Best Pizza Peel to Make Perfect Homemade Pizza

For all pizza lovers, pizza making is a skill all of us would love to master to enjoy the sensation of flavor with the extra crust softness. However, the magic of it all is thanks to a handy accessory known as the pizza peel, which helps make the surroundings like an oven spring, allowing heat to rise rapidly from the bottom and hence cooking the perfect pizza. Read on to understand more about the best pizza peels.

What is a Pizza Peel?

A pizza peel, also known as a pizza paddle, is a tool designed for transferring pizza from a working surface where it has been assembled into the hot oven. It can also be used to turn your pizza to get an even bake and get the pizza out of your oven when it's done. Pizza peels feature two main elements and include the flat carrying surface and the handle.

A carrying surface, also known as the blade of the pizza paddle, is where pizza is placed, and therefore this area has to be large enough to hold the pizza you are baking. These carrying surfaces are usually made from metal or wood, and when you hear of the wooden or metal peel, it's about the material of the carrying surface.

On the other hand, the handle has two main functions: to extend the paddle reach and offer a stable grip. Since the pizza peel is to be used in a hot oven, you need the handle to comfortably push your pizza inside the oven without burning your hands. However, since there are many pizza peels in the market, it can be hard to find the best, and we have made that more accessible for you. We have researched and reviewed the best pizza peels with their pros and cons and have also included a buying guide to help you know the features to look out for.

1. New Star Foodservice 50295 Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel

New Star Foodservice 50295 Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel, 16" L x...
  • Sturdy, durable, and lightweight basswood with a fine, even texture ensures our peels are less prone to cracking & free of secreting oils...
  • Wood peels feature a tapered half-inch blade designed to easily slide under, and lift pizza from a distance
  • Smooth even texture keeps peels free of secreting oils that make their way into your food, separating this product from all other...
  • Available in various lengths and sizes; Hand wash only peels are simple and easy to clean
  • Perfect for lifting pizzas, cakes, bread, cupcakes or muffin pans out of the oven, while keeping hands and arms away from the heat.

New Star Foodservice wooden peel is the best pizza peel on our list, and for a good reason. It has a paddle made from lightweight balsa wood, which is robust enough to give you excellent service, and it also comes in different shapes and sizes. This allows users to get the best wooden pizza peels for their pizza oven or pizza stone, and they include a tapered half-inch blade that slides under to lift your pizza from a distance.

New Star Foodservice wooden peel has a silky smooth texture, and this means you won't get any oils leaching from the wood into your cooked pie slice. So not only is it ideal for pizza, but it can also streamline baking cakes, cookies, bread and muffins and everything else you can imagine.

  • Smooth and even texture
  • Ideal for various baked goods
  • Lightweight but rugged
  • Durable but affordable make
  • The wood used is soft and untreated

2. American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel

American Metalcraft Medium Blade Pizza Peels (Multiple Sizes)
  • Made in USA. Easily slide out pizzas with 14-gauge aluminum blade
  • Wooden handle offers comfortable grip and ensures safety
  • Durable aluminum blade is perfect for making extra large-sized pizzas
  • Lightweight construction for easy to use and cleaning
  • Create a more rustic and authentic presentation for serving

American Metalcraft Aluminum peel is an excellent peel that helps users slide out pizzas using the 14-gauge aluminum blade. The pizza peel also features a 10-inch wooden handle for a safe and comfortable grip. The aluminum blade is suitable enough for making medium-sized pizzas, and it has triple rivets for added reinforcement, which guarantees you that the peel will last a long while.

American Metalcraft Aluminum peel has a lightweight construction to allow easy use, cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the American Metalcraft super peel creates a rustic and authentic serving and presentation, and it can be a serving board for the pizza slices.

  • Contoured handle design that gives a sleek, smooth, safe and comfortable grip
  • It has a wide surface that makes it suitable for the medium-sized pizzas
  • Lightweight construction
  • It can act as a serving platter
  • It has an aluminum coating that starts to peel off after every use

3. Chef Pomodoro Aluminum 9-Inch Turning Pizza Peel with Detachable Wood Handle

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum 9-Inch Turning Pizza Peel with Detachable Wood...
  • ✅ EASY HANDLING: Chef Pomodoro’s 9” Aluminum Turning Peel is designed for easy maneuvering and rotating your pizza in a scorching hot...
  • ✅ PREVENT BURNS: The hidden secret to cooking the perfect pizza in a piping hot oven is uniform cooking. A turning peel is a must-have to...
  • ✅ DETACHABLE HANDLE: The long natural wooden handle is detachable in two parts and can extend all the way to 47”. Its long length...
  • ✅ BUILT FROM QUALITY: Starting from the hard anodized aluminum head, the peel can withstand extremely high temperatures. FInished with a...
  • ✅ USAGE: Prior to use, sprinkle with cornmeal, wheat bran, or flour to prevent sticking. Designed for universal use, it’s compatible...

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum pizza peel is a small 9-inch rotating pizza peel that allows you to move your pizza with a lot of ease even when operating in a wood-fired oven. The pizza peel features an aluminum, durable and lightweight blade that can withstand harsh temperatures. It also has a tapered edge that makes it easier to navigate when making pizza.

Chef Pomodoro contrasts the blade with a wood handle that gives a user maximum control when working with pizza dough or premade pizzas, and this ensures as much as the aluminum surface is hot, the handle will stay cool to the touch.

  • Hard anodized aluminum head
  • Detachable wooden handle that can serve as a giant spatula
  • Tapered edge helps to encourage sliding
  • The wood handle has weak threads

4. TOSCANA - a Picnic Time Brand Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

TOSCANA - a Picnic Time Brand Acacia Wood Pizza Peel
  • Pizza Peel by TOSCANA - a Picnic Time brand; Features beautiful acacia wood construction
  • Flat paddle design for safely transferring pizza or bread to countertop from a hot oven
  • Tapered handle offers comfort in the hand and a steady grip; Integrated hole in the handle for hanging while not in use
  • Surface wash pizza server with damp cloth; Measures 22.3 by 13.8 by .5 inches
  • Backed by the Picnic Time Family of Brands BUILT TO LAST Lifetime Pledge to repair or replace if defective for any reason

TOSCANA Acacia Wood Pizza Peel is the best pizza peel if you are looking to get value for your money, and it comes shaped like a giant paddle with a smooth finish, and hence it won't stick to raw pizza dough. The wooden handle is a great length for any home oven, and the beveled edge all around makes it easy to slip under your pizza. With the 14 inches width, the pizza peel makes even larger pizzas, and the handle has a hole on its end that allows easy hanging storage.

TOSCANA Acacia Wood Pizza Peel is versatile enough to double as a serving board for your pizza and makes a beautiful cheese or charcuterie board. In addition, the pizza peel includes a lifetime manufacturer's guarantees making the beautiful acacia wood peel worth the investment.

  • Flat peel for an easy transfer
  • Ergonomic and contoured handle
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Beveled edge to make pizza easily slide
  • Smooth surface that will ensure there's no raw dough sticking
  • It is not sanded properly

5. Honey Can Do Fldng Pizza Peel

Honey Can Do Fldng Pizza Peel Wdn Hndle 14" KCH-08436 Silver
  • Safely place pizza far back in the hottest section of the oven
  • Can also be used with bread, pastries or vegetables
  • Swivel handle breaks peel down for easier storage
  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting aluminum
  • Dimensions: Carrying surface measures 14 x 16-inches

Honey Can Do is a food-grade aluminum pizza peel that features a flat paddle and a smooth wood foldable handle that swivels down for easy storage when not in use. It is a thin and lightweight square paddle that is spacious enough to hold a sizable pizza and thin enough to slide easily between the baking pizza stone and the crust. The handle is short enough to allow a user maximum control but also lengthy enough to keep their fingers away from the heat while letting the dough slide to the furthest reach of your oven.

The Honey Can Do pizza peel has a removable, foldable wooden handle and even though the aluminum peel is not dishwasher safe, the two parts can be hand washed separately. In addition, it has an aluminum blade, which guarantees you will not get rust and will have a non-stick surface suitable for sliding pizza or removing pizza in and out of the oven.

  • It has an aluminum blade
  • Multipurpose super peel as its one of the wooden peels that can work as a wooden cutting board
  • Detachable swivel handle
  • The pizza peel features a hole in the handle for easy hanging and saving storage space.
  • The peel comes out smaller than it looks
  • Not dishwasher safe

How Do You Prevent the Dough from Sticking to the Pizza Peel?

You should cover the pizza peel with flour, cornmeal, or any recommended seasoning other than oil before placing the dough on the peel. In addition, don't knead or manipulate your dough on the peel and try to prepare it before and keep it moving the peel under the dough at regular intervals.

Also, to increase the lifespan of the wooden peel, you should follow the manual carefully and don't use an abrasive cleaner to wash it and avoid prolonged soaking. You should always spray your wooden peels top with oil to fill any pores and let it dry before using it, and also don't let the peel stay inside the oven for long periods.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Pizza Peel

1. Materials

Pizza peels use three primary materials, and they include:

a). Wood

Wood is a traditional material, and the natural texture or rough surface helps create airflow under the pizza. Better airflow allows pizza to slide off the peel and into your oven quickly. Wood is also used as a cutting board once you get your pizza off the oven and even though wood peels may require regular sealing with oil to protect and maintain the surface. Wooden pizza peels are thicker and heavier than metal pizza peels, and if not maintained properly, the wood can easily crack if it receives a lot of moisture or heat.

b). Metal

There are common metals used to make pizza peels: stainless steel and aluminum, and hence more metal peels are more durable than wood, and they will need little maintenance other than handwashing. Aluminum peels are lightweight and easy to maneuver than wood or composite peels, but the pizza crust can stick to the metal and make it difficult to slide your uncooked pizza off the peel. Metal peels with perforated surfaces will be better because they help reduce suction and allow pizza to slide off easily. If the surface is not perforated, you can dust the peel with cornflour or line the peel with parchment paper.

c). Composite

Composite pizza peels usually are made of wood mixed with resin, and the resin material works to add strength and therefore, these peels are usually thinner than wood products. As a result, it has a textured surface, and it promotes airflow under your pizza and helps slide it into the oven. However, consider that composite pizza peels may be heavy, limiting the size and type of oven and the handle length.

2. Shape

Pizza peels come in either a round, rectangular or square shape, where some pizza peels have a square shape and a round front. Square is the traditional shape that offers the best use of space, but the round peels allow pizza to be picked from the sides and not the front. Rectangular pizzas are suitable for two pizzas or a large rectangular pizza.

3. Handle Length

For most home cooks, a short-handled pizza peel will work well in a standard home oven, and the peel will need to reach far enough to slide in and remove the pizza. Long handles are beneficial in large ovens, which for a home would mean an outdoor oven for you to keep about 4 or 5 inches away from the door.

4. Surface

Some pizza peels feature a solid blade surface, while others feature perforated carrying surfaces where the perforated surfaces allow any excess flour to separate from the pizza dough. If the flour is not separated, the flour will burn in the hot oven, and it will create smoke and may even taint the pizza crust and result in an unwanted flavor.

5. Thickness

Thin pizza peels are considered better because they make it easy to move your pizza around, and they are also easy to slide under your pizza when moving it from your oven. If your peel is too thin, then the surface will be flimsy for purpose, and therefore you should get this feature right when shopping for the best pizza peels. If you opt for a thick wood peel, ensure it has tapered edges, and this will make it easy for you to lift your pizza without needing any additional tools.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Pizza Peels

1. What are other excellent pizza peels not mentioned above?

Some of them include the Checkered Chef Pizza Peel and Pizza Royale.

2. Which is better between wooden peels or metal peels?

Both of the peels have their benefits and disadvantages, and in an ideal world, everyone should have both of them. However, a metal pizza peel is the best choice if you only have one, as it's the most versatile option. On the other hand, all wood peels work great for transferring your pizza into the oven as the dough doesn't stick as much to the dusted wooden surface.

However, the thickness of wood peels makes them unsuitable for turning pizza or getting it from the oven, where a thin metal pizza peel will make this work super straightforward. Keep this in mind when shopping for the best pizza peel for your next pizza party.

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