How to Dispose of an Ouija Board

A time comes when everyone wants to dispose of their Ouija board. It could be that they have outgrown it and want to move on from that period of their life, or they had a bad experience. Whatever your reasons, there are different ways to dispose of an Ouija board. Here are some of the ways.

Ways to Dispose of an Ouija Board

how to dispose of an ouija board

Bury it

It is believed that you have to bury the Ouija board with its face down; and if possible, bury it in a consecrated ground if that makes you feel good.

Before you bury the board, wrap the board and planchette in separate cloths. The aim is to ensure that they do not come in contact with each other when you’re burying them.

Get a shovel and dig a hole in the ground. After digging the hole, and burying the Ouija board, pour a large amount of salt on it to cover it up completely without any gap or hole. The reason behind this is that when the next rainfall happens, the salt will soak into the ground, and then the board will purify.

However, you need to make sure the wind does not blow the salt away before the rainfall. This means the best time to do this is before a storm. When the rain is preparing to fall, put the board in the ground and quickly fill it up with salt, and re-salt areas with gaps.

If you have a pet in your home, you should dig it a bit deeper so your pet doesn’t unearth it. This means you’ll need even more salt.

Some people don’t believe in the mystical power of the Ouija board; and if you are such a person, then you don’t have to worry about the ritual above, just dig the ground and bury it there.

Donate it

If you want to break the bond between the board and yourself, then gifting it out to someone else is a great way to do that. You won’t have to worry about the spirits haunting you. Besides, there are people who enjoy playing this game but can’t afford one, so gifting it to them is a nice thing to do.

There are websites that accept Ouija boards as a donation. Contact them to know how you can send it over.

Sell it

New Ouija boards are usually cheap, so reselling them won’t make you substantial money; but then, it’s also another way to dispose of an Ouija board. Moreover, if you’re trying to break your bond with the demons, you can do it this way and also make a buck or two in the process.

Burn it

People advise owners of Ouija boards to desist from burning them because the evil contained in the boards will be released, and it will hunt the owners that burned them. It doesn’t matter if you burn it near your home or not, the spirit will still haunt you.

However, if you’re unable to bury it or give it out to someone, then burning it might seem like a way out. Find a place in your backyard where you can burn it. It’s a small board, so the smoke shouldn’t bother your neighbors. The only reason you might not burn it is if you are scared of the idea of being haunted.

Trash it

If you believe there are spirits in this board game, then you shouldn’t put it in a trash can because there is a high chance disposal workers might come in contact with it, and then the spirits start to haunt them.

If it’s just a harmless board game to you, then just dispose of it in the trash can. This is the easiest way to dispose of your Ouija board game.

Pack it away

If all the above suggestions do not work for you, then you’ll just have to tuck it away in a cupboard or your basement.

When packing it away, make sure the board is face down after the last session, this is to make the board/spirits undisturbed so they don’t haunt you when you put it away. Wrap the board with a cloth and then use a separate cloth to wrap the planchette, you mustn’t allow them to come in contact.

For non-believers in its magical power, you don’t need to perform this ritual. Just tuck it away.

Ways to upcycle Ouija boards

  • Frame it

You can adorn your wall with this game board. It will add a touch of mysticism to your home. Besides, with the nature of the game and the beliefs surrounding it, it will catch the attention of your visitors.

To frame it, measure the board game and then order for a frame that is of similar size and width. You can also create a frame by yourself using cardboards or cartons. A quick search online will show you how to go about it.

  • Turn it to a purse

You can turn it into a purse for your kids to play with. This might seem a bit technical to make, but it is actually very easy. Understanding the structure and getting glue to put the pieces together is all you need. There are lots of websites that offer DIY approaches to making purses with board games.

  • Turn it to a shelf

If your home has a rustic design, then this presents you with a perfect opportunity to add this game board to the overall design of your house. You can turn it into a mini shelf in your living room where you store your books.

If your home doesn’t have a rustic interior, then you can have it installed in your kids’ room. They will definitely love this.


It is almost impossible to recycle an Ouija board. Several people tried to but it was turned down. You can try as well, but there is no guarantee it will be accepted. This could be because of the mysticism behind it. So if you’re unable to recycle it, then choose one of the disposal ways highlighted above.