Best Hydrating Face Masks: 2022’s Buying Guide

A good face mask should also contain a good hydrating ingredient that will retain the moisture of the skin successfully. That is what we were looking for when we went searching for a good hydrating face mask that can be used by most people without any issues.

In this review, we have a list of great face masks that can be used for many skin-repairing and skin-improving applications. They also come with great features included to make them unique and versatile.

To find out what these products have to provide, keep on reading and find out about the best hydrating face masks for yourself.

Best Hydrating Face Masks Reviews

Sugar Kitten Hydrating Face Mask By I Dew Care

This very easy-to-apply face mask will provide you with the perfect hydration for your skin and will thus improve your skin.


This face mask is very easy to use with an easy-to-apply capability, and it can be easily removed, as well. You just need to leave the mask on your face and then carefully but easily peel it off from your skin when the time is over.

It will work perfectly for dry skin to help hydrate the skin completely and provide you with that perfect glowing skin. That is because of the holographic formula that is infused in this face mask to give you all the benefits you can get from the product.

The real ruby powders that are infused in the face mask will help fight the dull look of your skin. The moisturizing effect of this face mask will provide your skin with a smooth and glowing effect every time you use this face mask.

It will only take only 20 minutes of your time with this mask on your face to experience the full benefits. This face mask is suitable to be used by most skin types, so everyone can feel the great effects it will have on your skin.

There is, unfortunately, no brush included with this product, so it has to be purchased separately, or you must use your fingers to apply. Furthermore, the alcohol content may cause your skin to dry out a bit if it is not completely evaporated.


  • Very easy to apply to the skin
  • Will purify the pores completely
  • Great for all skin types
  • Mask will easily peel off


  • No brush included
  • Alcohol content may dry the skin

Renew Overnight Facial Mask From Doppeltree

With just the right ingredients in this face mask, it will provide great hydration for your skin and help improve overall skin condition.


It is designed and formulated to deeply penetrate your skin while you are sleeping to get the best results. It is also loaded with moisturizing ingredients to improve the moisture content while the mask is doing its work on your skin.

The light coating will provide a barrier to help protect your skin from the dirt that may clog up your pores. It will also time lock in the other ingredients, as well as other products you may use for skincare.

With a lightweight design, you will not feel sticky or greasy while you are wearing the mask on the skin of your face. It will also quickly absorb into your skin, so it will not easily rub off on the bedding while you are sleeping.

The formula is made up of all-natural ingredients to provide you with the best results possible with the mask. Overall, this face mask from Doppeltree will help you look your best and feel renewed all the time.

This product is not completely oil-free and while it may not feel oily, there still are some traces of oil in the formula. Some people may also feel uncomfortable while wearing the mask and will not completely relax while sleeping with the mask on their face.


  • Will deeply penetrate the skin
  • Quite easy to apply to the skin
  • Works great as a barrier and sealer
  • A very strong formula


  • Not completely oil-free
  • Must leave it on while sleeping

Super Berry Hydrate And Glow Dream Mask From Youth To The People

This is a very rich formula that will provide you with great results and glowing skin for a very long time.


The supper berries and other natural ingredients that are part of the formula will provide great effects such as plump skin. It will also deeply penetrate the skin to completely moisturize the skin and help increase the glow of your skin.

To help combat free radicals in the skin, the face mask contains marquis, which is a fruit that is dense with antioxidants. It also contains vitamin C in the formula to further improve the hydrating capability of this face mask for a better moisturizing effect.

The vitamin C will also help firm the skin and make it look much brighter for a nice glow. Another ingredient that is of great benefit is the prickly pear that is extremely hydrating to help ease signs of redness.

Free of parabens and other harmful ingredients, this face mask is quite safe to use for the best results. The four vital hydrating ingredients will also help to repair dehydrated skin by locking in the moisture.

Unfortunately, this face mask is not ideal for oily skin, so it can only effectively be used with dry, normal, combination skin. It also comes with quite a high price tag attached to it, which puts it out of reach of many people out there.


  • Made with great hydrating ingredients
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Can be used with different skin types


  • Not ideal for oily skin
  • Comes with a high price point


The winner in this category of great products is the Youth To The People Super Berry Hydrate and Flow Dream mask. This product comes with great hydrating ingredients and is able to repair dry skin.

In the number 2 spot, we have the Renew overnight face mask from Doppeltree, which comes with just the right ingredients for the best results. This one is a bit more affordable with a much lower price tag for the people who are working with a tight budget.

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