Best Setting Powders for Dry Skin: 2022’s Best Picks

Setting powders are able to control shine, fix make-up, and conceal unattractive breakouts. With that said, they’re not all made equal, and some offer better concealment than others.

Every skin type needs a specific beauty regiment, and you have to use make-up that is suited to your unique skin. In this guide, we will be looking at three of the best setting powders for dry skin. All of the products discussed here are easy to apply, create seamless concealment, and are great for dry skin types.

Best Setting Powders for Dry Skin Reviews

Dermablend Loose Setting Powder

Dermablend is a trusted brand, and this make-up-locking setting powder is very popular all over the world. You can find it in three different shades, and it works very well on dry skin. It will lock in your foundation for 16 hours. Additionally, Dermablend Loose Setting Powder protects from transferring and smudging.


This setting powder contains silica, which is a mineral that is found in granite, clay, and sandstone, as well as animal and plant parts. It is the silica that absorbs moisture to give you a matte and velvety smooth finish.

Dermablend is often used by professional make-up artists for its great performance as a setting powder.

You’ll notice that your foundation lasts longer and looks better when you use this setting powder.

Another great thing about this product is how much you get - a lot more than with many similar powders. Applying the powder is easy, and it gives you a professional, poreless appearance.

Although it is ideal for dry skin, just about anyone can use this setting powder because it’s suitable for all skin types and skin tones.

Overall, the powder has a lightweight feel and you won’t be left with any cakiness or cracked product. Many users say they don’t feel the powder at all - something that can be appreciated since it lasts for more than half a day.

The only drawback that can be noticed with this setting powder is that it can be a bit messy. It is recommended that you don’t use it while wearing an outfit you’re hoping to keep clean.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Poreless and matte appearance
  • Protects from smudging and transferring
  • Lasts up to 16 hours
  • Ideal for all skin tones and types
  • More product than many other powders


  • Can be a bit messy to apply

Aesthetica Translucent Setting Powder

If you’re looking for a talc-free setting powder, you might not have to look further than Aesthetica Translucent Setting Powder. Although this is a high-quality make-up product, it does not have the intense price tag that would be expected.


The ingredients in this setting powder include silica and mica, which helps to absorb moisture. It has a very airy and weightless feeling on the skin that is quite pleasant and makes the powder popular everywhere.

Despite feeling so light, the powder is able to work very hard and give you a matte appearance. It doesn’t feel all clumped on and doesn’t cake up either. You can easily and confidently bake your T-zone as a result. This will give you even longer-lasting concealment.

The setting powder is not translucent, but it doesn’t have a sharp, white tint either. You won’t have to worry about ‘flashbacks’ in photographs.

Application is made so much easier with the powder puff that comes with the product. It is soft and will let you put on the powder with ease.

Since the powder is paraben-free, it does not have a specific scent, and it’s a great choice for dry or sensitive skin. The setting powder will last you all day, so there’s no need for annoying touch-ups during the day.

The powder claims to be suitable for all skins, but it should be noted that Aesthetica Translucent Setting Powder might not be as good for women of color. It could give them a white and slightly ghostly appearance.

It also tends to form creases, so it may have to be avoided if you have many laughter lines or crow’s feet.


  • Very light and airy feel
  • Long-lasting cover
  • Affordable quality
  • Easy application
  • Good for sensitive skin


  • Not entirely well-suited for women of color
  • Might form creases

TARTE Shape Tape Setting Powder

TARTE offers make-up users a setting powder that is ultra-fine and feels very luxurious. On top of looking really good, the powder helps you to blur as well as bake and set your make-up for all-day lasting cover.


You get this setting powder in two shades - translucent deep tan and translucent. As a result, the powder can be used on any skin tone with equal coverage. It is able to blur away any blemishes but does not form cracks. This is important for users with dry skin because this type of skin can easily crack with incorrect make-up products.

The powder puff that comes with the powder is very soft and plush and makes application easy and convenient.

Because the powder is light-diffusing so you won’t have to worry about a ghastly white look when photos are taken.

For make-up users who prefer to use cruelty-free and vegan products, TARTE is what they want. It is also dermatologically tested and promises to be kind to your skin. You are not left with any dry patches after applying this setting powder.

The container has a netted sifter and combined with the powder puff, there will be no spillage when you open it. The mirror also makes things a lot simpler.

While this might not be the cheapest setting powder in stores, it does go a long way. You don’t need to apply a lot of product, so your powder will last long enough to make sure it is worth your money.

Unfortunately, the powder might apply better to some parts of your face than others. It might not perform as great on the T-zone, while it does very well under the eyes, in general.


  • Easy and convenient application
  • No white shine or ‘flashbacks’
  • Feels silky and luxurious
  • Does not cake
  • Long-lasting cover


  • May not apply very well to the T-zone


Those are the top three setting powders for dry skin. You should try all of them or the one that stands out most to you and see which is your favorite. If you’re undecided, try out the Dermablend Loose Setting Powder - it is our top pick and considered one of the best by many make-up users.

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