How to Pronounce “Ghibli”

A quick guide on how to pronounce the name of the Japanese studio behind some of the most popular anime films.

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While the name “Ghibli” may look complicated, it’s actually quite simple to pronounce. Here’s a quick guide on how to say “Ghibli” correctly.

The word “Ghibli” is of Arabic origin, and it is pronounced “jee-blee”. The first syllable, “gie”, is pronounced like the word “gear”. The second syllable, “blee”, is pronounced like the word “bleed”.

So, to recap, the word “Ghibli” is pronounced “jee-blee”. Keep in mind that the emphasis should be placed on the first syllable. If you accentuate the wrong syllable, it may sound like you’re saying “gib-lee” or “ghib-lee”.

The Origin of the Word “Ghibli”

The word “Ghibli” is of Italian origin, derived from the Arabic word “ghiblī” which means “hot wind blowing from the Sahara Desert”. The studio was named after this word, in reference to the highly anticipated and strong winds that come with the arrival of a Sahara dust storm in Tokyo.

How to Pronounce “Ghibli”

Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio founded in 1985. The studio has produced some of the most beloved and critically acclaimed animated films of all time, such as “My Neighbor Totoro,” “Spirited Away,” and “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.”

Ghibli is pronounced “gee-blee.”


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