5 Best Over-The-Toilet Storage Options in 2022

Do you have a small toilet that lacks storage? Or do you want to re-organize your bathroom to fit in extra essentials? Our article discusses the best over-the-toilet storage shelves and racks you can include in your bathroom and change the outlook while utilizing space.

There are plenty of great over-the-toilet storage solutions in the market; we have selected a few that will boost your bathroom storage without changing its layout. You can also DIY some of these wood pieces if you are on a tight budget or have time. Let's get into the article.

Benefits of Over-the-Toilet Storage Racks/Shelves

1. It Utilizes the Space

The area above your toilet plays a vital role in the toilet's interior decor. This space is always empty, but you can transform it to make it useful.

If you do not have enough storage space in your washroom, it is time you start thinking of putting shelves over the toilet. These shelves help in storing extra bathroom materials such as soaps, towels, or toilet paper.

2. It Helps Re-Design Your Toilet.

Some of the over-the-toilet racks listed in the article will make your bathroom space look modern and revamped. If you have a basic bathroom, you should try them instead of traditional toilet racks and see your toilet transform aesthetically.

3. It Makes Working in the Bathroom Easier

Most of these over-the-toilet storage options are available in different forms and sizes. They are made of wide shelves where you place your essentials. When you place items on these shelves, you can easily locate them or reach out without dropping them. Organizing your stuff in a bathroom storage rack makes them visible and makes you look neat and organized.

Our Top Picks

1. UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet, Bathroom Spacesaver...
  • GREAT QUALITY: The Bathroom Storage Shelves Made with Solid Engineer Wood Designed to Last. Carefully Crafted for Universal Appeal.
  • MAXIMIZE THE SPACE: This 3-Shelf Bathroom Shelves is a Smart Way to Get Additional Bathroom Organization without Taking up Much of the Floor...
  • THREE OPEN SHELVES: Store Your Important Products at Eye Level with this Toilet Space Saver. This Contemporary Bathroom Storage Uses Open...
  • UTILITY DESIGN: Slim Shelves Organizer Fits over Most Standard Toilets and Offers A Touch of Style to the Bathroom.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Contact Us and We Will Amend any Issues that You Have with the Product.

We recommend the UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer for people looking for a long-lasting fix for over-toilet storage. It is made of durable solid wood. It also has three deep shelves that hold storage baskets or items that require concealed storage. We also used its open storage to see and grab things quickly.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

It came in neutral and white colors that blended with our bathroom style. It is also lightweight and easy to assemble quickly.

The only downside was it was a bit shaky after assembly, but that was a minor inconvenience since we had minimal interactions with it while using the bathroom.

  • PROS
  • The shelves are made of high-quality wood
  • They help maximize space
  • They have three open shelves for extra storage
  • It has a utility design to fit a standard bathroom
  • Easy to install
  • CONS
  • It takes time to assemble.
  • It is not sturdy

2. IRONK Industrial Over The Toilet Storage Rack

IRONCK Industrial Over The Toilet Storage Rack, Bathroom Organizer...
  • Durable Design-The toilet organizer provides 4 adjustable feet to sit without wobbly and 2 sets of the anti-tipping kits. All the thoughtful...
  • Unique Design-The side trapezoidal design makes the product more secure and stable,Different from other similar products, the open shelves...
  • SPACE SAVER-This wood bathroom space saver features 3 open shelves,it's a great shelf to put toilet paper, towels, and toiletries. This...
  • INGENIOUS Quality-The bathroom storage toilet rack is crafted of premium P2 particle board and black metal frame,which is not only vibrant...
  • MODERN STYLE-This industrial modern style shelf completes your farmhouse style bathroom perfectly!This bathroom wall shelf unit overall...

We recommend the IRONK Industrial Over The Toilet Storage Rack for people who love trendy industrial looks. It has a sleek metal and rustic wood combination that blends in with our bathroom style.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

IRONK storage rack has an extra metal frame and a trapezoid design that contributes to its sturdiness. In addition, it has an outstanding feature of its shelves: they are made out of distressed wood finish and are water resistant. So we used water freely in our bathroom without worrying about destroying the wood finish.

These three shelves also had sideboards that prevented toiletries from falling off. Also, the shelf came with floor levelers that increased its steadiness.

The only downside was that the wood quality looked cheap, but it still served the purpose and was good for its price. So, we would highly recommend it!

  • PROS
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is good for its price
  • It is sturdy and good looking
  • CONS
  • Its wood is of low quality.

3. Honey-Can-Do 3-Tier Bathroom Shelf

Honey-Can-Do BTH-05079 3-Tier Metal Bathroom Shelf Space Saver, 9.45 x...
  • Creates vertical storage space—above toilets or other furniture
  • Three sturdy shelves for towels, plants, and other storage needs
  • Neutral chrome finish, Protected shelving feet won't scratch or scuff your floors
  • Dimensions: 9.5” L x 23” W x 60” H

We recommend the Honey-Can-Do 3-Tier Bathroom Shelf for people who value their toilet space. It does not necessarily have to be for small bathrooms, as we used it in our big bathrooms and organized our space. This shelf utilized the wall space in the toilet as it fitted all bathroom essentials.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

We were impressed that it was multipurpose; we used it as an extra storage space for essential things in our other rooms. For instance, we stood it over an end table and used it to display books and knick-knacks. We also used it in the laundry area to organize our clothes and detergents.

It added three spacious shelves above the toilet where we stored toiletries and supplies. Also, its feet are covered in a protected finish that prevents scratches on the floors.

Its only downside was it lacked an installation manual, but it was easy to figure out how to install it.

  • PROS
  • Creates vertical storage
  • It has three sturdy shelves
  • It has a neutral chrome finish to protect the shelving feet from scratches
  • It fits most standard toilets
  • It is easy to install
  • CONS
  • It lacks an installation manual.

4. Umbra Bellwood Over The Toilet Shelf

Umbra Bellwood Over The Toilet Shelf White/Natural
  • SPACE-SAVING STORAGE SOLUTION: Bellwood Over the Toilet Shelf features three wooden tiers and three dowels for elevated storage; holds 13kg...
  • SOFT BENTWOOD LEGS: Bellwood features soft bentwood legs made of a real wood finish, for a modern and versatile look
  • PART OF THE BELLWOOD FAMILY: Bellwood Over the Toilet Shelf is a part of Umbra's Bellwood Collection including a matching side table, coffee...
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Easy to assemble, Bellwood Over the Toilet Shelf comes with all necessary hardware and instructions for a quick assembly
  • ORIGINAL DESIGN & TOTAL SATISFACTION: Our team of international designers brings thought, creativity and original design to everyday items....

We recommend Umbra Bellwood Over The Toilet Shelf to people who want a small storage solution for their bathroom essentials. It was available in neutral and white colors and had three wooden tiers and three dowels.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

We were impressed that it was lightweight as it was only 29 pounds. It has soft bentwood legs and a natural wood finish that suits our modern bathroom. In addition, the entire unit was easy to assemble as it was up in less time.

Its rubber feet protected the flooring from scratching. It also included a furniture safety strap that kept our feet safe.

We were only worried that it could not fit our bathroom size, but it did.

  • PROS
  • It is suitable for modern bathrooms
  • It has 3 wood tiers for extra storage
  • Its legs have a wood finish for extra stability
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It comes with rubber feet to protect your floor from scratches
  • It is lightweight
  • CONS
  • It may be too large for some bathroom styles

5. GILLAS 3-Tier Farmhouse Toilet Storage

GILLAS 3 Tier Bathroom Over The Toilet Storage Shelf, Farmhouse...
  • Functional Storage Rack: Space-saving toilet storage shelf effectively utilizes the space over the toilet, organize various items in the...
  • Ample Storage Space: This multi-purpose bathroom storage organizer for all your bath essentials, such as toiletries, toilet paper,...
  • Open Bottom Design: Over the toilet shelf mesh grid design allows air circulation and reduces dust build-up, ensures breathable and no odor...
  • Sturdy Stable for Safe Use: GILLAS bathroom over the toilet storage is made of high-quality hard iron, which is durable. The surface is easy...

We recommend the GILLAS 3-Tier Farmhouse Toilet Storage for people who lack space for traditional over-the-toilet storage racks. We were able to set it up quickly since it required minimal assembly. We preferred placing it on top of our toilet cistern, but you can mount it on the wall as it works like bathroom decor.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

It had a meshy grid design that promoted breathability. We used its three shelves to arrange our bathroom decor, bath soaps, and skincare products. We like the hard iron material that makes it durable.

Its retro design and ability to resist water made it the best fit for a bathroom and toilet setup since it didn't get wet. Its open shelves also allowed us easy access to all the bathroom utilities.

  • PROS
  • It is cute and handy
  • It is easy to install
  • You can use it for decor
  • It is sturdy
  • It is ideal for small bathrooms
  • It saves on over-the-toilet wall space
  • CONS
  • It can be too small if you want to store many things

6 Ways to Maximize Over the Toilet Space

If you have a small toilet, it is time to maximize the space above it and use it to store different toilet essentials. The following ways will help you utilize your bathroom's storage space to fit more essentials.

1. Utilize the Space Above Your Toilet

If you have a blank space on top of your toilet, you can go for an over-the-toilet shelving unit that can hold the extra stuff that does not fit in your vanity, like extra toilet paper, hand towels, or feminine products.

If you choose to place your essentials over the toilet, you need to be keen not to drop them inside the toilet while reaching them.

2. Add Shelves

You can opt for open shelves to give your toilet an aesthetic display. You can place the items you don't want in your vanity to arrange them neatly in the created space. You can use an adjustable shelf and display them as high as you want.

3. Create a Space (However Small)

You can create a small space anywhere if you have a small bathroom. Look for creative ways to maximize storage, however small it may be. If you figure out how to maximize your space, you can limit chaos and disorganization in your bathroom.

For example, you can decide to tuck away some bathroom essentials such as nail polish or travel-size items in storage spots.

You can also use floating shelves at the corner of your bathroom or use over-the-door storage containers to put your extra stuff, such as your best-scented candles. Hopefully, a small toilet will allow you to flex your creativity and hack your space.

4. Organize Your Space

If you have closets or bathroom drawers, you can organize them using storage baskets and leave the over-the-toilet storage space only for bathroom necessities. Bathroom closets and drawers are functional, but they get messy if you don't organize your stuff neatly.

You may have all the space and toilet storage options that do not help to store anything. However, when strategically arranging items, you can fit almost all your essentials and even add bathroom décor pieces.

5. Add Shower Storage

If you have already utilized toilet storage and still have more bathroom essentials to store, you can switch to shower storage. You can keep your shampoo or gels in the shower area and create more over-the-toilet room. Explore our top 10 bathroom shower caddy trays to help you organize your bathroom.

There are many sizes and designs of shower storage ideas you can get. You can choose shower storage depending on the size of your bathroom or the design you want to achieve. They have a price range that fits any budget, so you can pick one based on your preference.

6. Use Hooks

Hooks are the easiest and least expensive additions to bathroom storage. So if you want to utilize your over-the-toilet storage but have extra bathroom essentials, you can use hooks.

Hooks make your toilet look organized and functional. For example, you can add hooks for hand towels or use them to hang a toilet paper holder.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Over-the-Toilet Storage Ideas

1. How can you use the space above a toilet?

You can use the wall space above your toilet to create more storage room for storing extra toilet paper, decorations, and bathroom towels by adding floating shelves or racks. These shelves are inexpensive improvements to any bathroom.

You can also use the wall space to create a decor piece to match your toilet. For example, you can use dark-colored hues to break color saturation in a brightly lit bathroom or vice-versa. You can also paint the storage above your toilet to match your bathroom. Some people prefer using the open shelving plan to create room for displaying their bathroom decor.

2. How many floating shelves can you have over the toilet?

You can have up to three shelves over your toilet and create an extra storage room. Hang them at the right height for accessibility and ensure your display looks organized. Your bathroom may look messy and disorganized if the heights are not proportional.

Also, shelves that are too high may be inconvenient since you can't access some things. Hence, use them to place decor pieces only.