Best Smokeless Indoor Grill For Perfectly Grilled Food

Having the best indoor smokeless grill can be a gamechanger. They allow people who crave charred veggies and enjoy bbq grill to prepare their meals as desired and on-demand.

The best smokeless grills offer convenience in that you can live in an apartment or condo and still use them. These gadgets are small and compact enough to fit on your countertop and work great for burgers, chicken, vegetables, and more. The best part is that your food will look and taste like you grilled it outside.

The best smokeless indoor grill should ideally suit your needs. The grill can be open with a drip tray or closed ( like a panini press or sandwich maker). What's important is that it should be easy to clean, especially if dealing with grease, which is likely when searing meat. Some grills have removable parts while others don't. This is something to look out for. Nevertheless, you want a smokeless grill that will cook fast and well.

With so many brands on the market, it can quite hard to decide. We listed the best smokeless indoor grills and outlined features to consider when buying them.

Best Smokeless Indoor Grills

1. Hamilton Beach Steak Lover's Electric Indoor Grill

Hamilton Beach Steak Lover's Electric Indoor Searing Grill, Nonstick...
  • ENJOY OUTDOOR FLAVOR INDOORS: Grill steaks and all your favorite foods year-round in any weather with this Hamilton Beach indoor grill....
  • LARGE NONSTICK SURFACE FITS 4 TUNA STEAKS OR BURGERS: The 100 sq. in. nonstick, cooking surface on the indoor electric grill has plenty of...
  • LOCK IN JUICES AND FLAVOR — SEAR AT 500° F: Just press the illuminated sear button to sear meats and vegetables at 500° F (260° C) for...
  • QUICK, DELICIOUS MEALS IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES: Not only will you get meals on the table fast when you cook on this grill, the food will...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The nonstick grilling plates keeps food from sticking as you cook and is easy to wipe clean after it cools, and the drip tray...

As the name suggests, this is the best smokeless indoor grill if you enjoy your steak with picture-perfect grill marks.

Hamilton Beach indoor electric grill features a searing function perfect for steaks and burgers and ensures that you get flavorful and tender results. The function allows you to cook the meat to your desired temperature.

Hamilton Beach electric grill has a 100 square inch cooking surface perfect for cooking various meats, veggies, or panini sandwiches at once. Another great feature is that while the sear function locks in the flavor, the grill will automatically switch to the desired temperature. This is only after your meat has been seared and the temperature surges to 500°f for 90 seconds, which is the perfect temperature for the meat to lock in those juices to become moist and tender.

The indoor electric grill is easy to clean and features a removable drip tray that's dishwasher safe. Hamilton Beach can grill up to 6 burgers or 4 large steaks. The floating hinge can accommodate thick sandwiches.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Great for quick grilling.
  • Great for grilling and searing meat.
  • Features temperature controls.
  • Some reviews noted that the cleaning process was a bit tedious.
  • The grill doesn't have a timer.

2. Ninja Foodi Smart Indoor Grill

Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill with Air Fry, Roast,...
  • NINJA FOODI SMART XL GRILL: The Smart XL grill that sears, sizzles, and crisps. Indoor countertop Grill and Air Fryer with the Smart Cook...
  • CYCLONIC GRILLING TECHNOLOGY: Uses 500°F cyclonic air to perfectly cook or char grill your food to your desired doneness on the grill grate...
  • SMART COOK SYSTEM plus THERMOMETER: The Foodi Smart Thermometer enable you to achieve the perfect doneness from rare to well with 4 smart...
  • XL CAPACITY: Grill grate fits up to 6 steaks, up to 24 hot dogs, mains, and sides at the same time, and more.
  • 6 COOKING FUNCTIONS: Grill, Air Crisp, Roast, Bake, Broil and Dehydrate functions enabled by the wide temperature range.

The Ninja smokeless grill is more than just a grill. It also features an air fryer and dehydrator. The multipurpose grill is perfect for those looking for an all-in-one tool.

The Ninja smart grill sears, sizzles, and crisps. It will perfectly cook your food on the inside to your desired doneness and chargrill every side with 500F Cyclonic Grilling Technology and the Smart Cook System.

The Smart cook system offers 4 smart protein settings and 9 customizable doneness levels. The grill features the Foodi Smart Thermometer, which enables you to achieve the perfect doneness from rare to well done at the touch of a button.

The Ninja grill cooking capacity is enough to cook family-sized meals as the grill grate fits up to 6 steaks, 24 hot dogs, mains and sides simultaneously, and more. You can air fry your food with the included 4 quarts crisper basket.

Lastly, the grill features a splatter shield and cool air, which help reduce the smoke. The grill has a stainless steel finish.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Multipurpose grill.
  • Grills and cooks your food well and fast.
  • Features a stainless steel finish.
  • Has a temperature probe that turns when the food reaches the right internal temperature.
  • A little pricey.
  • Quite large and heavy.

3. PowerXL Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill and Griddle Plates,...
  • Outdoor BBQ Grilled Taste XL (13.75” x 8”) Indoor Grilling Surface is big enough for your BBQ party; grill three entire racks of ribs,...
  • Non-Stick Ceramic Grill Surface: Super Non-Stick Cerami-Tech Coating means you don’t have to add any extra fat or oil. Even delicate fish...
  • Removable Grill Plate The Cerami-Tech Grill Plate is dishwasher safe and lifts out easily for effortless cleaning & easy storage. Just pop...
  • LED Smart Temperature Control Up to 450° custom heat control; get the correct temperature you need for the perfect amount of doneness you...
  • Turbo Extraction Fan Enjoy smokeless grilling indoors! Virtually all smoke is captured so you can transform your kitchen countertop or...

Looking for a versatile grill that's perfect for brunch... The PowerXL Grill is a great choice. The electric grill comes inclusive of the grill plate and griddle plate. Hence you can grill burgers and make pancakes.

The non-stick ceramic surface makes it easy to clean up and ensures that delicate food doesn't break. The electric grill features a built-in smoke-extracting fan that claims to reduce virtually all hot, smoky air. The drip tray sits underneath, collecting fat and grease as you grill your food.

Powerxl smokeless grill features LED smart temperature control of up to 450°. The grill is super versatile as it allows you to Char-grill steaks on high to lock in the juices or slow grill pizza crust, veggies, or grilled cheese to a golden crisp. You can even grill straight from frozen. Lastly, it has a glass lid that can come in handy when you need to keep your food warm or melt the cheese on your burger.

  • Ultra versatile grill. It can grill various food from meats to veggies.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Food cooks evenly and
    The Grill surface is non-stick.
  • Features a grill and griddle plate and has a glass lid.
  • Not completely smokeless.
  • It can be tedious to clean if your food produces a lot of grease.

4. Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill

Philips HD6371/94 Smoke-less Indoor Grill, Black
  • Advanced infrared technology and special reflectors guide heat to the indoor grills cooking grid for delicious, evenly grilled food. The...
  • No need to adjust the heat. The indoor grill quickly heats up to a consistent 446°F, the optimal temperature for cooking and searing your...
  • The electric grill ensures food is not cooked into its own grease and the fat is separated during grilling; Voltage: 120 volts
  • Clean up your electric grill in less than a minute; Either wipe the grid clean or place it in the dishwasher. Cleaning a grill has never...
  • The indoor grill sets up in 1-minute - Spend more time cooking and less on prep. Powerful 1660 Watts for cooking and non-slip feet to ensure...

Philips's smokeless indoor grill mimics the experience of an outdoor grill. The smokeless grill uses advanced infrared technology and special reflectors to guide heat to the indoor grills cooking grid, guaranteeing delicious, evenly grilled food.

The drip dray underneath remains cool; hence there's barely any smoke. The indoor bbq grill is perfect for searing your favorite meat, poultry, and fish, leaving it juicy and tender on the inside. The grill heats up quickly to a consistent 446°F.

Cleaning up is pretty easy as the indoor bbq grill can either be wiped clean or placed in the dishwasher. Philips smoke-less grill features non-coating and is made of aluminum.

  • Food cooks and grills well.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Grill has non stick coating.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Some customers found the infrared lights irritating.
  • Not completely smokeless.

5. George Foreman Grill

George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press,...
  • Removable Plates: Easy cleanup is essential, and that’s what the removable grill plates are all about. Pop them in the dishwasher after...
  • Advanced George Tough Nonstick Coating: There’s a lot to love about this nonstick coating. It’s 3x¹ more durable, easy to clean, and...
  • Fat-Removing Slope: It’s the sure sign of a George Foreman Grill. The sloped grilling surface helps remove up to 42% of fat* from meats...
  • Drip Tray: The dishwasher-safe drip tray collects excess fat and grease so you don’t have to. How nice is that

The George Foreman indoor grill has enough space for four servings, making it the best smokeless indoor grill for small families or couples. You can make dinner or lunch portions as the grill accommodates various cuts of meat and vegetables with its 1-inch adjustable floating hinge.

The George Foreman smokeless indoor grill features non-stick coating with two times durability; hence you don't need excess oil and butter while cooking. The sloped grilling surface drains up to 42% of fat, making for lighter, healthier cooking of all your favorite meats.

The smokeless grill has removable plates that are dishwasher safe. This makes the cleaning up process easy.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to use.
  • Dishwasher safe - with removable plates.
  • Grill plates have a non-stick coating.
  • Grills food quite well.
  • Does not have a temperature control knob.
  • Some reviews noted that the grill stopped working hence doesn't have great durability.

Features To Consider When Buying Best Smokeless Indoor Grill

a) Build Quality and Design

Build quality and design is a key consideration when looking for the best smokeless indoor grill. The smokeless grill should be built from high-grade metal materials that ensure great durability and long life.

The design of open grills mimics that of outdoor grills without a lid - you have to flip the food to cook it evenly. The contact grills have a top and bottom grill that can quickly cook your food on both sides simultaneously. (it's similar to a panini press). Anything you can grill outdoors can be cooked on either of these two types and many of these indoor grills.

When looking for indoor smokeless grills, you're most likely going to be placing them on the countertop. Thus, they should not occupy too much space in the kitchen, especially if you have limited space on your countertop.

There's the option of compact-sized and multi-grill plate models. These indoor grills are ideal as you can use multiple racks for cooking various dishes simultaneously with one go. They also save on space.

b) Cooking Capacity

When it comes to your cooking surface, bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. An 80 -square inch grill is ideal for a single person or a couple while a 100- square inch can grill food enough to fit families of three to five. Indoor grills are better suited for smaller groups of people, up to eight people. Anything more than that, you'll require an outdoor grill or have to cook in batches.

c) Temperature Control & Power

Some indoor grills allow you to adjust the cooking temperature range, while others don't. If looking for a grill that can sear your steak or burgers, you're ideally looking for a grill that can go up to 500ºF. Any temperature lower than that won't allow you to attain the desired effect with your meat.

The power range needed to cook different types of food is 1300 to 1800 watts. Smaller and less expensive indoor grills can only reach 800 watts. This is however not ideal for cooking thicker cuts of meats.

d) Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning can be the most dreaded chore if you have equipment that's extremely difficult to maneuver. However, one advantage that indoor smokeless grills have over other grills is how simple they are to clean. Most manufacturers often apply a food-safe protective coating on the grilling surface to prevent cooked items from sticking. The use of these materials is under the strict regulation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Except for the base and power cord, the rest of the grill tends to dishwasher safe. However, this is not always a given. Food might stick to the grate and lid, but you can at least scrub it off with minimal effort. However, over time, the nonstick coating will peel off and lose its effectiveness.

Something else to consider is the drip tray. Since fat and food drippings gather there, you can consider buying a grill with a deep, large drip tray, so it won’t overflow while cooking. Accessibility and dishwasher compatibility are also worth considering. 

e) Safety

Safety is a crucial concern, especially since indoor grills can cause home fires and you can also injure yourself. Hence, when looking for the best smokeless indoor grill, there it's essential to ensure that the grill meets the following safety requirements:

  • Protection against heat: The grill should have features such as a cool-touch surface, lid cover, and insulated handles
  • Electricity fail-safe mechanism: Some of the features to look out for are automatic shutoff, kill switch, and the power cord should be long enough for convenience, but not too long to be a hazard
  • Smokeless grilling feature: This is key if you live in an apartment and for those who suffer from asthma

f) Smoke Filter/Fan

Though they are smokeless grills, they do emit a little smoke. It's crucial to consider the ventilation of your kitchen. If it doesn't have the best ventilation, you may want to consider a smokeless grill with a built-in filter. This will help cut down on the smoke levels. You're not looking for a grill that will set off the smoke detector.

g) Versatility

Some indoor grills open flat allowing you to swap out the grill with a griddle or waffle plate. They can also be used as presses hence allowing you to double your cooking space. This is also a plus when it comes to cleaning as the plates are removable and are often dishwasher safe.

h) Price

Indoor smokeless grills tend to less expensive compared to gas grills and charcoal grills. Most smokeless indoor grills range from $50 to $150, depending on their interior capacity and the manufacturers who made them.

Their core functions include preheating, warming, and grilling. However, extra functions like defrosting and cooking specific food can add to the price, which can go as high as $400.