How to Pronounce “Scythe”

A step-by-step guide on how to properly pronounce “scythe.”

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The word “scythe” is derived from Old English siðe. It originally referred to a cutting tool that was used to harvest grass or grain. Over time, the meaning of the word shifted to refer specifically to a type of blade that is mounted on a long pole. The scythe is still used in some parts of the world for cutting grass and grain, but it is most commonly associated with death and destruction.

The word “scythe” is pronounced like “sith” or “sie-the.”

The correct way to pronounce “scythe”

The word “scythe” is pronounced like “sīð”.

The history of the word “scythe”

The word “scythe” comes from Old English siðe,=threshing instrument, referring to a long sickle used for cutting grass or grain. The Proto-Germanic skuthan is also the source of Danish and Norwegian skjold, Swedish sköld, Middle Low German schutte; also of West Slavic (Polish szczodry and Upper Sorbian šćehota), Baltic languages (Lithuanian skerdžiu) and Gothic skaþs (=sheath).

How to use a scythe

The word “scythe” is pronounced like “sigh-the.”