Best Tanning Lotion for Sensitive Skin

Aside from easily applicable, self-tanned, you sing lotions are non-messy, cheaper, and safer because they act quickly. No wonder this is the best option to achieve that Golden tan glow instantly.

Out of the available kinds and brands of tanning lotions, the California Tan is one of the best.

This is a set of assorted indoor tanning lotions that is very in-demand this 2021. They have 10 assorted brands, which include the bronzers. Their textures are soft in smooth and glide on the skin. I think this product also contained coconut oil, which is also good for typing up this skin.


Ø Long lasting results

Ø Travel-friendly

Ø Absorbs quickly

Ø Do not streak

Ø Hydrates and moisturizes the skin.



Recommendations before tanning:

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your entire body before applying any self-tanner for an even tan.

2. Moisturize your skin.

Moisturizing your body before getting self-tanned will leave your skin soft and a natural-looking tan. It will look flawless, clean, and glowing.

3. Apply some oil to the driest part of the body.

The Driest areas of your body will catch all the pigment more than your entire body that will look so uneven and unclean. Coconut oil is the best option.

4. Apply tanners in cool and dry places.

Humidity, water, or even sweat can breakdown the self-tanner. That will lead to creating a big mess.

5. Contour some parts of your face and body.

By doing this, your application will look so natural. It’s creating and enhancing the natural shadows of your body.

6. Use a sponge to blend the tanners.

Before putting the tanner lotions On your entire body, blend it first, then apply it evenly on your body and blended especially to the parts that tend to create more.

7. Use mitt stick.

It will help you easily apply hard to reach areas, like your back.

8. Choose a tanner with Aloe Vera ingredient.

Aloe Vera will help your tan look healthier because it hydrates the skin throughout the process. If you have a sensitive type, look for a lotion that is oil-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and paraben-free. On the other hand, if you have a dry skin type, look for lotions that have oil as its main ingredient.

List of Runner-Ups for Best Tanning Lotion for Sensitive Skin

1. St. Tropez 'Self Tan' Classic Bronzing Mousse

Bad self tans usually affects a streaky and uneven tan, and one of the best ways to avoid this is to use a mousse. This product has a lightweight texture that evenly tans and smooths out your skin even the hard-to-reach areas such as the knuckles, elbows, and knees.

2. Charlotte Tilbury: Supermodel Body Slimmer Shimmer

Charlotte Tilbury is a a celebrity make-up artist so she decided to launch this product that is best to achieve the best natural-looking tan just like you're one of the runway models. This product is a good choice if you want a tan just for the night.

3. La Mer's Soleil de La Mer "The Face and Body Gradual Tan"

this product has a combination of the restorative powers of the luxury skincare brand with a soft and even tan. The most amazing part is you can use the lotion at least once every day until you got the result of bronzing you are aiming for!

4. Alpha Beta Glow Pad Intense Glow by Dr. Dennis Gross 

Another best and easy way to apply a tanner to your body and especially to the face is by using "glow pads". These Alpha Beta pads from Dr. Dennis Gross contain hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate your skin, ensuring that your tan is even.

Are You Experienced in Tanning?

Summer is near. Are you ready to show off your sexy skin and hot tone? Fair-skinned ladies might answer "not yet." Mostly, having a tan skin is considered as the definition of hot and sexy. That's why many are asking for the best lotion that will help them to achieve a natural tan look. Worry no more. This post discusses the best lotion to have a dark tan look.

There are different tanning lotions. We also have different skin types. That's why it is important to look for a lotion that is paraben-free. Also, make sure to opt for a lotion that is free from chemicals. This is an essential aspect to take into consideration, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

Scientifically, DHA Is a water-soluble substance that is used for microbiological factors and capable of further oxidation. This is considered and included on the list of the best cosmetic components by the FDA (Food and drug administration). One of the most recognizable characteristics of DHA is its ability to form color compounds whenever contact with human skin. {Draelos and Zoe, 2002}

This whole process of tanning results from the influence of heat with the participation of amino acids and reduced sugar that increases its concentration to react with amino acids that result in the obtaining of yellow to brown colors.

For some who were naturally born with letters skin tones, maybe they do. Well, using lotion for tanning could be the best product for you. For those who don't know, tanning is a process where skin color is being darkened, which is most often than naturally by the exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight Yes, sunlight and indoor ultraviolet (UV) Induced dining is a very usual behavior especially with individuals with lighter skin. But it's obviously, risky. Too much sun exposure may lead to several health risks such as skin cancers, skin aging, malignant Melanoma, etc. although It also has a lot of benefits, which of course the vitamin D production and improved mood. People who have maximized sun exposure might be observing little changes in their looks, not only on their skin color. They may be having wrinkles already, so some are considering taking anti-aging remedies or anti-aging products. Well, you should know that frequent exposure to sunlight accelerates skin aging.

Many are drawn into self-tanners, indoor tanning. Teens preferred in their tanning because it decreases the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging from too much exposure to direct sunlight. An alternative to UV Dining is sunless tanning, which markets one of the best products like spray tans and tanning lotions. This product contains the dihydroxyacetone (DHA), Which reacts to stain the skin brown.

As the world is modernized, these are now the new or artificial sources or ways of self-tanning to prevent those risks such as standing lamp found in indoor tanning beds, the spray dance, or one of the best is the tanning lotions.

Common Types of Tanning Lotion

1. Tingle Lotions

These lotions are often used by those who are frequent in coming to indoor tanning salons on a regular basis. This type of tanning lotion is good for those who have sensitive skin. It comes with very powerful active ingredients that bring more oxygen into the skin cells so the person can enjoy a better, longer-lasting time.

2. Accelerator and maximizer tanning lotions

This kind of is the best choice for those who are new to dark tanning. This contains more moisturizers than other lotions, which helps the skin hydrated. That being said, this is a good product for those who want to perform self-dark tanning. Whether you have sensitive skin or dry skin type, using this type of natural tanning lotion will help you to achieve that natural tan. When it comes to its natural tanning process, this tanning lotion is one of the best self-tanners anyone should try. It contains natural ingredients that will help you to achieve that natural and dark tan look.

3. Bronzers

This lotion works in a different way, but it's also a type of tanning lotion that is good for sensitive skin. This works more as a contour on the own even then, but of course, there are also a variety of bronzers, so it’s important to meet your needs and skin types best.

What Time is Good for Sensitive Skin?

Well, everyone should use their tan lotion before they begin with an indoor tanning session. That’s why it is very important to find what suits your skin type. So, make sure that you know what type of skin you have. By finding one that’s best for you, you are protecting yourself and keeping your skin look more natural and healthier glowing.

The thing about tanning lotions is that they are responsible for developing a longer-lasting and natural tan look. Look for the best dark tanning lotions that contain natural ingredients. If you are looking for the best self-tanner, make sure that it is paraben-free and free from other types of oil, excluding seed oil. There are different types of oil that you can see in a tanning lotion; hemp oil, coconut oil, and many more. Know that there are special ingredients present in those formulas, and those ingredients are not all made up of vitamins, antioxidants, natural extracts like Shea Butter, etc. So, there are chemical artificial ingredients, such as fragrances, alcohols, and even preservatives. Those ingredients sometimes happen to be a trigger for sensitive skin, which results to some skin irritations, each and acne breakouts.

The good thing is that people are aware of that and made some costumed self-tanner lotions that are free from harmful ingredients for those who have a sensitive skin. These lotions are hypoallergenic, which means it’s infused with skin-friendly and organic ingredients.

An example of a tanning lotion that’s good for sensitive skins is the super a tan hempz dark tan maximizer. The latter Is intensely hydrating because it’s got the pure and natural version of hemp seed oil, which is particularly responsible for infusing moisture into your skin. Yes. It will give you a tanned skin free from drying. These natural soothing ingredients such as oatmeal, Shea butter, and hemp seed oil brings a radiant-looking, smooth glow. On top of that, it is fragrance-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and hypoallergenic. Perfect for sensitive skin!

What Tanning Lotion Makes You the Darkest?

You are now aware that there are several types of tanning lotions, and I bet you don’t know what time to pick to turn your skin into the darkest one, right?

Well, the best self-tanner lotion is the bronzer type. These tan lotions are simply the best to fair-skinned tanning enthusiasts. The result is dark bronze all the time, regardless of your skin type or tone. There are a lot of bronzers to choose from for different skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. An example of this is the Hempz Dark DHA Bronzer. This lotion tanning contains natural pure hemp seed oil for a long lasting dark tan.

Although this fake dance or tanning lotions are mostly safe, there are also people who cannot use fake tans.

How Do You Know If You Are Allergic to Fake Tan?

Fake dance absorbed into the skin very quickly when applied. Your skin will likely develop a darker skin tone with zero streaks, even if you have fair skin. But how about when you have an allergy to fake tans?

One of the most fun times of the year is summer – A time for beaches, sun, waves, and tans. Admit it. We are all dreaming of a bronzed tan In summer, which looks absolutely fine and sexy. Of course, self-tanning is a quick and easiest way to get that Golden glow we wanted. You just have the lather On a bottle of self-tan into your skin, and that’s it! But for some of those who have a very sensitive skin, this is surely not the best option.

If you have a very sensitive skin, you need to be mindful of the ingredients of a self-tanner lotion. One of the ingredients you need to avoid is paraben. Also, make sure that you will opt for the tanning lotion that is sensitive, skin-friendly, and free from chemicals that might trigger your allergy.

There are plenty of reasons why skin reacts to various products. That is why it’s always important to consider what would be the effects of whatever product he put under your skin because it may affect your health in both the short and long-term periods. Also, consider that it can depend on your skin type, the chemicals in the product, or even just of the condition of your skin on that day you put that on.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Fake Tan Allergy?

Of all the population, only about 2 in every 100,000 people are allergic to DHA, Regardless if it’s synthetic or natural.

Take note that reactions could be the result of not only the ingredients the tanners contain but also some other factors which include your skin itself. Another is your diet and skincare routine. The way our skin changes, the reactions from products come along.

An obvious sign that you may be having a reaction after applying a self-test is the feeling of extremely irritated skin or itchiness. Different people may have different reactions. Some may have occurred instantly, while others take a few hours after their skin has adjusted and absorbed the product. Your skin will feel and look drier than usual, which will surely result to itching.

You have to consider contact dermatitis and eczema because these are the two things that usually not into fake tans. These skin conditions will have a very big impact or not only how your fake tans applied But also how it makes your skin look and feel.

How to Avoid A Reaction?

A self-tanner is obviously the best choice to achieve the bronze glow without all of the harmful effects of the sun rays. But we should be aware that these products also come with their own harmful effects. Many users complained about some minor issues with these products; it includes is spotting or just orange hands. While others had some serious issues such as rashes, itching, and many skin problems when absorbed to the skin. Precautions, however, can help. One of these is the preparation of your skin. You have to cleanse your skin very well. A clean surface will absolutely avoid such reactions. This is an important one. Read labels even before buying anything. By doing this, you lessen the possibilities and chances Boo irritates your skin. Being aware of its contents and ingredients helps you distinguish products that don’t suit your skin type. Also, consider looking for self-tanners with perfume-free, because they are a gentler and greater alternative for everyone, especially for those who are concerned about rushes or those people who have sensitive skin.

In addition, try using tinted lotion. This is also a great alternative if your skin is too sensitive. These tinted lotions might be slower to darken and thus need more applications in order to help your skin achieve that and appearance with no reactions at all.

Every legitimate tanning product on the market has its own individual containers. At the back of their containers are the least of the ingredients the product has. Every ingredient has the exact measurement of how many percent they contain. The higher up the product is on the list, the more it contains. Usually, the first ingredients on the list are water, look for the second one, is that ingredient is harsh for you, try avoiding this. Look for a more natural product.

It’s also very important to conduct a patch test. Before applying any self-tan to your body, you can apply a small amount to a tiny part of your skin and leave it there for an overnight period. Then, observe what happened to that part of your skin after leaving it for hours. If it reacts such as redness, itchiness, or even a burning feeling, then it means that you are allergic to it. Do not apply to do your entire body.

If your skin still reacts to the products after this, consider visiting and consulting a specialist for professional medical help.


If you still develop pressures even after doing all the precautions, you might be allergic to the tanning agent in general. Then, you just need to avoid using these tanners.


Given the fact that each one of us has a unique skin tone and compositions, it is important to listen to our bodies, first. The types of these products may also vary from the types of our skin. Name them to avoid ingredients that are not good for your tan. However, the most important thing we should always remember this spite of these technologies is the acceptance and love we give to ourselves regardless of what color of the skin we have. Both light/white and dark/brown skin are beautiful.

Though there are lots of self-tanners available on the market, picking the best tanning lotion is quite hard. When looking for the best self-tanner, you need to look not at the brand, but at the ingredients it contains. You need to look for a tanning lotion that is free from chemicals and parabens. Of course, having a natural tan skin tone is one of the dreams of many, especially those girls with fair and light skin complexion.

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