes into contact with a hot enough surface. The amount of heat required to ignite hair depends on the type of hair and the conditions it is in. For example, dry hair will catch fire more easily than damp hair.

While hair itself is not very flammable, it can act as a wick for other flammable substances like oil or wax. If your hair is coated in a flammable substance, it can catch fire quickly and be difficult to put out. That’s why it’s important to be careful with candles, curling irons, and other sources of heat when you have long hair.

The dangers of hair fires

Hair fires are more common than you might think. In fact, they are one of the leading causes of fire-related injuries in the United States. The reason hair is so flammable is because it is made up of protein fibers that can easily ignite and burn when exposed to high temperatures.

There are a few ways that hair fires can start, such as:

• Use of curling irons, straighteners, or other heated styling tools
• Being too close to a fire or other heat source
• Cigarette smoking
• Wearing hats or other headwear that is too close to a heat source

If you have long hair, it’s important to be extra careful to avoid these dangers. Keep your hair trimmed and styled safely to reduce the risk of hair fires.

How to prevent hair fires

We’ve all seen the memes and GIFs circulating the internet of people donning their best at-home haircuts. Now that salons are starting to open back up, you may be tempted to try out that new style you’ve been eyeing. But before you reach for the scissors, there’s one important safety precaution you should take into consideration: is hair flammable?

Turns out, the answer isn’t as simple as you might think. Hair is made up of keratin, a protein that can be found in both animals and humans. This protein is made up of amino acids, which are chains of molecules that have nitrogen atoms in them. When these nitrogen atoms are exposed to heat, they can release energy, which can cause the hair to ignite.

So, while hair is technically flammable, it’s not exactly easy to set it on fire. It would take a pretty high temperature (think: open flame) to get it burning, and even then, it would only burn for a short period of time. So unless you’re planning on playing with fire any time soon, your hair should be just fine.

If you’re still worried about setting your locks ablaze, there are a few things you can do to prevent hair fires:

-Avoid using heat styling tools on wet hair. Wet hair is more susceptible to damage from heat than dry hair, so it’s best to avoid using curling irons, flat irons or blow dryers on damp strands. If you must use heat styling tools on wet hair, make sure your hair is completely dry before using them.

-Keep your hairstyle simple. The more complex your hairstyle is, the more likely it is to catch fire. So if you’re planning on doing something drastic like dying your hair or changing your haircut, consider keeping it simple until salon visits are back to normal.

-Be careful with candles. If you have long hair, be extra cautious around open flames like candles or fireplaces. Tie your hair back or put it up in a bun so it’s not hanging loose near the flames.


In conclusion, hair is not highly flammable but it can burn if it comes into contact with an open flame. The best way to prevent hair fires is to avoid using heated styling tools on wet or damp hair, and to keep your hair away from open flames.