10 Best Gloves for Cooking to Make Food Prep Easy

You can make your food prep process more exciting and worthwhile by using the best gloves for cooking. Gloves are an essential part of every kitchen, whether commercial or private. They are used to perform different activities in the kitchen, such as dishwashing, handling hot surfaces and equipment, and handling food while cooking. The different gloves are made from different materials due to the difference in their functionalities. In addition, some are disposable, while others are reusable. Therefore, gloves are used to achieve different results.

Please keep reading to learn more concerning the best gloves for cooking.

Materials Used to Make Cooking Gloves

The gloves used for food prep are made using different materials. The different materials have different properties, which make the glove suited for different conditions of cooking. Five materials are commonly used to manufacture gloves used for cooking. The five materials include polyethylene, nitrile, vinyl, neoprene, and latex.

a). Polyethylene gloves

Poly gloves are disposable gloves used in food prep. They are very thin and the cheapest among all the gloves used in cooking. They are economical and suited for light tasks because they do not offer a lot of protection. Because they are made from polyethylene, they do not grasp around the fingers or the wrist. They are great where workers are constantly changing gloves due to unrelated prep tasks.

Poly gloves are also great for serving because their loose fit lets users slip them in and out quickly. They come in both shapes of mittens and standard gloves. However, one setback of this material is that it is weak and does not stretch. 

b). Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are also disposable gloves, but unlike polyethylene material, they are thick and offer a firm fit. They allow for fine movement of fingers because of the tremendous tactile sensitivity they provide. They come in different lengths.

The variety of their lengths, tactility and flexibility make them suited for extended periods of use. This material is best for people with a latex allergy as nitrile is comparable to latex in many ways. It provides puncture and chemical resistance better than latex, not as good as neoprene.

c). Vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves are disposable gloves that are best for people with latex allergies. It does not stretch like latex or nitrile. It comes in both thin and thick sizes and is more durable than polyethylene. However, it does not offer great tactile sensitivity like latex or nitrile and cannot be used for extended periods. In addition, it is more expensive than poly but not suited for heavy tasks.

d). Neoprene gloves

Neoprene gloves are the most robust disposable gloves that can be used for food prep. They are also the best disposable gloves used in the kitchen. They are free from latex allergens and fit the hands with excellent tactile sensitivity, and therefore can be worn for a longer time. In addition, neoprene gloves are resistant to chemicals like acids and other harsh substances.

Though standard nitrile gloves are disposable, they can be used over extended periods, and if they are used only for a small task, you can keep them and reuse them several times before disposing of them. In addition, neoprene gloves maintain their shape even in extreme kitchen temperatures of freezing and boiling.

e). Latex gloves

Latex gloves are the most popular disposable gloves used in many kitchens, both at home and in commercial kitchens. They are also the best disposable gloves and are used for many tasks besides cooking in the kitchen. They are great for food handling because they have strong tactile sensitivity, enabling fine movements of fingers. Latex gloves come in two varieties. They can be powdered or unpowered.

The powder-free gloves variety is more prevalent in the kitchen because it does not contain talcum. However, some people have sensitive skin which gets irritated by the powder. Powdered gloves have talcum powder to make them slip quickly and prevent sticking. In addition, they protect the hands from contaminating the and foods from cross-contamination.

1. Kexle Cooking Latex Gloves

 The kexle cooking gloves are standard nitrile gloves that work best for medium to long food prep tasks. They provide you with safety when working with slippery surfaces and equipment because of the textured fingertips. In addition, they are highly resistant to tears and do not contain latex allergens that irritate sensitive skin.

  • They are suited for medium to long food prep tasks
  • You can dispose of them after task completion
  • They are cheap and suitable for light-duty tasks
  • The gloves fit the title on the hand and fingers
  • Latex-free material
  • Puncture resistant
  • Sold in bulk
  • They will cost you more money than other gloves like polyethylene gloves
  • Limited color options
  • Only sold in bulk

2. Infi-Touch Nitrile Gloves

Infi-touch nitrile gloves are also standard nitrile gloves, and like the kexle, you can use them for other tasks besides food prep. You can use them to handle food because you can slip them in and out with minimal effort. The inside is made from acrylic and prevents the skin from touching, thus reducing the harm to people with sensitive skin experience. It offers better puncture resistance than most latex and vinyl gloves. It has a textured fingertip for grip, excellent for handling slippery restaurant equipment.

  • Comes in bulk
  • Easy to slip in and out
  • Does not contain all
  • Powder-free gloves and does not cause allergic reactions
  • Puncture resistant and protect most chemicals
  • Disposable gloves
  • You cannot choose colors because there are limited colors available
  • Does not protect from heat

3. Framar Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves

Framar Powder Free Nitrile Gloves – 12 INCH Black Gloves Disposable...
  • Durable – 12 Inch long Nitrile Gloves in our classic Black Color. Strong and thick enough to stretch without tearing, pinching, smelling,...
  • Convenient – These powder free gloves feature a rolled cuff and are finely textured with good sensitivity, dexterity, flexibility and a...
  • Comfortable Fit – Fits like your own skin with excellent protection against liquids, gases, oils, grease, glass, and sharp objects. These...
  • Easy To Use – Ambidextrous (fits right or left hand) unlike Rubber gloves. Consistent quality and reliability unlike thin vinyl gloves....
  • Multi Purpose – These Latex Free gloves can be used as hair coloring gloves, work gloves, gardening gloves, dishwashing gloves, cleaning...

These are not your standard nitrile gloves. They are 12 inches long and, when worn, will cover part of your arms. They are more robust than latex gloves and vinyl gloves and are suitable for long food prep tasks.

  • Chemical resistant
  • Excellent protection due to length

4. Clinivex Clear Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Clinivex Disposable Gloves, Box of 100pcs, Clear Vinyl Gloves...
  • DISPOSABLE VINYL GLOVES: Clinivex Disposable Vinyl Gloves combine dexterity and comfort while providing an effective barrier against dirt...
  • LATEX & POWDER FREE: Latex-free for people with sensitive skin. Powder-free leaves no residue on hands and helps reduce irritation.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Lighter and softer than standard vinyl gloves with a rolled cuff for easy opening, quick donning, and removal. Ambidextrous...
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Ideal for applications which require frequent glove changes including, industrial use, food preparation, household...
  • GLOVE SIZES: Non elastic. They are available in multiple size. Please reference the sizing chart in the product description below. Each box...

Clinivex Disposable Vinyl Gloves provide dexterity and comfort while also acting as a dirt barrier during light tasks. If you have sensitive skin, this product is latex-free. Powder-free formulation leaves no residue on hands and reduces discomfort.

These gloves are lighter and softer than standard vinyl gloves with a rolled cuff for easy opening, donning, and removal. In addition, each glove's ambidextrous construction allows it to fit comfortably on either hand.

They are suitable for industrial use, food preparation, household cleaning, repairs, painting, beauty & salon, pet care, and other applications that demand regular glove changes. They are non-elastic and come in a variety of sizes.

5. EDI Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Edi disposable gloves provide excellent full-barrier protection when cleaning or handling food. Dirt, scents, and liquids should not come into touch with your hands.

They glide over your hands without sticking or leaving a residue. They're also free of latex! As a result, they are among the best disposable gloves for food preparation, household cleaning, hair coloring, pet grooming, and other sanitary tasks.

Both the left and right hands are accommodated. Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes are available, so there's something for everyone!

  • Multifunctional
  • Powder and latex-free
  • Accommodates both hands
  • Thin
  • May stick to your skin

6. Medpride Vinyl Medical, Food Handling Gloves

Medpride gloves feature a 4.3-millimeter thickness that allows them to fit comfortably in any hand and provides outstanding puncture resistance for medical applications. In addition, the gloves are composed of thick vinyl and provide excellent tactile sensitivity for handling equipment without the worry of puncture.

MedPrides Gloves are incredibly adaptable and can be used by various occupations, including physicians, food vendors, painters, law enforcement officers, and pet care. When handling chemicals, body fluids, or blood, the gloves provide outstanding protection against contamination for a clinician.

  • Different sizes
  • Sturdy
  • Safe for handling food
  • Available in one color only

7. Sunset Vinyl Gloves for Food Service

The Sunset Brands Gloves are among the best gloves for cooking. This is a pair of foodservice gloves that are 100% food safe and ideal for handling food in both commercial and domestic settings. The gloves are non-sterile, latex-free, and powder-free, making them ideal for dishwashing, cooking, sandwich prep, and even counter work. Even better, the gloves are rip-proof, sturdy, and very tight, so they won't readily rip apart.

  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Approved for use by food handlers
  • Recyclable
  • Single-use

8. Juvale Plastic Disposable Gloves for Cooking

100 Pack Disposable Gloves for Food Handling, Meal Prep, Cooking,...
  • Serving Gloves Disposable: These transparent gloves are ideal for any messy projects you might have; including cooking, serving and handling...
  • Perfect For: The restaurant food preparation gloves are made of durable plastic and will help keep your hands dry and protected while...
  • Easy to Use: The single-use plastic food gloves ensure that you still have a maximum range of movement
  • Convenient and Comfortable: This pack of gloves for crafts are slide on easily, allowing for greater convenience and ease of use
  • Sizing: One size fits most; these clear gloves extend to cover part of the wrist as well to provide further protection from splashes and...

Juvale gloves are some of the best disposable gloves for cooking, and you will enjoy using them as they're simple and easy to use. They are transparent and ideal for most projects, not just cooking. In addition, you can use them while painting and cleaning.

Juvale disposable gloves are comfortable and convenient; they easily slide on, giving you an easy time while using them. One size fits many. They also extend to cover a part of your wrist to provide enough protection from splashes and messes.

These disposable gloves for cooking are also latex-free and come in packs of 100 pieces.

  • Versatile
  • Protective
  • Bigger than normal size

9. Brandon's Disposable Polyethylene Gloves

Disposable Food Prep Gloves - 500 Piece Plastic Food Safe Disposable...
  • Size:11.2 inches*9.8 inches . Suitable for everyone's size. Including the palms of adults and children.
  • Color :transparent. Gloves.25*28.5(cm),Thick Poly PE.Gloves thicker, bacterial isolation, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Suitable for: kitchen food handling
  • Super quantity: 500 PCS!5 packages, 100 pack.
  • Environmental PE material, non-toxic, hygienic. No rubber, no odor.each:0.7g/1Pcs

Brandon's 11.2 inches by 9.8 inches gloves are suitable for people of all sizes, including adults and children's palms. They are transparent gloves. Thick Poly PE, 25*28.5(cm). Thicker gloves with bacterial isolation are also environmentally friendly and recyclable.

These single-use gloves are suitable for various uses, including food handling, cleaning and are also an excellent option if you are looking for gloves to pet your dog.

If you want to buy gloves that will not need replacement until after a few months, go with this. You will be wearing a few pairs per day, but they will still take longer to get finished as they come in a pack of 500 pieces. It contains five packages, with each carrying 100 pieces. PE material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and hygienic. It also does not include rubber.

  • A pack contains 500 pieces
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Suitable for all palm sizes

10. Chef's Star Disposable Latex Gloves

New Disposable Latex Gloves, Powder Free (100 Gloves Per Box) (Medium)
  • Powder Free Latex Gloves
  • Ambidextrous - perfect for right or left handed use | Perfect fit for optimal protection and comfort.
  • Anti-tear, Anti-Rip, Anti-Abrasion properties | Beaded cuff to increase tear resistance.
  • Food Processing, Repairs, Pet Care, Auto Care, and much more!
  • 100 gloves per box | Brand may vary

Chef's Star gloves are also among the best gloves for cooking and are powder-free. They are latex gloves that you can wear during any food prep process. You will also love them as they are ambidextrous, meaning that you can wear them on either hand. The fit is also perfect for optimal protection, so your hands will be safe as you prepare the meals.

These disposable gloves also have anti-slip, anti-tear and anti-abrasion features. This lengthens their life during use, so you don't have to use several of them while cooking. The cuff is also beaded, and this increases resistance to tear.

You can use them for food processing, pet care, auto care and repairs, among other uses. They come packed in 100 pieces.

  • Come in a pack of 100 pieces
  • Anti-tear features
  • You can use it on the left or right hand

What Should You Consider When Buying the Best Gloves for Cooking?

To get the best gloves for cooking, you will need to put a few factors in mind. This helps you while deciding on the type of gloves that are most suitable for you. Some factors to consider are discussed below.

a). Durability and Thickness

Gloves are available in a variety of mil thicknesses. A mil, or gauge, is a thousandth of an inch of thickness. The gauge of most disposable gloves for household use is between 2 and 8 mils. Gloves with a thinner gauge (between 2 and 4 mils) provide more agility and flexibility but are less durable. Gloves with a thickness of 6 mils or more are less flexible but provide better protection.

b). Size

Gloves that don't fit properly are less comfortable and won't protect your hands as well. A glove that is appropriately fitted will provide gripping power while also reducing hand fatigue. Latex and nitrile gloves are slightly more flexible than vinyl or poly gloves in terms of hand movement.

The majority of disposable gloves are available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra big. First, ensure you get the proper size by measuring your hand. Take your measurement in inches by wrapping a tape measure around your palm at its widest point. This will give you an idea of the size you'll require.

c). Powdered Vs. Powder-Free

Cornstarch powder is added to some disposable latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves, making them easier to put on and preventing the gloves from adhering together and to your skin. Powdered gloves are what they're called, and they're labeled as such on the container.

Powder-free gloves are more challenging to remove, and getting a solid grip on a small item in a powder-free glove might be challenging. Powder-free gloves are more expensive than powdered gloves. Chemical, water, and oil resistance are usually more fantastic with powder-free choices.

d). Skin Sensitivity

Disposable gloves can cause skin irritation or allergic responses since they usually fit closely against your skin. In addition, because certain people are allergic to latex, latex gloves are more likely to irritate other materials. Nitrile, vinyl, poly, and neoprene are less prone to irritate the skin or produce allergic responses.

Powdered gloves might irritate the skin; however, non-powdered disposable gloves are readily available. Stick to non-powder disposable nitrile and vinyl gloves if you have sensitive skin.

Getting the best gloves for cooking makes food prep fun and safe. Therefore, you can get yourself a pair from our list above.