Best Exfoliating Body Washes of 2022: Best Picks

Having a product that can do two things in one formula can help make your daily routine much quicker, and in a day and age where everything is so fast-paced, this may be a great asset to you.

One of the places that have plenty of options like this is your body wash. Having an exfoliating body wash may be the best option, no matter the skin type. With so many toxins and airborne contaminants, having a body wash that gets down into your pores could mean the difference between clear, bright skin and uneven, dull skin.

So we have pulled a list of three of the best exfoliating body washes on the market today together. In order to find these three options for you, we looked at a plethora of body washes and determined a few features made the most impact on their efficiency. Some of these were:

  • Price
  • Ingredients
  • Fragrance
  • Versatility

Below we take a look at each of these options in-depth so that we can hopefully help you find the one that will work for you and the needs of your skin.

Best Exfoliating Body Washes Reviews

Aveeno Positively Radiant Exfoliating Body Wash

Our first body wash is one that comes from a trusted name in skincare…Aveeno. This formula is designed to help liven up your skin while cleansing it of toxins and contaminants that may have found a home in your pores.


  • Craft with a moisture-rich soy complex
  • Natural light diffusers
  • Contains finely crushed walnut shells
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dye-free
  • Soap-free

Aveeno has been trusted for years, and this formula is a perfect body wash as it will leave your skin fresh and clean without using harsh soaps to do it. The formula is carefully crafted and gets a big thumbs up from dermatologists. With no dyes and being hypoallergenic, the formula also will leave your skin bright and rehydrated. Plus, because of the lack of all the harsh compounds, you can use it every day without fear.

But because of the use of walnut, there are some that may not be advised to use this product. If you have any allergies to nuts, it is recommended not to use the product. On top of that, it is a little abrasive, and so if you have sensitive skin, you may want to try another option as well. Other than that, some may find the scent a little too floral for their liking.


  • The formula is recommended by dermatologists
  • Can help with the luminosity of your skin
  • Crafted with no dyes and is hypoallergenic
  • Easily can be used in your everyday routine
  • Rehydrates dry skin after consistent use


  • May be a bad option for those with sensitive skin
  • Some find the fragrance a little too flowery

OGX Hydration + Sea Kelp Exfoliating Body Scrub

If you have sensitive skin but still want a good exfoliation, then the next entry on our list is a good option. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, this body wash from OGX was an easy choice for us.


  • Formulate with sea kelp + hyaluronic acid
  • Gentle to medium exfoliation
  • Sulfate-free

For those with sensitive skin, you have to be careful about what exfoliation products you use. If this describes you, then this body wash from OGX is right up your alley.

The formula is designed to offer a gentle to medium exfoliation and uses an all-natural ingredient that won’t agitate your skin. The ingredients of the formula leave your skin fresh and rehydrated with absolutely no soap film left behind. On top of that, even though it is a specialty brand, the price tag is more than affordable.

There are some issues, though, that we would be remiss without mentioning. The first is the fragrance. Though it is not a universal issue, some find the fragrance a little off-putting. Other than that, many complain that the level of exfoliation is not as good as other offerings from the brand.


  • The formula leaves your skin soft with no soap film
  • Moisturizing formula helps rehydrate your skin
  • Designed to be able to be used by even those with sensitive skin
  • Wash is crafted with organic materials
  • Price versus value is pretty darn good


  • Some may find the fragrance a little off-putting
  • The product has less exfoliating power than other formulas from the brand

Jergens Natural Glow Exfoliating in-Shower Body Scrub

Our last exfoliating body wash does a lot more than just wash your body. If you want a perfect 2-in-1 product that can help your skin look smooth and fresh plus prime your skin to take color, then this option from Jerkens may be the one for you.


  • Formula use fruit extracts
  • Helps prime for tanning

Why not get your skin ready for a tan while exfoliating and make sure you are clean? This product performs all three tasks and does it well. The tanning portion of the formula is crafted with fruit extracts and is intended to help prime your skin for a tan.

It also helps ensure that the tan is not streaky. Other than that, the formula is crafted with other ingredients that help rehydrate your skin and heal those dry patches. All of that plus a nice smell and a budget-friendly price makes it a good investment.

There are a few issues, though. Despite having a lot of great features, the formula does lack both antiseptics and antioxidants. This makes it less impactful on your skin than some of the other options on our list.


  • The formula includes skin tanning ingredients
  • No worry about a streaky tan
  • A budget-friendly option for tanning and exfoliation
  • Helps moisturize and treat dry patches
  • The fragrance of wash is a nice one


  • The formula does not include any antioxidants
  • Not helpful with acne as there are no antiseptics used

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Our three choices for the best exfoliating body wash come in a wide range of formulas with different benefits to the user. There are many other brands and formulas, but for us, these three have more of the factors that we deem essential in a good body wash. Hopefully, we have helped you find one that you feel will work for you.

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