How to Pronounce “Misogynistic”

How to Pronounce “Misogynistic”. The Blog will show you how to say the word Misogynistic correctly with audio pronunciation and phonetic spelling.

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Definition of the word

The word “misogynistic” can be pronounced in two ways: muh-suh-juh-nist-ik or muh-soj-uh-nist-ik. The first pronunciation is the more common one in the United States, while the second is more common in the United Kingdom. Both pronunciations are considered acceptable.

The word’s origin

The word “misogynistic” derives from the Greek μισογυνία (misogunía), which is a combination of μία (miá, “one”) and γυνή (gunḗ, “woman”). The first recorded use of the word was in 1656. It is likely that the word was coined in response to misogyny itself, which has been around since ancient times.

Pronunciation of the word

The word “misogynistic” is pronounced as mɪsˈɒdʒɪnɪstɪk.

Use of the word in a sentence

The word “misogynistic” can be used to describe someone who displays hatred or hostility towards women. It can also be used to describe a general attitude of disrespect towards women.