Best Korean Face Masks of 2022: Our Top Picks

It is not easy to find the perfect face mask that will be suitable to be used by everybody because we are all unique. That is why you need to find one that will provide the best results for your skin type.

We will take a look at some of the very effective Korean face masks that each come with their own unique characteristics. Explore with us what the best Korean face masks have to offer for every skin type out there to see if they are suitable for you as well.

Best Korean Face Masks Reviews

Bamboo Face Sheet Mask From Rael

This very easy to apply sheet mask is made with your skin's health in mind for a pleasant revitalizing experience.


The soft natural bamboo yarn sheet will completely hug the skin to cover the whole face with just one mask. This means all the time the mask is in contact with the entire face, the ingredients are doing their work of repairing the skin.

Every mask contains a full ounce of serum to provide the skin with all the benefits that are available in every ingredient. It is also very easy to quickly apply the sheet to your face for a nice pampering and instant hydration of the skin.

The botanical ingredients that are present in the concentrated serum will provide you with an instant brightness of the skin. These ingredients, like grapefruit and orange extract, will instantly hydrate your skin and are suitable to be used on most skin types.

After every treatment, you will feel and experience the difference when the tiredness and dryness are totally removed from the skin. The vitamin C in this serum will provide you with brightness every time you use it to hydrate the skin.

For further results like the anti-aging effect, it will need time to show the impact and to provide the best results for your skin. The bamboo sheets that are used to apply the serum to the skin are not biodegradable, so you need to dispose of them carefully.


  • Provides proper hydration for the skin
  • It is made from natural active ingredients
  • Use only 1 mask at a time
  • Does not contain damaging ingredients


  • The ingredients need time for best results
  • The bamboo sheets are not biodegradable

Real Complexion Hyaluronic Moisture Mask Hanskin

This face mask from Hanskin comes included with all the ingredients to provide you with much brighter and healthier skin.


You will get immediate results of hydration of the skin when you use this mask from Hanskin on your face. It will also help to retain the moisture in the skin five times more effectively than most moisturizer face masks.

It is relatively easy to use this face mask by just firmly putting it on your skin. You only need to leave the mask on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes, and then you can remove it.

The Hanskin light pink complex mask is great for calming the skin and brightening it at the same time. It will gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin all the time it is in contact with the skin with the natural ingredients in the formula.

One of the main ingredients, hyaluronic acid, will help retain the skin's moisture very effectively. This means you will have much higher levels of hydration for smooth, rejuvenated skin every time you use the mask.

Unfortunately, this face mask comes with quite a high price tag attached to it and puts it out of reach of many people. The sweet smell of the essence may also be a bit overwhelming for some people.


  • Works fast for hydration of the skin
  • It is very easy to apply
  • You get 10 masks in this package
  • Will improve fine lines in the skin


  • The sweet smell of essence a bit overwhelming
  • Comes with quite a high price tag

Intensive Hydrating Face Mask From Mediheal

These quite affordable and very effective face masks are great for use for instant results to go from dry skin to beautiful skin.


Each of these masks is designed to completely deliver the ingredients and provide optimum results from every mask that is used. The essence that is found in this face mask is also specially formulated to target specific problems that may occur.

These masks are the ideal product to be used for optimal performance to provide you with fully hydrated skin. That is because of the natural moisturizing factor you will find in every mask to help against drying of the skin.

The layer of ingredients you find in the masks will help to attract moisture and seal it inside the skin for an advanced moisturizing effect. This will improve the softness of the skin and, at the same time, make the skin very supple and smooth to the touch.

This mask will provide a total overhaul for the skin with the natural willow bark that exfoliates the skin gently while wearing the mask. With witch hazel as part of the formula, it will also provide a beautiful toning of the skin for improved skin.

Unfortunately, this very nice and effective mask may cause breakouts on some skins that may cause discomfort. It will also leave a sticky residue on some skin that needs to be removed after each use.


  • Comes at a decent price tag
  • It has only a mild aroma
  • Refreshes the skin after every use
  • Will help to heal some skin irritation


  • May cause breakouts in some case
  • It is a bit sticky on some skin


We found that among these Korean face masks, the best of them is the Hanskin real complexion moisture mask that comes with an effective and safe formula.

It does have quite a high price point, so we also selected the Rael bamboo face sheet mask for those with a tight budget. This face mask from Rael comes with the necessary ingredients to improve your skin instantly and provide prolonged results as well.

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